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best dog tags uk

When one thinks of dog tags, what comes to mind is generally military style dog tags that are popular jewelry. But dog tags for dogs? What are those for?

Dog tags are an excellent way to add information to your dog’s collar in a physical form. Most dogs nowadays are microchipped, so if they get lost or runaway, a quick trip to a regional vet will generally help identify the owner.

But even then, adding a dog tag onto your dog’s collar helps give your information at a glance. This will save you and your dog from some potential trouble and spare him the experience of having to stay in a dog pound, should the situation arise.

The simplest things to put on a dog tag are contact and identification information. Here are the best dog tags that you can buy for your dog.

Best Choice
Deeply engraved solid brass 27mm circular dog tag
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LYL Premium Engraved Personalised Pet Dog Cat Name ID Stainless Steel Tag Collar (M, Bone)
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Good Quality
Deeply engraved solid brass bone shaped dog tag, small 39x22mm
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Best Dog Tags UK – Top 5

#1 Engraving Studios Solid Brass Circular Dog Tags

This simplistic, yet efficiently design dog tag from Engravings Studios is a 1.5 mm thick solid brass piece of doggy jewelry.

 The engraving of your information and a simple note asking to identify the owner is engraved deeply onto the tag. Additionally, the lines and words are filled with black paint, for maximum visibility. This makes sure that there’s no confusion and that it doesn’t fade over time.

You can accommodate up to six lines of information on each side of the dog that. That’s plenty of space for your name, address, and a contact number.

The dog tag itself is approximately 27 mm in diameter. It has a small hole through which a split ring passes, which you can attach onto your dog’s collar with a small metal hook. Not only is it lightweight, but also very sturdy. It’s not a scratched engraving, which is why it doesn’t fade over time and gives you an exceptional durability. Also, it’s small enough that your dog won’t have any trouble wearing it, even if he’s a really small dog or a puppy.

If you’re looking for a small shiny solution for your dog’s collar, this is the dog tag for you.

  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • n/a

#2 LYL Premium Dog Tags

The dog that for any pet that’s probably spoiled rotten (and good for him!), this Chrome bone dog tag from Spoilt Rotten Pets is a cute and adorable little addition to your dog’s collar.

Both sides of this little chrome bone shaped dog can be engraved, and provide ample space for your information to be carved on it. The engraving itself is free with no additional charges. The engraving is generally done in uppercase letters and centered in the middle of the tag for an elegant and aesthetically pleasing detail.

Up to 50 characters or numbers can be fitted on the front of the tag, and 50 on the back. The tag itself measures 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm, and is singularly lightweight and durable.

The engraving is deeply centered, so that it doesn’t fade over time or wash out. The letters are all capitals, but designed to suit the tag and provide best availability, taking into account the information to be given. You can choose between a chrome or brass tag, depending upon your preferences. There’s even an option for cats!

Because of the elongated shape, the chrome bone dog tag can fit more information on it then a regular round tag can. If you’re looking for a tag to put more details on, and add a fun twist your dog’s collar, this is definitely the dog tag for you!

  • Simple
  • Free engraving
  • Variety of options
  • n/a

#3 Engraving Studios Solid Brass Dog Tag

 Another very end from engraving studios, this dog tag is made of solid brass about 1.5 mm thick. Along with the slightly different appearance in color, there’s also a different shape-a bone!

This bone shaped dog can be deeply engraved with your information on request. The lines are then filled in with black ink, for maximum visibility and a striking look.

 The dog tag can accommodate up to four lines of engraving on both sides, which gives you plenty of space to put all your information in there. It is 39 mm x 22 mm in size, which is small enough to be inconspicuous, but large enough to have everything written on it, along with a tiny message for whoever finds the dog.

The tag can be attached to your dogs collar with a split ring. It attaches very firmly and the chances of it falling off are pretty minimal. It weighs only a few grams, which means that your dog won’t notice it being there. The bone shape makes it very whimsical, too.

And if you want a smaller size, or want your information printed larger, you can just get in contact with the studios and they can tailor your order for you to a certain extent. This is easily the best bone shaped brass dog tag that you can find for your dog.

  • Clean design
  • Tailored orders
  • Easy to read
  • Very cheap
  • Black ink could wear over time

#4 PaddingPaws Engraved Dog Tags

Ideal for most dogs, these dog tags are a lovely option to add information to your dog’s collar that’s more proportionate to his size.

This engraved dog identity tag has plenty of space on both sides for names, addresses, vet numbers, contact phone numbers, etc. you can fit plenty of information on each tag, which is a lot of space.

The lines are engraved very deeply and black lettering for maximum visibility and clarity. The tag itself is made of solid brass, which makes the engraving even more visible.

 Your message and details are engraved in the middle of the tag best position for maximum readability and appearance. However, if you have a different design or message in mind, you can let the studio know, and they make allowances for your options.

These tags are available in 2 different sizes both small and large and are available in 4 different colors as can be seen in the photo, bronze, black, silver and gold. All for a very low price that might be hard to resist.

  • Cheap option
  • Minimal design
  • Easy to read
  • Plenty of space for text
  • n/a

#5 Personalized and Engraved Glitter ID dog tags

The opposite of everything that’s chrome and brass, these personalized paw-shaped glittery dog identity tags are a pop of color.

The tags can be engraved on one side with your details.  The dad accommodates a maximum of four lines, or a maximum of 15 characters including spaces.

The engraving itself is done free of charge and the information can be given to the seller while ordering. There are many color options, so you can go a little wild in deciding your dog’s look.

The tag is engraved on the back and attached to your dogs collar with a split ring. The engraving is done in Times New Roman, for maximum clarity. It’s made of metal and is really durable, and will easily survive being submerged in water multiple times.

However, one thing to be sure of, is that this is not a tag that will accommodate a lot of information on it. Also, the engraving is not deep nor dark but a simple etching. So visibility is not a very big advantage here. If you’re looking for a simple pendant like Dog Tag and are not focusing on information, you can consider buying this one.

  • Bright and colourful
  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Writing not as visible

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