5 Best Dog Nail Clippers of 2021 UK

best dog nail clippers

How often one opts to trim their dogs’ nails is entirely about preference. I am the kind of person who will keep on checking my dog’s nails just to make sure that they are of the right length. I do not have any schedule, but in most cases,  I’ll end up trimming my dog’s nails once or twice a week. This is why I need the best dog nail clippers within reach at all times. 

Although it may be different for you, having great dog nail clippers is important for me. This is why I took the time to review 5 of which I found to be the best on the market today.

Best Choice
Professional-Grade Dog Nail Clippers by Thunderpaws with Protective Guard, Safety Lock and Nail File - Suitable for Medium and Large Breeds
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Professional-Grade Dog and Cat Nail Clippers by Fifi&Bo with Protective Guard, Safety Lock and Nail File - Best for Medium and Large Breeds.
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Great Value
vaxuia Professional Dog Nail Clippers For Small Medium Large Dog Breeds-With Quick Safety Guard to Avoid Overcutting-Unique 45 ° Tip Blades- Nail File Included
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Best Dog Nail Clippers – Our Top 5

Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

#1 Professional-Grade Dog Nail Clippers

This is my number one pick, and I guess many other dog owners will agree with me since it is a bestseller on Amazon. It is quite affordable and is also a favourite with professional groomers and veterinarians.

These professional dog nail clippers by Thunderpaws are made of stainless steel which means durability, no rust and a smooth trim for your dog. The handles are so soft and comfortable on hands which makes using them quite easy. They are ergonomically designed and have a non-slip rubber.

The Thunderpaws Nail Clippers come with a safety guard that helps me save my dog from excessive trimming. A nail file is another plus for a perfect finish. If you are worried about safety, then the safety lock on the clippers will take that concern away though it is still best to keep it off children’s reach.

What I really loved about these clippers from Thuderpaws is that it comes with a confidence and an assurance of 100% satisfaction from the manufacturer, which I have enjoyed. The blades are sharp making the cut quick and clean. It takes long for the sharpness to fade, if it ever does.

If you are looking for a nail cutting experience that is both comfortable and fast for you and your dog, I would highly recommend the professional dog nail clippers by Thunderpaws.

  • Safety guard for protection
  • Excellent quality
  • Durable
  • Sharp blade
  • n/a

Best Dog Grooming Clippers

#2 The Professional Grade Dog and Cat Nail Clippers

This one makes it as the number two on my list for many reasons. First of all, it is not only recommended for dogs but also for cats so if you have either or both, these clippers are a win-win for you. It is manufactured by Fifi & Bo. PET CARE and they are quite affordable.

Just like our number one pick, these too are made of stainless still, meaning you still get to enjoy a smooth and fast cut for your dog or cat. They also come with a guide and a safety guard to protect your dog and cat from over trimming. With the safety lock, safety for your pets and children is of course a priority.

A great advantage with these nail clippers is the freely adjustable safety guard. It is quite efficient in preventing accidental cuts. It is also, reliable since it is in-built.

The handles are ergonomically designed and made-of non-slip rubber. This assures comfortably and ease of use, thus a safe and quick cutting experience for you and your dog. You also get a nail file with each purchase that helps a lot with a perfect finish.

Once you get such a nail clipper for your pets, you will no longer urgently need a groomer. At least not for a while. Nail trimming has become easier, quick and hassle free for me and my pets. Also, the price is quite low for all the advantages that come with such equipment. You definitely have no excuse for not getting one.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable safe guard
  • Safety lock for protection against children etc
  • Low price
  • n/a

Large Dog Nail Clippers

#3 Professional Nail Clippers by Vaxuia

Number three on my Best Dog Nail-Clippers list is the nail clippers for pets by Vaxuia. They have a great look that I really love, and they are also quite light.

A big win for these clippers would be the price. It is rare to come by such amazing clippers at a competitive price as this one. You still get a 100% money back guarantee in case of any disappointments, which is quite rare to come by.

The dog nail clippers by Vaxuia are quite comfortable and easy to use. Their flexibility is amazing. The handles are ergonomically designed with non-slip rubber. Also, the view is quite clear and it has a safe guard that hinders you from over trimming your dog’s nails.

These clippers will boost your confidence in dog nail trimming such that you have no need to seek a vet or a groomer to do it for you. Both you and your pet will enjoy grooming times and you might find yourself doing it more regularly. 

They too come with a free file for a perfect finish. They are very friendly, and come with an easy to lock function, meaning safety and security are also observed when using them. 

The clippers by Vaxuia are suitable for any pet, even farm animals. A good nail check means a healthier dog and less damage on your sheets and furniture.

These clippers might be your best choice and a chance to save some good cash from hiring a groomer. They sure are one of my favourites.

  • Quite lightweight
  • Ergonomical handle
  • Easy to use
  • n/a

Dog Nail Grinder

#4 Pecute Pet Nail Grinder

Away from the manual dog clippers, if you are a tech fan then this Pet Nail Grinder is something you should consider looking at. As it is an electric device, the price is a bit higher than our options. 

With a one-hour charge, you get a four times as much, on use time. This is thanks to its lithium battery of 600mA which charges up quite fast and has a long working time. It comes with a USB charger and has an over-charge protector.

You could choose your grinding preference from two of the device’s rotary speeds. The first one is of 6000 RPM for an accurate trim, and the second one 6800 RPM for a fast grind. The choice of speed depends on how hard your dog’s nails are, but both do a quick job.

With Pecute pet nail grinder, you get to choose from three-port options depending on the size of your dog. The ports have security covers, so you never have to worry about over trimming your dog’s nails.

I used to worry that noise from a grinder might scare away my dog, making it hard to get a nail trimming done. However, with pecute pet nail grinder, I stopped worrying about this. The grinder has a 50 DB ultra-quiet which is adopted with DC3.7V mute monitor with a quality brass shaft that has low vibration and consequently low noise. 

The only disadvantage you get with Pecute pets nail grinder is that if you forget to charge it and power goes out, you will not be able to use it, so you have to keep it charged at all times. I always leave mine at home when I’m going camping with my dog since I know in such occasions it is more reliable to have my manual clippers.

  • Get a real precise finish
  • Quiet
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Battery must remain topped up to use (not ideal for salon use)

#5 Magic Nails Pet Cutter Pet Nail Clippers

Our number five dog claw clippers for your dog is the Magic Nail Pet Cutter by Benyoo.

They have a quick clip feature that makes trimming fast and relatively easy. They also come with a nails’ trapper where all the nails drop during trimming. It is a very useful feature, and an easy way to dispose the nails. 

The clippers have ultra-bright LED light that illuminates the blood line on your dog’s paws so that you are clear on where to reach with the trimming. It is effective to prevent hurting your dog, making the process efficient and painless.

Magic nail clippers are made of stainless steel with well sharpened blades ensuring a quick and pain free process. It also has a magnifying glass to help you see the nails quite clearly, thus trimming is done with ease, alleviation and efficiency.

The handles are ergonomically designed which means a steady and comfortable grip. It comes with a guide on how to use it effectively.

One disadvantage is that if your dog has dark nails, the LED light may not be as clear so you might have to use other clippers for such nails for a more effective work. Also, it does not come with a free file so you might as well buy one to have a perfect finish.

Otherwise, everything else is great with these clippers and the LED light makes work much easier and kind of builds ones confidence since you can clearly see where to do the cut and how far you should go. The price is also quite competitive which makes it a great selection for all your dog trimming needs.

  • Stainless steel
  • Comfortable to use
  • Creates a great finish
  • LED light not bright enough
  • No included nail file

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