5 Best Dog Whistles in 2021 UK

Best Dog Whistle

What’s better than taking your dog on a walk?

…. Taking your dog on a walk and having him respond to your calls even when he’s run off to a small corner under a bush somewhere, without having to yell at him like Tarzan in the urban jungle. But- you ask- how precisely does one manage that?

The answer is simple; dog whistles. Dog whistles are specialized whistles that emit a sound in the ultrasonic range of hearing.

This means that humans are spared the shrill whistling sound, while to your dog (with his much wider range of hearing), it rings out as clear as day.

This capability makes it the closest thing to a dog summoning spell you can get for yourself. Here are some of the best dog whistles on the market.

Best Dog Whistle – Our Top 5

Best Dog Training Whistle

1. Smarter Paws Professional Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle

This neat little whistle from Smarter Paws is a professional tool for full amateurs, when it comes to trying out dog whistles. Attached to a handy little lanyard and key ring and made of sturdy plastic and metal, this whistle is a tiny addition for your bunch of keys, but a significant one.

The Smarter Paws whistle comes with a full adjustable range of frequencies that lie in your dog’s audible range. Depending on which frequency your dog seems to respond best to, you can simply turn the screw rod inward or outward and find the perfect fit.

Once you’ve established which one or which ones they are, you can turn the nut clockwise and lock the whistle at this figure, and save yourself endless fiddling every time that you want to call your dog. It’s that simple. Plus, with the lanyard and key ring, you can always have the whistle on hand and ready to go (blow!).

The whistle also has a molded cover to keep it capped when you’re not using it. It’s an added level of security, because it screws on tight and acts as an anti-loss device. Plus it keeps the whistle clean.

It takes a couple of attempts in the beginning, for your dogs to understand that you are the source of the sound that they are hearing, and that the whistling means that they are to return to you. You can try teaching them with a little positive reinforcement so that they pick it up even quicker.

But once they’ve learned to associate the whistle as a call, it’s all smooth sailing ahead. So if you’re looking for a quick fix for you and your dog, this is the whistle for you.

  • Excellent quality
  • Adjustable range of frequencies
  • Nice lanyard included
  • Does its job
  • n/a

Best Dog Whistle for Recall

2. ACME Dog Whistle No. 210.5 with Whistle Strap

From a brand approved by dogs and dog owners alike, this dog whistle is a sound powerhouse.

The ACME dog whistle is a large and sturdy whistle that emits a clear, uninterrupted tone. So even if there is significant background noise behind you, or you’re close to a sound source or the road, etc., the whistle’s sound will still reach your dog loud and crystal clear.

This is because of the range of the sound the whistle produces. Consequently, it does not get drowned out in the ambient noise, and your dog will hear you and respond even in the middle of a perfect din.

The special feature in the ACME whistle is that it is frequency standardized. This means that once a setting has been chosen, no matter how you blow it or who blows it, it emits the same exact note.

This helps your dog make an immediate connection between this particular sound and coming back to you. Even if you lose the whistle somehow, you can order a replacement and program it again to emit exactly the same tone.

You can even have multiple whistles at home, all set to the same note. And it isn’t remarkable only for this reason. You can choose a custom colour out of a variety of options, to find one that suits you best. Plus, it comes with a free lanyard and hook, so taking it around is never an issue.

This fact comes in especially handy for families that own hunting dogs or who take their dogs hunting or camping with them. Once your pet gets conditioned to a tone, he will always associate you with it, and with coming back to you. If you’re looking for a one-time solution for your dogs, you should give this one some consideration.

  • Adjustable frequencies
  • Included lanyard
  • Excellent range
  • n/a

3. Ezee Paws Professional Ultrasonic Dog Whistle

Whether you have an older dog, or a puppy who is still learning the ropes, the Ezee Paw Professional whistle is a big help in getting your dog to finally listen to you and learn the Come-back command.

Obedience training can be a complete chore, and it isn’t particularly interesting for dogs either, what with all the distractions the outside world is for them. It’s hard for them to pay attention to your voice when they can hear squirrels and cars and cats, all begging to be chased, and so many smells, calling them off into the brush.

But this whistle from Ezee paws solves all these distractions in one clear bell. Or whistle, as the case may be. The Ezee whistle is a small, lightweight whistle that produces a clear sound in the ultrasonic range, making it impossible to discern for human ears, but loud as day for a dog. This makes it one of your biggest helps in solving an obedience training issue once and for all.

Not only does the whistle come with adjustable frequencies, but also with a matching lanyard and easy to carry ring. This makes the whistle not only easy to carry around, but also near impossible to lose.

So, whether you’re looking for a whistle for yourself or to give as a gift to a new puppy owner, this is a whistle you should seriously look at.

  • Clear sound
  • Excellent range
  • Adjustable frequencies
  • Simple but effective
  • n/a

4. WoofWhistle Professional Ultrasonic Dog Whistle

For pet owners looking for more than just a dog whistle, the Woofwhistle is a one stop solution. The Woofwhistle is an ultrasonic dog whistle that can be used to help train dogs to respond to the Come-back command, but also to train them to not follow unwanted behavior patterns.

The sound that the whistle emits is a clear signal to your dog that he should either come back immediately, or stop what he is doing, just as being aggressive to another dog or another animal (or person, just in case).

With a little positive reinforcement, your dog can learn instant recall tricks very quickly. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have. Regardless of the age or breed or size, a little patience is all you need to invest to teach your dog how to respond to you immediately.

The whistle itself is made with heavy duty stainless steel, and has a protective lid on it, to prevent it from getting dirty or damaged, or even getting lost. And because it comes with a sturdy little matching lanyard, the chances of accidentally misplacing it are even lesser.

The only issue can be adjusting just the right note for your dog, because it doesn’t have a lock for the settings. But otherwise, this is a perfectly neat little whistle.

  • Ultrasonic
  • Nice quality – stainless steel
  • Included lanyard
  • No lock for frequency settings

5. Benbulben Twin Pack of Professional High Pitch Plastic Dog Whistles

A departure from the other whistles on this list, the Benbulben whistles are a twin set of two whistles. Made with a solid but flexible plastic polymer, these whistles come in two colours and are really built to last.

The whistles themselves are not ultrasonic but simply high pitched, which means that they are not fully mute to human ears, but still very clearly audible to dog ears.

They are extremely lightweight and durable, and come attached with a lanyard and key ring each, so you can decide where to attach which one, as you like.

Since the whistles are 80 mm long, they aren’t an issue to carry around anywhere. Or you can just put one on your key chain and forget about having to take it with you every time.

The Benbulben whistles are very useful in teaching your dogs how to respond to your commands, how to answer, and to refine obedience training, such as bark silencing training, holding your dog back, etc. The whistles also have a clicker, in case your dog needs some secondary sound reinforcement.

It should be taken into consideration though that the Benbulben whistles are not ultrasonic whistles. So, they are definitely audible to the human ear. Also, since they are not metallic, they don’t take as much wear and tear as the other options on this list. Plus it can get confusing for your dog if you don’t play the same note every time. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive dog whistle for a stop gap, this is definitely worth a try.

  • 2 Included in 1
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Audible to human ear

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