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best dog clippers

Everyone can agree on one common fact- we do not deserve dogs. Our pooches are an unending source of loyalty, comfort, friendship, and love. Bringing a dog home is basically the equivalent of buying yourself a best friend to take home. And realizing that, none of us shy away from trying to give our fur-babies the best life we can offer them.

But keeping a dog is not just about plonking down a food or water bowl every day, and forgetting about everything else. Dogs require upkeep and care, both physical and emotional. Dog grooming can put a pretty hefty dent in your pocket, too, if you have the kind of dog that requires regular maintenance. Different breeds need different management styles, frequent trims, nail clippings, thorough bathing and washing [and they will go tramping through every mucky puddle they lay their eyes on, you can bet on that], the consequences of which, if not remedied, you and your carpet and flooring may have to face.

It’s not all back and forth trips to the groomers, though. You can take care of a huge part of your dog’s upkeep at home, simply by putting a little time into it with the right instruments. Anybody can do it, you just have to give it a try.

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Best Dog Clippers – Top 10

Best Dog Grooming Clippers

#1 OMorc Dog Grooming Clippers

The OMorc dog grooming kit, as the label proclaims, comes with a fully equipped professional grade motor in the trimmer, suitable for practically every ‘density’ of dog hair thickness. Even though they are at a low price, they share several qualities with some of the best professional dog clippers out there. This trimmer comes in grey and black or champagne and black and has 35 R-shaped and acutely angled saw blades for efficiency. It can be used with or without the cord and it is equipped with eight comb attachments, a cleaning brush, a power adapter, and ceramic/titanium blades that will not dull over time.

These trimmers do live up to their reduced-noise claims and do not emit the growl typical of hair/fur trimmers that agitates pets. However, it is better to use them with caution in thick haired cats and dogs as it tends to heat up with use and may irritate your pet’s skin if you’re not careful.

It has an adjustable taper level for fine-tuning between five levels of length [0.8-2mm], and comb attachments with a variety of different lengths [3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm] so that you can really customize your dog’s fur.

Even though the cleaning brush helps a lot, the cutter head is removable making the job even easier, and its ergonomic handle design helps a lot with maneuvering even if you are a novice.

The OMorc uses a large capacity 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which promises a usage time of 240 minutes when fully charged, which takes about 3 hours. Personal reviews aren’t as enthusiastic, but as long as this trimmer is being used at a home level, it suffices for a good and thorough grooming session for your pampered pooch!

  • Good choice for thick hair
  • 4 hours of battery life
  • Low price
  • Can heat up a little

Best Dog Clippers for Thick Hair

#2 Ostar Dog Grooming Clippers

Ostar Dog Clippers

Once again, a more economical option, the Ostar dog grooming kit comes with an assortment of four plastic thinning attachment combs [3, 6, 9, 12mm] to help you fine-tune the precision of your cutting. Aside from the actual black and gold trimmer itself, you also get a cleaning brush, a pair of stainless steel scissors, nail clippers, a charger, and a stainless steel comb.

The Ostar kit also claims to have a low vibration motor that restricts the noise to a low hum, and five settings on the trimmer to allow for ease of cutting different lengths of hair.

There’s a fine-tuning knob that offers five levels of length [0.9-2mm], and this trimmer can be used with or without the 1.7m cord. After around 4 hours of charging time, it offers 60-70 minutes of operational power, and there is even a charging indicator light so that you know when it is ready.

The biggest advantage of the Ostar clippers is that the kit takes into account the wear-and-tear associated with long term use of clippers. It comes with a spare battery included with the kit, to help you avoid not having a charged battery ready or a low battery situation [the kind of thing I always forget to do]. And even if you use one exclusively and it starts to slow down over time, the other one is always waiting in the wings. This kit really pays for itself multiple times over in use. Although the lack of tools in the kit is a small disadvantage. Other kits come with combs and brushes included, which is more reasonable for the price. Also, pet owners with thick or very curly haired breeds reported trouble cutting hair easily. But if your usage isn’t as frequent or heavy, this one is for you!

  • Quiet
  • Good value
  • Comes with scissors, a comb, and nail clippers
  • Not great with thick, curly fur

Best Cordless Dog Clippers

#3 Focuspet Cordless Clippers

Focuspet Rechargeable Cordless Low Noise Dog Grooming Clippers Kit

At a slightly higher cost, the Focuspet dog grooming clippers kit comes with extra attachments and guides to justify its price tag. The Focuspet trimmer is famously low noise, producing a bare hum that lets even the most anxious of dogs be made comfortable to sitting through grooming sessions unbothered, with the help of a little positive reinforcement.

You also get lubricating oil for the blades, stainless steel scissors, a USB charging cable, and a stainless steel comb so that you have everything you need right off the bat to start grooming!

There are two speeds for the clippers so that you can adjust it depending on your needs, and the four comb attachments [3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm] and rotating knob with five levels [0.8-2mm] help with that too.

After 180 minutes of charging, these clippers provide around 3 hours of cordless use.

This set also has cord/cordless options and comes with detachable ceramic and titanium blades, making sterilisation of the blades easier, as well as eliminating the issue with rusting or dulling of edges.

Another terrific feature is how user-friendly the Focuspet clippers are. They come with a complete set of instructions for people who have never groomed their pets before, plus step-by-step guides on how to keep your pets comfortable and get through an efficient grooming session. Plus, the safety guard of the R-shaped blade removes any possibility of accidentally nipping your pet’s skin. Even though our dogs will forgive us for just about anything, every pet owner is still haunted by the prospect of causing their pets any pain or harm, even if completely by mistake.

If you’re new to self-sufficient dog grooming, this one is perfect for you!

  • Ideal for home use
  • Low noise
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Simple to use
  • n/a

#4 OMorc Low Noise Pet Clippers Rechargeable Cordless Dog Trimmer

OMorc Low Noise Pet Clippers Rechargeable Cordless Dog Trimmer

Our fourth on the list is another older variant from OMorc, that comes with a clipper, six comb attachments [3, 6, 9, 12mm], scissors, a cleaning brush, and a stainless steel comb. Both the kits are almost identical in equipment and price, but the OMorc Low Noise is noticeably quieter. On the downside, it runs for a lot less time [70 minutes] after a full charge which takes about 4 hours. That’s the price to pay for an extremely quiet trimmer.

As well as the comb attachments already mentioned, you also get another two; one left and one right oblique.

The trimmer itself has titanium and ceramic moving blades with an R-shaped angle for more efficiency and accuracy, as well as five length settings [0.8-2mm] for varied intensity of use, and a skin-friendly guard to make sure you don’t accidentally nip your pets while trimming. It is also cordless but, in my experience, it’s better to use them with the cord, as the cordless option gets interrupted while using and is a little unreliable.

Having so many comb attachment options is one of the reasons that it is great for matted and curly fur, like that of a Poodle’s.

If you don’t have a dog breed that requires frequent trims, this is a good option for you, because it is not as durable as its upgraded [4] variant. However, if you are planning on buying one trimmer to solve all your dog grooming issues, the first option with CamKing Rechargeable 9/12 is the best dog trimmer to go for!

  • Low price
  • Good number of attachments and extras
  • Great for curly fur
  • Short battery life

#5 CamKing Pet Grooming Clippers

CamKing Pet Grooming Clippers

The CamKing Pet Grooming Clippers are found online invariably accompanied by glowing reviews, because of their flexibility of use and comfort factor. These fairly lightweight clippers, available in gold/black, come with a set of stainless steel scissors and comb that make detangling pet hair a lot easier, even for relatively knotted and tangled fur. The initial preparation with these makes the fur easier to trim and subsequently effortless to snip through.

One of the biggest advantages to the CamKing clippers is that they do not produce the typically loud, humming, grating sound associated with most clippers. This tends to send dogs and cats into a full-blown panic, and if they do obey and sit anyway, they remain anxious and worked up after every session with a trimmer. The relatively soft sound the CamKing clippers produce allows pets to remain calm and unafraid, and not dread the appearance of clippers every time it’s time for a haircut.

The price is also very reasonable. For medium haired breeds, it is the best way to wind up the grooming sessions. For longer haired breeds, you save massive amounts on what you’d otherwise spend regularly, in just one sitting.

The clippers are light and can be adjusted for cord/cordless use. The attachments that come with the set can be used for straight, curly, or woolly haired dogs with interchangeable ease. A nail file and cleaning set are also included with the pack. And an LED display indicates time to and between battery charges, for a quick one glance review. By far, the CamKing Pet Grooming Clippers are the top option for the best dog clippers UK pet markets have right now. Whether you have one high maintenance dog, a few low maintenance dogs, or any mix of the two – this one’s for you!

  • Lightweight
  • Reasonably priced
  • Corded or cordless
  • Quiet
  • Lower build quality

#6 WenTop 3-Speed Grooming Clippers

WenTop 3-Speed Grooming Clipper

These dog clippers by WenTop come in an all-in-one kit. Other than the clippers themselves, you also get 12 tools! Batteries for the clippers, a USB cord, cleaning brush, four comb attachments [3-6-9-12mm], a pair of stainless-steel scissors, stainless teeth scissors, a nail clipper, a stainless-steel comb, and a nail file.

This is perfect if you are planning on grooming your pet for the first time since you get everything, you could possibly need at a decent price.

These lightweight clippers have a ‘smart’ LED display that indicates the battery level for 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, as well as the speed level. It’s fantastic to have the display, as it has happened to me many times with other clippers that the battery would just run out when I am halfway through!

With a USB power supply, you can easily recharge, and it doesn’t even take very long. The high-quality 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery fully charges within 4-5 hours and can last for as long as 120 minutes.

There are 3 speeds so that you can select the most appropriate cutting speed to meet your demands. So, it doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have, as the three speed levels are specially designed for different dogs, body areas, hair density, and thickness.

The blade is adjustable as well, providing you with a highly precise trim thanks to the sharp blade and fine-tuning knob, which allow for adjustments to 0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm. Depending on the length you would like the achieve, you should use one of the appropriate combs with 4 clipping lengths i.e., 3mm comb, 6mm comb, 9mm comb, and 12mm comb which are all very easy to attach.

You don’t have to worry about the noise scaring your pets with the ultra-low mute design.

Always be careful when using these clippers on sensitive areas such as ears and underbelly because of the sharp blades, and you should adjust the fine-tuning to 2.0mm before removing or installing the blade. When the time comes to wash the blade, make sure to disassemble them and rinse under a tap as the clippers are not waterproof.

  • All in one kit (12 tools)
  • LED display for battery level & speed
  • Recharges in around 4 hours
  • 3 Speeds
  • Adjustable blade
  • Only lasts 120 minutes

#7 Bonve Rechargeable Pet Dog Trimmer Kit

Bonve Rechargeable Pet Dog Trimmer Kit

We have another all-in-one kit here. The clippers come with a rechargeable lithium battery as well as six comb attachments, a pair of stainless-steel scissors, a cleaning brush, a stainless-steel comb, a USB charging cable, and a user manual so that even a novice can figure out how to work it.

The six comb attachments come in the following lengths: 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm – for all types of hair and styles.

There are 5 levels for fine-tuning the blade length with a rotatable knob on the handle [0.8, 1.1, 1.4, 1.7, & 2.0 mm] and the blades are detachable and washable for an easy clean up.

This one is great for trimming thick hair because of the durable and sharp titanium ceramic blades which are just as safe as they are efficient, although it does have some slight trouble with short and curly fur.

Powered by a 2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, they can last for 60 – 70 minutes in a full charge, and it takes around 3-4 hours to fully charge.

The anti-wear copper-axis motor emits a low vibration that is under 50db, which is the equivalent of the sound of moderate rain or background noise in an average home. A dog’s bark is a minimum of 60 decibels, just to give you a comparison. So, these cheap trimmers should not be too loud to worry your dog.

With a single on and off button and a charging indicator light, there’s no fumbling around with these clippers.

Even though the handle’s design seems a bit strange, that is because it is very ergonomic, lightweight, and comfortable.

  • Cheap
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Detachable & washable blades
  • Lightweight
  • All in one kit (10 tools)
  • Not ideal for short, curly fur

#8 Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit

Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit

This dog grooming kit comes with a cordless trimmer with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery included a pair of stainless-steel scissors, a styling comb that is also made of stainless steel, a pair of thinning shears, nail clippers, a rasp, a cleaning brush, some lubricant for the trimmer, a charger, and four comb attachments.

The comb attachments are extremely effortless to change and attach, and the fine-tuning rotating knob provides you with different blade lengths and is great as it gives the ability for adjustment depending on your dog’s individual needs.

It’s a good thing that it is cordless because this means that you can get those hard-to-reach places more easily, plus it boasts 1.5 hours charging time which is actually very fast. What’s more, is that they are also whisper-quiet thanks to the low vibration motor so that your dog doesn’t feel stressed and become fidgety.

The precision-cut titanium and ceramic blades ensure no painful pulling of the coat. They are so efficient that you can get through your dog’s whole body in one go after with a full battery. In fact, these clippers could even last more than one session without needing to be recharged, depending on the length of your dog’s fur.

These clippers are great value as they are very durable and can even last for years, so long as they are taken care of properly. The only thing about them is that they do not work as well on heavily matted or thick fur.

  • 1.5 hours charging time
  • Comes with everything you could possibly need
  • Cordless
  • Quiet
  • Not for thick or heavily matted fur

#9 Everesta Dog Clippers Grooming Kit

Everesta Dog Clippers Grooming Kit

Everesta’s grooming kit comes with a black and gold cordless clipper, a pair of stainless-steel scissors, a stainless-steel comb, a 175cm charger, a cleaning brush, and four comb attachments. The sizes for attachments are 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm making this one a great choice for any breed and length of fur.

The clippers are lightweight, comfortable, relatively small [18cm x 4.5cm] and easy to use. Even though the motor is powerful, with a professional copper-axis motor, they are pretty quiet at just over 50db thanks to the low vibration and design.

The titanium and ceramic blade have an acute R-type angle which ensures no pain or injuries – you can test it out for yourself by running it over your bare skin. The fine-tuning blade has five levels [0.8 – 2mm], a single switch that only requires a gentle push, and what’s really great is that the blade is easily detachable and washable.

Charging time is around five hours and there’s an indicator to show that it’s charging and when it is done. Once fully charged, the clippers can last for 70 minutes.

With high performance and environmentally friendly batteries, which are easy to remove and install, you can rest assured especially because of the 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason and a 12-month warranty for quality related issues.

There seem to be two downsides with these clippers. To start with, if your dog has heavily matted fur it’s imperative that you use the scissors first as the clippers won’t do much otherwise. Plus, the blade does get hot after a while, so you’ll have to take breaks if it takes you a while to groom your dog.

  • Detachable and washable blade
  • Acute R-type angled blade
  • Simple, single button design
  • Blade gets hot after some time
  • Not effective on matted fur
  • No LED display

#10 PetLab Cordless Dog Clippers

PetLab Cordless Dog Clippers

The last product on our list is yet another complete set that comes with everything you need to have your dog groomed and looking snazzy. Included with the pet clippers you also get a comb, four comb attachments, a cleaning brush, two pairs of scissors [one regular and one for thinning], a charging cable, a nail file, and nail clippers.

Its ceramic and titanium blades are sharp enough to cut through even the thickest hair without the interruption and inconvenience of hair getting stuck. Other than jamming, you can forget about random failures occurring as well.

These have a high-performance motor, advanced low noise, and vibration technology, and are cordless. The latter of which is useful for making it easier to reach certain spots without limitations or getting tangled up in a wire.

The blade can be fine-tuned from 0.8 to 2.0mm, and there is an LED display that indicates the speed [levels 1-3] as well as battery percentage [25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%]. It is great to have this so that the battery can’t just run out without warning right in the middle of the grooming session.

Within 3-4 hours you can have these clippers fully charged, although they only have a runtime of 1-2 hours. On the bright side, they are lightweight and efficient enough to save a bunch of time.

  • LED display
  • Efficient blades
  • Low noise
  • Adjustable (0.8-2.0mm)
  • The battery life is sub par (runs out in 1-2 hours)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best dog clippers UK?

The best dog clippers UK are by Omorc. Their professional grade trimmer comes as a whole kit with everything you could possibly need to groom your dog. Plus, they are quiet enough to not agitate your dog so that you can easily get through trimming without a hitch.

What are the best dog clippers for home use?

The best dog clippers for home use are the Focuspet grooming kit. Although slightly pricy, all the extra attachments justify the cost. They provide a whopping three hours of cordless use after charge, which should be more than enough time to groom more than one dog. It is extremely easy to clean them thanks to the detachable ceramic and titanium blades, and these are a great choice for anyone who is new to grooming their dog.

What kind of dog clippers do groomers use?

The Pet Union professional dog grooming kit is just that; professional. So much so that even groomers love them. It comes with two pairs of scissors, a styling comb, nail clippers, a cleaning brush, and more. Not only do they charge quickly, but cordless use also enables you to get those hard-to-reach places with the precision-cut titanium and ceramic blades.

Are Wahl Dog Clippers any good?

Wahl dog clippers are small, light, and durable. Ideal for smaller dogs, you can easily trim every part including their paws and ears. With low vibrations, you are sure to not get any fuss from your dog. Boasting a 5,350 strokes per minute, they are very ergonomic and easy to use.

What should I look for in dog clippers?

Good dog clippers should have a cordless option, as that helps a lot when trimming certain areas, and you want short charging time with long usage. Ideally, if you can find a kit at an affordable price that also has a couple of comb attachments and a decent pair of scissors those will go a long way and make grooming sessions so much better and easier.  

Can you use a human Clipper on a dog?

Human clippers should not be used on dogs. Since they are not made for dogs there is an increased risk of injury if you try to use them on your dog, and because they are much noisier than dog clippers, they can possibly startle and stress out your dog, causing them to be unable to sit still and make grooming sessions difficult.

What are good quiet dog clippers?

Everesta have some excellent whisper-quiet clippers available, emitting just over 50 decibels. Not only are they quiet, but they are also a great choice for all breeds with any length of fur thanks to the R-type angle on the blades. You don’t have to worry about accidentally injuring your dog with them, and you can run it over your bare skin to be sure.

How do you groom a dog with clippers?

Start by using a fine-toothed comb for thin fur and a wide-toothed comb for thick fur to remove any tangles and then use a slicker brush. Make sure to bathe your dog and fully dry them, either with a blow dryer if your dog doesn’t mind it or by simply letting them air dry.

Then, you can begin using the clippers on your dog. Make sure your clippers are sharp, otherwise tugging and pulling of hair will occur which will cause discomfort and irritation to your dog’s skin. If you go too quickly the clipper will leave lines, so always go slowly and in the right direction; you can do this by paying attention to which direction the hair is growing on each area.

What is the difference between dog clippers and dog trimmers?

Clippers are for thick hair and larger areas, and they don’t cut close to the skin, whereas trimmers cut closer than clippers and are designed for outlining, edging, dry shaving, and some shaping on small, hard to reach areas such as the paws, ears, and muzzle.

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