5 Best Dog Grooming Tables for 2021

dog grooming tables

Most trips with your pets to the salon are a seamless business. You stroll in, your dog hops onto the station [or has to be coaxed up and plopped onto it, if he’s as chicken as mine is], and the pooch gets an intensive scrubbing, drying, combing, and trimming. And while the primping goes on, he or she stands there loving every minute of it, now that they’re sure it’s not the vet- plus, bonus pats!

Now imagine doing the same thing at home. You chase your dog around till you can get them dry, and then either have to balance them awkwardly in your lap while you try to cut their hair relatively even, or have them sitting on a table or carpet that you’ll be picking stray hair out of for weeks after every trim. Not very comfortable- or appetising.

The difference between a workstation and a makeshift doggy barber chair in the middle of your living room, is exactly that- a workstation. A conveniently adjusted, stable, easily cleanable surface on which your dogs can be made to comfortably sit, while you give them a salon-style session at home. And afterwards, simply given a quick brush and wipe, and folded and put away in a handy small space. We looked at the best dog grooming tables available in the UK. Here’s how to simplify both your and your dog’s routine.

Best Dog Grooming Tables – Top 5

#1 BTM Adjustable Portable Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table

At first glance, you may already be familiar with this top of the line dog grooming table. It’s a hot favourite even in professional grooming stations and salons- and for good reason.

Easily adaptable to every home, the W90*D*60 Adjustable dog grooming table by BTM is a portable and [as the name says] adjustable model, that can be assembled and disassembled in an instant, and packed away in a handy nook.

The base size is a generous 90x60x70cm and can be folded down flat for storage and easy portability. The table height can be raised or lowered depending on your pooch- or pooches, as the case may be. The manoeuvrability allows larger dogs to be accommodated on the flattop with relative ease as well. The adjustable stainless steel arm has two loops approximately 50 cm long. As long as you don’t raise Malamutes, your dogs should be very comfortable on it. Even if you do, it holds up a maximum weight of up to 150kg- so I guess the Malamutes are fine too. Just no cave bears!

The tabletop is designed to add extra stability, with a slip-proof surface and aluminium edging. Additionally, the legs snap in and out of place with assembly, so there’s no screwing on/off issues or wear and tear of the threads. Whether you have one dog or a regular pack, this is the best way to keep them all brushed and happy, without having to contort yourself into a pretzel each time!

  • Easily adjustable
  • Very comfortable for dogs
  • Stable
  • Slip proof
  • n/a

#2 Yaheetech Adjustable Foldable Dog Grooming Table

There’s economical, and then there’s economical AND ergonomical- and stylish to boot. The Tinkertonk Dog grooming table is a sleek concoction of lightweight metal framework in a glossy black finish. Smaller and less bulky than the first two options on the list, it accomodates a maximum weight of 100 kg only, a solid 50kg less than the larger predecessors. But, that should only be a consideration for you if you have very large dogs, or if you have two or more dogs on the platform at a time. Otherwise, the weight limit in no way restricts its handiness.

It’s very easy to adjust, set up, and clean. The clamp on arm can be moved depending on the dog’s size, as well as the noose to hold the dog in place. There’s a nifty little mesh grill under the platform for easy storage. Not to mention, the entire dog grooming table is coated to make it anti-rust and corrosion resistant.

If you have small to medium build/breed dogs, this is a very suitable option for you!

  • Good Value
  • Ergonomic
  • Smaller & more portable
  • Less maximum weight than the 1st 2 options

#3 Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Dog Grooming Table

A lot more basic in comparison to the larger ones on this list, the Gravitis dog grooming table is very no-frills, but also intended for a much smaller four-legged clientele. This grooming table is specifically for dogs who fall on the smaller side of the scale.

A square little table with a 73 cm platform, it has strong legs with reinforced brackets that make sure that it remains stable. Even if the floor isn’t even, the table’s legs can be adjusted individually to make sure that your pet remains safely positioned. The metal arm above comes with one buckled noose for holding the dog in place, with space to add more, if necessary. The tabletop itself has a slip-proof PVC matting and scratch resistant too. [For those dogs who haven’t had their nails done yet, no worries here!]

This table is a very good option for people looking to groom small dogs or cats at home, or if you have a pet grooming-on-wheels type set up. Although it is a wee bit pricy for its size, it’s a good investment!

  • Great for home use
  • Slip proof
  • Scratch resistant surface
  • Not a great choice for salon use
  • Only suitable for smaller dogs

#4 Milo & Misty 44″ X-Large Grooming Table

Close on the heels of the dog grooming table by BTM is the portable, foldable model from Milo & Misty. This large stainless-steel frame has a solid platform 76 cm high, similar to the BTM model, with a sturdy, ribbed rubber table top surface that helps ensure your dog doesn’t slip- plus, makes it really easy to clean.

The top comes with two 50 cm nooses, which allows two dogs to be stood on it simultaneously. Dogs don’t necessarily need to be restrained on top, because the simple design allows dogs to not feed crowded or stuffed into a box, and a couple of times is all they need to adjust to the table.

Additionally, the frame has a steel basket, letting you store whatever tools you need right within arm’s reach [but not in tipping over distance]. The ease of assembly and adjustment helps you get your dog’s grooming session done without much ado and the entire set up folded and put away with no fuss.

Whether you’re considering buying this for your own home, or for your salon, this is a very economical and sensible choice all the way!

  • Good price
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • n/a

#5 Oypla 30″ Heavy Duty Folding Dog Grooming Table

The least expensive pick on our list, the Oypla table is a model that you can’t go wrong with, if you’re not looking for anything above the most necessary accessories.

The platform itself is again 76 cm high, and has a movable and adjustable steel arm. The surface is covered in rubber to make it slip proof and while the legs are not disjointable, they do fold down flat enough to make it easily storable, to about 8 cm thick. It holds a maximum of up to 120 kg but is ideally suited for toy to medium sized dogs, in view of stabilty. Also, since the arm does not extend, only the single noose can hold the dog on the table at the time.

Despite these limitations, the Oypla is a very good option for a limited budget and for people who have larger storage space available. After all, comfort [and our dogs!] are king!

  • Best for small & medium sized dogs
  • Budget option
  • Smaller size
  • Arm does not extend
  • Not as high quality as other options

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