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David is a long term dog lover, he's had dogs in his life since he can remember and he intends to keep it that way!

Can Dogs Eat Bitter Melon?

You come into the kitchen and your dog is biting into a bitter melon that he stole from your grocery bag. Do you panic? – Can dogs eat bitter melon at all? Don’t panic, because yes, they can. Bitter melons are edible for dogs. But for regular feeding, they …

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can dogs eat goji berries

Can Dogs Eat Goji Berries?

If your dog made his way into your goji berry stash, you might be frantically searching to find out: can dogs eat goji berries at all? The answer is yes, goji berries aren’t toxic for your dog. There are, however, some things to be kept in mind before actively …

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can dogs eat paprika

Can Dogs Eat Paprika?

If you were planning on spicing up your dog’s meals with paprika, you should reconsider your decision. So, can dogs really eat paprika? Accidentally eating some paprika might not be harmful for your dog, but constant feeding can prove toxic. Paprika should not be given to dogs regularly. Paprika …

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can dogs eat cumin

Can Dogs Eat Cumin?

Given how many of the spices and herbs we use while cooking are also good for dogs, you might be wondering: can dogs eat cumin? Dogs can eat cumin safely but in very small amounts. It can be used to add flavour to their meals, but in larger quantities, …

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