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Here at Dog Desires we have an incredible love and passion for dogs. Now matter what the breed, young or old we want to provide you with the best guidance and advice for your pet.

Whether that is providing you with advice on what dog food you should be buying or how to calm an angry dog we have you covered on all fronts!

We hope you enjoy your stay and that you get the valuable information you need to properly take care and pamper for your doggie!

Below is more information on our team and contact details.

Our Team

david gray

David Gray, Founder

David is a long time lover of dogs and that spurred him to create a great blog for all dog owners here at DogDesires.

email: david@dogdesires.co.uk


Lara Peters, Head Editor

Lara has 5 dogs at home. Some people may say that’s a little over the top but she says she needs to get some more puppies. Lara edits all the articles to make sure we get the best information out there.

email: lara@dogdesires.co.uk


Jimmy Smith, Head of Marketing

Jimmy is passionate about dogs, in particular Labradors are his favourite. Jimmy works with David to create great content that is not only practical but also interesting for new and long term dog owners alike.

email: jimmy@dogdesires.co.uk


Sharon Williams, Co-Founder

Sharon is a pet behavioralist that has over 10 years experience. She fact checks and makes sure all advice is safe for your dogs.

email: sharon@dogdesires.co.uk

Keep in Touch

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Via Telephone:

For technical support – 01632 960918

For business enquires – 020 7946 0319

For everything else – 07722085672

Via Contact Form:

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via contact page.

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