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Pretty much anyone who uses the Internet has heard stories of pets who got separated from their families and then found their way back to them many years later. A black Labrador called Abby, for example, lost her way when her family was on vacation and found them at their new home a full TEN years later. But stories like these are few and far between, with most lost pets ending up on the streets, having to fend for themselves, or in forest or picnic areas where they follow their noses down trails and then don’t find their way back. The majority of these pets are never found. But in either case- a lost pet is a pet in grave danger.

With the advent of GPS technology and how simple it is to put trackers in dogs and cats these days, it has truly become so much easier to retrieve pets who’ve slipped out of doors left open, or run away- or, heaven forbid, been dognapped. In fact, these pets carry an added layer of security and can be let to run loose a lot more easily than those who have to be constantly monitored and kept on a leash or halter. All the more so if your dog runs over a wide-open area, such as a farm, or goes hiking, trekking, etc. with you.

So, if your dog or cat isn’t tagged yet, you should give it serious consideration, indeed. Here are the best dog trackers UK markets have right now, which will be the best fit for you!

Best Choice
Tractive GPS Tracker XL for Dogs - Location Tracker with 6 Week Battery and Unlimited Range White
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TECKNET Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor, Smarter Pet Care
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Lightweight option
Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs, unlimited Range, Activity Monitor, Waterproof
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Best Dog Trackers in the UK

#1 Tractivex GPS XL Tracker for Dogs

This lightweight & waterproof GPS pet tracker attaches easily to any medium to large sized dog’s collar or harness, without causing any sort of strain or pull on their necks. The Tractive GPS XL tracker weighs in at 141g, measuring 2.9 x 4.9 x 8cm with its strap. It attaches with no fuss whatsoever with any pet collar and offers Live-tracking. Live tracking means that you can pin point your pet’s location anywhere at any time, in actual time. And the range is simply massive- over 150 countries are included. Unlike any bluetooth collar or range restrictive collar, the Tractive tracker has no range restriction whatsoever. Your dog’s position can be monitored on an easy interface app on your phone or on your laptop, with no fuss entailed. The tracker itself has a battery life of 6 weeks and – AND- does not even need to be replaced, but simply recharged.

The Tractive GPS XL tracker can also be used to establish a virtual fence of sorts for your dog, with a certain distance that you can demarcate. If and when your dog leaves this circle, you’ll get a notification that he’s outside this range you’ve fixed. It’s basically like having a SIM card fixed to your dog’s collar, with a very, very low cost subscription fee that lets you pinpoint your dog’s location anytime, anywhere. And, since the whole unit is waterproof, there’s no danger of it stopping work because of water damage either.

If you have an active dog and lead an active lifestyle, this is the best dog tracker for you.

  • Easy to attach
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof
  • n/a

Dog GPS Tracker UK – Top Choice

#2 Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

The Pawfit monitor is a dog tracker with loads and loads of extra features for a full catalogue of your dog’s every statistic. Not limited to just tracking your dog’s location, this tracker keeps note of active hours, rest hours, calories burned and distance covered by your dog, calculated off your pet’s age, size, weight, breed, and also calculates movement like a little doggy pedometer. All the data is even stored on the device for a full 7 days, during which time you can transfer it to your system, or just monitor it for a general overview of your dog’s movement.

Apart from recording the statistics, though, there’s so many features the Pawfit GPS pet tracker comes with to help pinpoint your dog’s location. In the event your dog goes missing, you have a text-to-speech option that lets anyone pressing the power button hear an out loud broadcast of your pet’s ID number, using which they can bring your pet back to you. It’s not just about distance though. There’s also an alert that intimates you if your pet’s immediate environment temperature is suddenly high or low, or irregular for any reason. Also, if someone removes the tracker and/or your dog crosses the safety zones you’ve marked for him, you immediately get an alert. You can receive alerts directly on your phone, too, if you’re running iOS 9.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later. You can use it to set up up to 10 safety zones, and manage up to 4 pets at a time.

The entire device is as doggy-indestructible as it gets. The unit is waterproof (IP65), both rain and splash-proof, plus the outer shell is anti-drop and anti-bite, so your dog can’t chew his way through it even if he’s so inclined. The unit comes fitted with a 700 mAh battery that lasts 4-6 days while in use, and 7-10 days easily on standby mode. When it hits low power mode, the battery needs a simple recharge, not to be replaced. The unit is 30g in weight and can be attached easily to any collar or harness that measures 1.25 inches. This makes it comfortable for any dogs weighing above 3.5 kg, so also very safe for cats. The tracker itself can be located with a SIM card commercially available in the UK anywhere, under special deals that offer hassle free network and wide coverage for your pet. If you’re looking for a lightweight tracker that keeps a keen eye on your pet, this is definitely the tracker you should consider.

  • Waterproof
  • Battery lasts 4-6 days while in use
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • n/a

GPS Pet Tracker UK

#3 Weenect Dogs – The GPS tracker for Dogs

If you’re looking for a way to train your dog and keep a track of his activity, the Weenect dog tracker is a tracker you should take a look at. It comes with a massive range- essentially no range limitation, because it sends a continuous signal: one signal every minute for when your pet is moving, and one every five minutes for when your pet is standing still. But that’s only the locating. Every time you ping your pet to come back home, it plays a beeping sound that it also plays when your pet gets his food. This makes your pet associate the beeping sound with food and trains him to run home on the beep command.

The unit comes fitted with a SIM card that provides the GPS pinpoint for your pet’s tracker, and runs on a simple subscription plan with 2G service for the tracker signal. The tracker itself uses the SIM card to send the signal and runs on a battery that lasts 2-4 days comfortably while in use. When low on battery, the Weenect tracker can be recharged up to full strength easily in 2 hours. The whole thing weighs under 2.7g and clips easily to your dog’s collar, so it’s no issue even for small dogs. So if you’re looking for a lightweight, no-frills collar for your dog that will help you call him home too, the Weenect tracker is one you should check out.

  • Recharged in 2 hours
  • Very lightweight
  • Easily clips to dogs collar
  • Below average battery life (2-4 days)

#4 UBEEQUEE GPS Tracker for Dogs

 A little different from the other trackers, the Ubeequee pet tracker is a real time tracker that gives you a live tracking GPS signal. You can use it to keep an eye on your pet as well as create a virtual fence to keep your dog in a specific area, and get a notification immediately if he leaves it.

The signal is sent through a SIM card. The entire unit is waterproof and lightweight, and clips on to your pet’s collar safely and easily. It causes no fuss for your pets too, since it weighs only 36g. Plus, the tracker has no range limitation too, and runs efficiently through European countries.

The tracker keeps a full history of your pet’s movements which can be very useful. Plus, there is a long list of additional features such as a comparatively long working time, reduced power consumption, and can continuously work for about 10 days.

The battery is hefty 400 mAh and recharges with ease. Overall it’s easy to recommend this tracker and it’s available at a reasonable price point.

  • Waterproof
  • No range limitation
  • Long lasting battery
  • Easily recharged battery
  • Good value
  • n/a

#5 Mini GPS Pet Tracker

One of the (biggest) tiny trackers on our list, the Futureway mini GPS tracker is actually quite hefty. It weighs in at a solid 81g but the clip-on unit is 4cm long and attaches to the collar or harness easily. It comes fitted with a SIM card that requires a separate subscription, that acts as the source of the tracking signal. Consequently, it has no limit and no boundaries, and can be used anywhere off its 2G GSM signal. The main signal is GPS but the priority takes GPS>LBS, which means that if you’re in an area where the GPS signal is not strong (for example, if you’re out hiking, etc.) the tracker switches to LBS, with an accuracy of 500-1000 metres, depending on how dense the mobile base station is.

The tracker comes chock full of features like real-time tracking, backup history, remote shutdown, alarm message, battery power display, and is completely waterproof to boot. The tracker can be connected easily to a phone app, if your specifications are Android 5.0 or above, IOS 8.0 or above. You can find the app simply by scanning the QR code on the tracker, and then finding it on your phone’s store. It can run multiple accounts and keep your data safe for 90 days, as well as stay on standby for 5 days. The tracker fits dogs, cats, horses, any pet that can carry it safely really. A downside is that it is significantly more expensive than the other trackers and has much weaker signal indoors than outdoors, but if you’re okay with the cost and have mostly outdoors pets, this is a good tracker for you.

  • No limit or boundaries range
  • Easily clips on to dog collar
  • Hefty and durable
  • More expensive than competitors
  • Requires a separate subscription for SIM card

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