5 Best Dog Training Collars for 2021

best dog training collars

Dog training collars can be extremely useful, especially when they are automatic. Some dogs simply bark too much, at everything, and it can be necessary to reduce this.

Training collars are not only great because they are anti-bark, but they can help stop other unwanted behaviour such as aggression, eating things they shouldn’t, and calming down in general.

That’s why I have put together a list of five of the best dog training collars in the UK, some of which are vibrating dog collars, some of which have remotes and that have different levels of vibrating and beeping sounds too.

Best Choice
LumoLeaf Dog Training Collar, Waterproof USB Rechargeable Dog Remote Trainer with Double Vibration and Beep Mode for Home Training Use, 500 Yards Range. (P11 Vibration)
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More Information
Queenmew Dog Barking, Beep & Spray Anti Bark Collar, Rechargeable Dog Training Collar, Adjustable Bark Collar In Harmless & Humane, Safe Citronella Spray Anti Barking Device
Customer Rating
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Best Cheap Option
Advanced 2in1 Anti Bark Dog Collar Stop Dogs Excessive Barking Device SAFE HARMLESS & HUMANE Anti-Bark Training for Small Medium Large Size Breeds
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Best Dog Training Collars – Top 5

#1 LumoLeaf Dog Training Collar

LumoLeaf Dog Training Collar is safe and effective for training your dog and you can tailor the stimulations to your dog’s progress and cooperation. You can select from an audible tone mode, 100 levels of Dual vibration, or normal vibration mode.

This will help achieve different types of training, for example teaching your dog to do tricks such as sitting, rolling over, etc., if you are training your dog for hunting and tracking, or if you just need to reduce the amount your dog barks.

LumoLeaf’s is one of the best remote dog control collars because it is waterproof, adjustable, rechargeable, and easy to use.

If you send too many stimulations ‘Protection Mode’ will be activated, which won’t allow any more signals for a few moments.

The remote can reach up to a range of 500 feet with steady 433 MHz signals, which are ideal for indoor training at home or outdoor training in your garden or a dog park.

The flat web collar is adjustable (from 8 inches to 21 inches) so that it can fit most dog breeds that weight from 4kg to 54kg, and the rubber probe cover ensures comfort for our dogs.

Sleek ergonomic molding of the remote, as well as anti-stick and touch-distinguishing buttons, lets you comfortably operate and shift between buttons with one hand and even without looking.

 If you have two dogs, you can purchase an extra collar and train both dogs at the same time with dual channels using one remote.

It has an IPX7 waterproof rating, so you don’t need to remove the collar if it rains or if your dog likes to get wet.

You can simultaneously recharge the collar and the remote with the included USB cable, which can be used in any USB wall adapter, computer USB port, or car USB port. Rapid charging and a long-lasting battery mean that this dog training collar is always ready to be used.

A dog training guide also comes with the package, for those who are new to training their dogs, they can take a look at the easy-to-follow instructions.

Personally, I mainly use this product to correct my dog’s behaviour because he eats anything he finds when we go on walks. He dislikes the vibration, and stops immediately and is no longer eating everything from the ground when we go out.

  • Rechargeable
  • Easily adjustable
  • Rainproof
  • n/a

#2 Petic Dog Training Collar

This vibrating dog collar for training is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

It can even be adjusted to fit extra small dogs too. The collar is suitable for any dog weighing between 3.5kg to 50kg with neck sizes of 17cm to 55cm.

Some dog owners have dogs that bark excessively, and for reasons such as having a baby around, neighbours, or just wanting to calm your dog from barking at everything when on walks, Petic Dog Training Collar can help reduce or stop your dog from barking.

Their return rate for this collar is less than 2%, so this shows us that it works.

It has 7 auto-progressive barking correction levels that are designed to train your dog step-by-step, and to ensure that your dog learns progressively to stop barking on his own.

The 7 levels are like so:

Level 1 – Sound Stimulation
Level 2 – Increased Sound Stimulation
Level 3 – Increased Sound & vibration Stimulation
Level 4-7 Intense Increasing Sound & Vibration Stimulation (lasts 3-4 seconds)

The device will reset to default level automatically when your dog stops barking for 30 seconds. The total learning time is a minute. If your dog continues to bark after accomplishing all levels it will stop working for one minute, then reset back to the first level.

Completely safe, your dog is in no harm by wearing this vibrating training collar, the device only vibrates and makes noise for a few seconds – There’s no risk of any physical harm.

No spray is used with the collar either, such as Citronella, because they can cause your dog to have an allergic reaction.

This control collar includes a 2-in-1 design, blue and orange which have reflective plates for extra visibility in the dark to keep your dog safe on walks.

It is durable and weather-proof, so you don’t need to worry if it rains on your walk and is comfortable to wear on long walks.

By purchasing of Petic Training Collar you get a 30-day-money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.

As a bonus, Petic only use green materials to make their control collars, and RoHS and CE certifications ensure high quality of the electronic parts used to manufacture their Anti-Bark devices. The buckle is made from solid ABS plastic and has no weak points.

My dog learned surprisingly quickly that his bark was causing the sounds and vibrations to go off, and he has reduced the amount that he barks by a large amount. Although he has realised that this only happens when he’s wearing the collar, I don’t see that as a bad thing. When it’s necessary for him to not bark, for whatever reason, then we can use this collar.

  • Easily adjustable
  • Safe & humane
  • Automatic option
  • Rainproof
  • n/a

#3 Queenmew Dog Training Collar

Queenmew Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar works with a highly sensitive transmitter, allowing you to train your dogs at a range up to 500ft. For best results hold the remote horizontally and away from your body and regularly check that the spray nozzle is facing the right way.

You can even train two dogs at once by using one transmitter.

This collar is used as a pet corrector to stop unwanted behaviour such as barking, and the receiver can be adjusted to 3-levels of sensitivity depending on the loudness of your dog’s barking.

The remote allows you to choose a high or low beep, and a long or short spray.

If you don’t use the remote within the first minute after turning on the collar it will enter anti-bark mode automatically and the microphone will be activated by your dog’s bark. The collar emits a warning beep before spraying.

The dog training collar can be recharged in about two hours by connecting it with the included USB cable. There’s LED low power indication, so the red light will flash when the battery level is low. The light will change from red to green when fully charged.

Avoid leaving the collar on your dog for more than 8 hours every 24 hours, and you can’t use this collar on dogs that are younger than six months old.

Training sessions should be kept short, around ten to fifteen minutes and to end with praise and rewards. You should have your dog in a familiar environment for the first training sessions, and be consistent by using the tone for each misbehaviour.

The collar is soft and therefore comfortable to wear for my dog, and has proved to be great value for money. I use it more for training in general as opposed to using it for its anti-bark purposes. It’s my personal preference that I don’t like to use spray on my dogs, but for people that really need to get their dog to stop barking it works wonders.

  • Adjustable
  • Can train 2 dogs at once
  • Auto mode or remote control
  • Spray not for everyone

#4 PetKing Premium No-Bark Dog Collar

PetKing vibrating Dog Collar is effective, high-quality, and there is a 30-day guarantee if there are any issues with the product. The electronic parts are durable, and there won’t be any random triggering or failures with this collar.

It’s designed to reduce or stop your dog from barking without any human interaction. Just set the desired sensitivity level and let it do all of the work.

This vibrating trianing collar is completely safe, no harm will come to your dog because electroshocks are not used to stop unwanted behaviour. Only vibrations and sounds are used.

The collar is adjustable and will fit all dog breeds, from small to large (2.7 kg to 55kg)

There are seven levels to the automatic correction; each time your dog barks it will play a tone for a few seconds. At level 3 the vibrations begin at 1 second, increasing each time by a small amount.

The levels are as follows:

Level 1 – Sound Stimulation

Level 2 – Increased Sound Stimulation

Level 3 – Increased Sound & vibration Stimulation

Level 4-7 Intense Increasing Sound & Vibration Stimulation

When your dog stops barking for 30 seconds the anti-bark device resets to the first level by default.

My dog often doesn’t even reach the vibration levels, because the beep provides as a great distraction and my dog will go off to search for the beep and the barking would stop for a while. Of course, you can never completely stop your dog from barking when someone knocks at the door, but at least I can sleep through the night without being woken by barking.

  • Automatic option
  • Different levels
  • High quality materials
  • No remote

#5 Wolfwill Dog Training Collar

There are four training modes: Beep, Vibration, Light, and Automation. The intensity of all modes can be adjusted from levels zero to seven. With each level the intensity increases slightly.

Automatic standby and memory function make it easy for you, you don’t need to pair the collar and remote again, just switch on and continue to use.

This Anti-Bark Training Collar by Wolfwill is completely safe and humane, no electric shock or spray are used.

The remote control and collar have a large range, it can reach up to 2400 feet which makes it perfect for outdoor training in an open space.

Unwanted behaviour from your dog such as barking, biting, eating things they shouldn’t like garbage, jumping too much on other people, and so on, can all be corrected with the use of this control collar.

Energy saving and waterproof – there’s a built in 300mAh rechargeable battery and the collar receiver has IP65 waterproof rating. So, you don’t have to worry about rainy days. It can fully recharge within two hours and last up to ten days.

To extend the lifespan of the batteries, turn the collar off when not in use.

The vibrating dog collar is adjustable to fit dog breeds, from 6kg to 45kg, and neck size from 7.5 inches to 27 inches.

Don’t leave the collar on your dog for more than 12 hours a day, and reposition the collar to check that the receiver is facing the front.

If you have two dogs, it’s possible to purchase two collars and train them with the same remote.

There is a protected state after five times of working consecutively, to protect your dog, and after entering this state the collar won’t work no matter how much your dog barks. You have to wait a few minutes, or press the Automation button to activate.

This product helped to calm my dog down and stop him from barking at absolutely everything.

Instructions aren’t completely clear, so you have to fiddle around with the remote a bit to get what you want. Also, when you set the collar to automatic mode it beeps and makes my dog falsely think that he did something wrong.

  • Long range of 2400 feet
  • Adjustable collar
  • Rainproof
  • Automatic or Remote controlled
  • Doesn’t work on every dog
  • Instructions aren’t written clearly
  • Slow transmission from remote to receiver

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