How Much Do Dog Groomers Make in the UK?

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An hourly base pay for a dog groomer can range between £7.42 and £10.41 depending on location and experience level.  Generally, the median hourly pay has been averaged to £8.86 based on a 2022 study of 166 dog groomer profiles from Payscale.

These hourly levels are contributed to dog groomers who are hired to work for a business or are contracted out to work for a business.  Individual or self-employed dog groomers are a completely different story.  Though they may seem like they make more money, they actually don’t when you consider their expenses and additional work put into the business.

In this article, we will discuss how much dog groomers make in the uk, the salary levels of both an employed individual and self employment in the dog grooming business, plus the cost to the consumer for dog grooming services.

Earnings Of Employed Vs. Self Employed

Typically, a dog groomer that works for a business does not have the overhead that a self-employed dog groomer has.  Dog grooming businesses generally provide the facilities and equipment to get the job done, whereas a self employed dog groomer has to supply at their own expense, any equipment, advertising, and locale for their business services.  Plus, they are also responsible for their own bookkeeping and maintenance..

An employed dog groomer working for someone else can make an annual salary of £13,000 to £20,000 per annum plus tips.  A self-employed dog groomer salary can be considerably more because they are able to set the prices for their services.  With that being said, an independent dog groomer has to also stay in the competitive price level in order to maintain clients.  If they do have a well established client base with repeat customers that insist on their services only, then a higher rate can be established.

Though the impression of a self employed dog groomer is that they make more money, it’s not always the case because of the time and expense that comes with it.  Not only do they have to supply their own materials and facilities, but it is also smart for them to purchase insurance.

How Much Is Dog Grooming?

How much dog grooming costs depends on the services you are seeking and the establishments set prices.  Other factors include the size of the dog and the amount of grooming required.  A dog that demands extensive work will cost considerably more than a dog with less fur and a smoother coat.

When you set an appointment with a dog groomer you can expect to pay between £29 and £62.  Again, this is the typical average dog groomer range.  It is possible to pay more or less depending on how much work is involved.

Generally, a dog groomer can provide you with a quote prior to grooming to give you an idea of what you’ll be spending.  Sometimes, especially if you are a repeat customer, a groomer will grant loyalty discounts, such as 10% off their normally set price.

Furthermore, location is also a factor when it comes to dog grooming charges.  A larger city will most likely have higher prices than a small town.  Reputations of dog grooming facilities also weigh in on the amount of money you might spend. 

A newly established dog groomer without an existing client base will probably charge less, just to get known and to gain prospective clients.

What Are the Qualifications to Become a Dog Groomer?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any qualifications to become a dog groomer, though the more training you get the better.  Clients assume a dog groomer has been properly trained by taking courses or getting a degree.  That’s not the case.  However, in order to gain a successful dog grooming business, it’s in their best interest.  Several online courses, or in person classes exist and will teach necessary skills such as the various dog breeds, certain cuts, how to bathe, or deal with certain temperaments.

A well-trained dog groomer is worth their weight in gold, and before you schedule your dog for a groom, ask the groomer what his/or her background is.  In addition, read reviews, ask your friends.  Dog groomers have a tough job.  They not only have to work with unfamiliar dogs, but they also have to have great communication skills in order to establish good and lasting relationships with their clients.

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