Dog Grooming Drying Techniques – How to Dry Your Dog

drying a dog

Dogs require grooming on a regular basis.  Like humans, they need to be bathed.  After bathing, a dog’s coat retains water and should be properly dried. Failure to do this, especially with long haired dogs, could result in certain health and skin problems.  Unlike humans, water can remain trapped next to the dog’s skin underneath the fur causing future undesirable issues.

It’s essential to know the various dog grooming drying techniques that are available.  From towels to a blowdry, and what equipment would be beneficial to you and your dog’s needs.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the methods used by professional groomers, dog enthusiasts, and everyday dog owners.  Plus, reasons why drying your dog is important.

Why Is It Important to Dry Your Dog?

How you dry and how much you should dry your dog really depends on the coat of the dog.  Dogs with longer, thicker coats are more prone to health and skin conditions if they remain wet.  With shorter-haired dogs, the fur tends to dry faster as it is exposed to more air.

If you have ever heard the term “smells like a wet dog”, then you are familiar with the odor. It’s a musty, humid smell that lingers and is caused by a dog’s coat remaining wet for a period of time.  Besides the smell, the water trapped near the dog’s skin could cause infection, bacteria, and even hypothermia.

What are the Different Drying Techniques Used?

How to dry your dog after a bath basically comes down to your dog’s needs and how advanced or fast you want it done. However, towels are an essential item regardless of how you dry your dog. 

Towels are the first step, even for professional groomers.  After a dog’s bath, you’ll need to wring out the excess water from the coat with your hands prior to applying a towel.  If you don’t have a blow dryer or drying machine, a towel is an efficient way to dry your dog.  Be careful not to vigorously rub a dog who has a thick or wiry coat as this could produce tangles.  You can use both regular towels or towels designed specifically for dogs (dog towels). Other methods to dry your dog include…

Dog Blow Dryers

If you are asking how can I dry my dog fast, then blow dryers are the best choice. Essentially, dog blow dryers come in several varieties and are one of the fastest ways to dry your dog.  They are also referred to as a dog grooming dryer or dog drying machine. There are hand held dryers that are similar to a human blow dryer.  A low-pressure dryer, also known as a cage dryer, and is popular with professional groomers because of the convenience.  It stands and blows warm air at a low speed onto the dog.  Both the low-pressure and the handheld can produce high heat, and if positioned incorrectly or too close, could harm the dog.

In addition, there are also high-velocity dryers that blast cool air at high volumes to rid the water off the dog’s coat, also known as “blasters”.  These dryers are considered safe for the dog because of the constant cool temperature.  The high-velocity dryers generally come with a hose attachment that can be run up, down, and sideways while coming into close contact with the dog’s coat.

People often ask can you use a human hair dryer on a dog, and the answer is yes.  It will do the same, efficient job as a dog blow dryer.  Just make sure you are mindful of the heat settings and keep the dryer at a safe distance from your dog.  Use your hand as your guide while fluffing the fur. Keep in mind, if the dryer is too hot for your hand, then it’s too hot for your dog.  When drying a dog’s fluff, run your fingers through the fur, lifting upwards while using a blow dryer.

Natural Air Drying

By far the simplest and most convenient way to dry your dog is to let mother nature do it.  A warm day with plenty of sunshine will do the trick.  This technique works best with short-haired dogs but will also work with longer and thicker coats as well; it just may take longer. 

Dogs naturally shake after being wet.  This is to expel any excess water the dog may have on their coat.  If outside, a dog will generally roll around on the ground which simulates the action of towel drying, but with grass or other surfaces.

Dog Drying Spray

One of the ways on how you can dry a dog without a hair dryer is a spray. Though it’s not a very common method of drying a dog; a dog drying spray can be used to speed up the drying process.

A dog drying spray or a quick dry spray acts as a water deterrent.  The chemicals in the spray act as a water repellent and wicks the water away from the dog’s coat.  In theory, it is supposed to enhance and quicken the drying time.  It can be used in combination with other drying techniques.

In conclusion, with the exception of excess high heat and tangling up the fur, there aren’t any wrong ways to dry a dog.  Whatever method you use, make sure that your dog is comfortable with the technique, as some high-pressure blow dryers can scare a dog and cause anxiety.  It’s important to reward your dog after grooming so they begin to associate the experience with getting a treat at the end.

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