8 Best Dog Head Collars for 2021

best dog head collars

Here I’ve put together a list of 8 of the best head collars for 2021. When some people see a head harness, they think it’s horrible. This really isn’t the case, if you make sure to purchase a headcollar that isn’t restrictive, there’s no harm in it. Head collars are an excellent way to teach your dog to stop pulling on walks.

Just make sure that the head harness you get for your dog doesn’t stop your dog from keeping his mouth open because it’s important for dogs to be able to pant to cool down, and to drink water.

So long as you are sure your dog is comfortable, head harnesses are great.

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Gencon All-In-1 Dog Headcollar & Lead In One - Red/Black
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Halti Headcollar, Dog Harness to Stop Pulling on Lead, for Small, Medium and Large Dogs, Black, Size 3
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Dog & Field Figure 8 Anti Pull Lead / Halter / Head Collar (RED) - One Size Fits All - Super Soft Braided Nylon - Fitting Instructions Included- Comfortable, Kind, Supple, Secure and Proven to Make Your Walks More Enjoyable - No More Pulling!
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Best Dog Head Collars – Top 8

#1 Gencon Head Collar & Leash

This nose lead for dogs is available in three colours: red and black, coffee and cream, or blue and white.

This head collar and leash in one is made from Equine Webbing, it’s suitable for all breeds because one size fits all, and is machine washable. The soft fabric doesn’t cause our dogs any irritation or discomfort.

There’s no need to stay measuring the size of your dog’s head, neck, or snout because this nose lead is completely adjustable.

This dog halter does not ride up into the eyes, and it’s perfect for excitable, strong dogs that pull on walks. When my dog pulls, both of the loops tighten and restrict my dog’s head, making him back off from the restriction and stop pulling. Only a small amount of gentle pressure is needed.

It’s durable and veterinary approved. Ideal for agility training or just daily use, for both adult and young dogs. It’s easy to put on – the larger loop just slips over the dog’s head and the smaller one over the nose.

After using it on a few walks my dog got used to it quite quickly, and this head collar helped correct his walking and he’s no longer pulling to the point where my arm would hurt.

It’s very easy to keep clean, just a quick wash in some warm, soapy water and you’re good to go.

The width is just under 2cm and is perfectly capable of handling my 42Kilo dog.

For those people who suffer from joint pain or stiffness that can cause pain in the hands, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, this head collar is ideal. This is not only because it’s so easy to put on, but also because since it’s both a lead and collar in one, there’s no need to handle pesky clips which can be difficult to use.

  • Head collar and leash in one
  • Soft fabric
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to put on
  • Pricey

#2 Halti Headcollar

The Halti Headcollar is a dog face harness that comes in the colours black or red, and multiple sizes are available.

Size 0 is for extra small dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers because the minimum neck size is 25cm and the maximum is 35.

Size 1 is for small dogs like Corgis, with neck sizes from 29cm to 38cm.

For size 2 the neck sizes are from 34cm to 45cm, which is great for dogs like Staffies.

Dogs like Shiba Inus would need size 3, with the neck sizes ranging from 36cm to 49cm, whereas even larger dogs like Doberman would need a Size 4, because the neck sizes are from 46cm to 62cm.

This head harness is lightweight, veterinary approved, adjustable, waterproof, and easy to use. It’s also designed with your dog’s comfort in mind with a neoprene padded nose band. There’s also a safety link that can attach to your dog’s collar and reflective webbing on the noseband.

For general lead training or just everyday use to train your dog when walking. It prevents pulling on the lead by gently steering and guiding your dog’s direction.

It’s especially good for those bigger and stronger dog breeds because those are the ones that cause the most pain for us when they tug on walks.

Halti headcollars are designed in multiple sizes and adjustable to ensure that the head harness fits well, while also not forcing the dog to keep his mouth closed. It’s important for dogs to be able to pant and drink because both help them cool down.

It’s normal for dogs to initially object to wearing a face harness, and it takes time to create a positive association with it. Be sure to let your dog sniff the head collar plenty before placing it on your dog, and give your dog a treat before securing the neck section – not too tightly. Continue giving your dog treats throughout so that it becomes a positive experience for your dog.

The noseband should sit halfway down the snout, away from the eyes, and without pressure on the chin strap so that your dog can open his mouth. For our full Halti Harness review click here.

  • Several sizes available
  • Prevents pulling
  • Durable
  • Safety clip for collar
  • No lead included

#3 Dog & Field Figure 8 Halter Lead & Collar

Dog & Field Figure 8 halter lead and collar is available in red or blue. It’s the optimum length for a comfortable walk – 200cm. It has 8mm in Diameter which, based on research, should fit well on most dog breeds.

It’s made with durable and super soft nylon rope, is easy to use, and is machine washable.

The figure 8 dog halter lead combines both lead and collar with an anti-pull system built-in, and is highly effective and proven to transform your walks from difficult to enjoyable.

One size fits all, so there’s no need to stay taking your dog’s measurements. 

To put on, form a ‘noose’ with the rope over your dog’s head, then make a figure eight over the snout. Under the chin, there should be a crossover, and then the lead runs from the back.

It can be worn on dogs of most breeds, at any age. I just can’t imagine it being very useful on very small breeds of dog, but other breeds shouldn’t have any issues.

What is great about this product is that my dog was not able to reverse out of it by pulling back away from me, because the lead tightens at the back of his neck when he does so. Thanks to this collar/lead, he stopped pulling immediately after wearing it and I can hold his lead very loosely in my hand now, walking him is so much easier and more comfortable. This is the best dog head collar we used!

  • No clips or buckles – easy to put on
  • One size fits all
  • Lead and collar in one
  • Not ideal for small dog breeds

#4 Ancol Head Collar

The Ancol dog headcollar comes in the colour black, and in several different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. It’s easy to fit, perfect for lead training, and is made with nylon which is soft, smooth, flexible and durable – ensuring comfort for our dogs.

Even though the face harness is adjustable to an extent, the breed and age of your dog will determine which size fits best. For example, a Husky puppy or a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier would fit the medium size, but an adult Husky or Labrador would then need the large.

The size S nose measurement is roughly 25cm and neck 42cm. For size M the nose is 33cm, and the neck is 50cm. Size L has 40cm nose and 60cm neck, and size XL 48cm for the nose and around 68cm neck.

With this nose lead you can train your dog to stop pulling on walks so that you can both enjoy the time spent outside. When your dog pulls on the lead, the halter will turn their head to the side and discourage tugging, and that is what makes this collar such a great training tool. Say goodbye to painful arms and shoulders from all the pulling, and transform your walks into relaxing ones.

The head loop has an adjuster buckle for a secure fit, but it also has a quick-release buckle for speedy application and removal which makes it perfect for dogs that are not used to these types of headcollars.

The halter also has a metal O-ring for lead attachment and a safety link to secure the halter to your dog’s collar.

My dog used to lunge whenever he saw another dog or a cat, but now we can walk normally towards other dogs and greet them calmly thanks to this head collar.

  • Several different sizes available
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to fit
  • Very affordable
  • Not comfortable for all dogs

#5 Mikki Dog Head Collar

This head collar by Mikki comes in black and in sizes medium, large, and XLarge. This head harness will help teach your dog to walk beside you without pulling, and it lets you keep control without being too restrictive.

The floating lead attachment allows you to lead from either side of your dog, and it also prevents any lead tangles if your dog spins around.

It’s clear that the main priority of this product is the comfort and safety of our dogs, as the noseband is padded and reflective (and it even has adorable paw prints), and there is a safety link so that you can secure the head collar to your dog’s own collar.

The head strap is adjustable, but there’s still a general recommendation for each size;

For the medium size, your dog should have 14-16cm nose circumference at the widest point, and the sizes for the Large size range from 18.5-19.5cm.

And for the Extra large the nose circumference at the widest point would be 24-28.5cm.

Within the first couple of minutes, my dog did start trying to paw it off from his face, but I distracted him with treats. It’s important to make the experience positive for your dog, so that he can accept the new head harness.

If your dog is not used to such head harnesses, you should introduce it to him gradually. Put it on your dog for 5 minutes, and play with him and give him some treats. Then do the same the next day but keep the head collar on for a little bit longer. Do this until you are confident your dog is comfortable enough with it to go on a walk.

  • Very affordable
  • Several sizes available
  • Padded and reflective noseband
  • Doesn’t stop ALL dogs from pulling (like extremely excitable and active dogs)
  • Needs readjusting/ loosening often, depending on the dog’s head shape

#6 Canny Training Collar

The Canny dog training collar comes in multiple sizes and colours, so that you can easily find the best fit for your dog.

The first size is 9” – 11” and is ideal for small dogs such as Terriers and Cavalier King Charles. Size 2 is 11” – 13” and great for Border Terriers, small Cocker Spaniels, Jack Russell, Whippet, etc. Size 3 has measurements of 13” – 15” which fits well on Border Collie, Staffy, Doberman, etc. The fourth size is 15” – 17” for Boxer, Dalmation, and German Shepherd. Size 5 would fit a large German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Akita, etc., with measurements of 17” – 19”, and size 6 is 19” – 21” for Great Danes and similar. Lastly, size 7 is 21” – 23” and fits the largest of dogs like St Bernard.

What makes this collar different from most is that it fastens from behind the head rather than below the chin. This results in absolutely no jerking of the lead and that’s what makes it an effective training collar. Plus, there’s no chance of it riding up too high near the eyes or yanking your dog’s head to one side.

It can easily be switched to a regular collar and lead by flicking the slip line on and off your dog’s nose.

So, the leash attaches behind the head with some high-quality nickel-plated steel guiders and D-rings and the single noseband stays in place. The buckle on the collar is secure and doesn’t snap open.

The noseband is self-adjusting, so it expands for a custom fit on a wide muzzle like that of a Boxer, and dogs can easily open their mouth while wearing it to breathe, pant, etc.

Thanks to the padding, it’s very comfortable and my dog clearly didn’t have any issues.

It’s super simple and easy to fit, just as easy as fitting a regular collar on! Plus, there is no need to remove the collar when you want to let your dog off the leash because of the carabiner clips, so there’s less hassle. Check out our complete canny collar review.

  • Detachable leash
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to fit
  • Great as a training collar
  • n/a

#7 ILEPARK Dog Head Collar

The ILEPARK dog halter collar comes in three sizes and three colours: small, medium, large, and black, red, or blue. 

The small has dimensions of 13-27cm around the muzzle and 32-40cm around the neck, the medium is 16-32cm muzzle, and 28-46cm neck, whereas the large is 18-37cm around the muzzle and 42-54cm at the neck. 

It’s made of strong and durable nylon with two seams of luminous reflective threading that spans the entire length of the strap so that your dog is always visible even in low light conditions.

There’s a flexible and sturdy buckle, an adjustable strap, and a fixable metal ring so that you can clip on a dog leash.

Comfortable padding around the muzzle section ensures comfort and prevents skin abrasions. It’s not so tight that a dog can still breathe well, pant, drink, and even eat treats. This is especially useful while introducing your dog to this new collar.

To do it properly, you will need a lot of positive reinforcement and treats as you should let your dog small the collar for a while before touching his or her nose with the collar a bit. Then, try holding the collar up and hold a treat on the other side, so that your dog has to put their nose through it for the treat. After that, you can start putting the collar on gently with plenty of treats. Repeat this several times to be absolutely sure that your dog is comfortable with the collar.

Halter collars provide much more control when walking as it provides steering efficiency and prevents pulling.

  • Different sizes
  • Padded
  • Reflective threading
  • Adjustable
  • n/a

#8 Company of Animals Halti Head Collar

This Halti head collar has four sizes available and comes in red or black.

The first size fits Corgi, Mini Poodle, Dachshund, and other dogs of a similar sized breed, as it has a circumference around the neck of 31-40cm and 16-24 around the nose.

Size 2 has dimensions of 35-48cm around the neck and 21-38cm around the nose, so it would fit breeds like Shar Pei, Scottish Terrier, Vizsla, etc.

The third size fits German Shepherd, Husky, Bull Terrier, etc., with 40-54cm at the neck and 24-36cm around the muzzle.

Size 4 is 46-62cm at the neck and 30-40cm around the nose, suitable for Akita, Bull Mastiff, Wolfhound, Rottweiler, and other similarly sized breeds. 

It’s simple to fit, easy to use, and stops pulling.

Made of lightweight and strong nylon webbing, with comfortable neoprene padding on the nose band to prevent rubbing.

Not only is it adjustable and secure, but it also has reflective threading to aid with visibility at night or early mornings. It’s completely humane, as dogs can easily still breathe, pant, drink, and eat while wearing it.

  • Some reflective threading
  • Multiple sizes
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Padded nose band
  • n/a

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