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One of the best ways to save money on dog food is to buy food in bulk. You can save a lot of money by buying larger bags of dog food in one go. not only is that more economical, but also saves you a lot of the time that you would waste making trips to the supermarket every month.

It can however get problematic if you don’t have a good storage option for the dog food. Larger bags for example, rarely have resealable packaging. This is why it’s much more sensible to store dog food in dog food containers.

Good dog food containers are airtight and keep dog food dry and fresh. Plus, when it’s dry and crisp, your dog will enjoy the taste even more.

Best Choice
Curver Petlife Pet Food Container, White, 12 kg/35 Litre, 27.8 x 49.3 x 42.5 cm
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Lesser & Pavey Sweet Home Dog Food Tin-Sage, h25cm
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Great Value
Henry Wag Store-Fresh Dog Food Box 15kg
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Dog Food Containers – Our Best 5

#1 Curver Petlife Pet Food Container

This white 12 KG pet food storage container from Curver is the ideal storage option for large quantities of food for your pets.

The cheery printed container makes for a perfect and practical addition to your kitchen. It has wheels, so that you don’t have to lug it around, and a nifty double lock lid. The lid itself has two openings, one for refilling and one for every day use. A handy scoop comes with the container, that you can use and hook back onto the lid when you’re done.

The container is lightweight and pretty sturdy. As an added bonus, it’s very easy to clean. It’s the perfect solution for households with large dogs or multiple dogs, but can just as easily be used for other pet food as well.

The Curver container also has a rubberized seal, and keeps the food sealed and away from moisture. So you can fill the whole bin, and it stays fresh and dry, and has no chance of going bad.

An anti-odour rim on the lid makes sure that your kitchen doesn’t smell of dog food. And when you’re not using it, you can simply slide it under a kitchen counter and leave it there.

For its size, the Curver dog food box is easily the best dog food container in the market right now. It ranks very high on ease of handling and storage capacity, as well as durability.

Additionally, you also end up saving money when you buy food in bulk sizes, rather than in small packages every time.

If you’re looking for a one time investment to keep saving money on dog food, the Curver pet food container is the best choice for you.

  • Easy to move around thanks to wheels
  • Plenty of space for food
  • No bad dog food smell
  • Sturdy and quite lightweight
  • n/a

#2 Lesser & Pavey Sweet Home Dog Tin

Right out of a children’s story book, the Lesser & Pavey dog food storage tin is the sweetest little addition to your kitchen. This dog food bin is a part of their minimalist and chic collection for household storage items.

The bin is an unassuming gray color with ‘Dog food’ embossed on it. There’s two more color options in cream white and sage. The bin comes with a matching dog food scoop.

Compared to the Curver bin, the Lesser & Pavey metal bin is much smaller in size. It stands 25 cm tall and 18 cm wide, and weighs less than 750 g itself. Although not completely airtight (it has no rubber seal), it still keeps dog food, treats, and biscuits safe from air and moisture.

It’s a very good option for people with small dogs, or looking for storage for treats and biscuits for larger dogs. It stores up to three KG of dry dog food, which fills up the bin. A matching scoop comes with the tin, which makes taking food out effortless.

It can be stored in any corner when not in use. Because of it’s flat top, it doubles up as a perfect little station for storing other things on top of it. It looks like the larger version of a children’s cake tin, making it a nice addition for any room in the house.

It’s perfect for small bag of kibble, and is a sturdy and safe container. If you’re looking for a sweet little box for the corner of your room, this retro styled tin is the perfect option for you and your dog!

  • Sweet design
  • Ideal for small dogs or for treats etc.
  • Will fit on the kitchen counter
  • n/a

Dog Food Container 15kg

#3 Henry Wag Store-Fresh Food Box

A bestseller [and for good reason!], this food storage box from Henry Wag is the ideal solution for people looking to store large quantities of dog food. 

Good for up to 15 KG of dog food at a time, the container has an airtight rubber seal around the lid on to which the top fits in. This makes sure that no air or moisture can get into the food inside the bin. So even if you buy a Herculean amount of food in one go, your purchase is safe and dry for however long you use it through.

Obviously, this makes it perfect for people with large dogs, or even if you have a multi dog household.

Being very slim and relatively tall, the bins can be used and placed in an easy access corner after use. You could even buy the smaller 7.5KG version and use that for a treats or biscuits instead. Or, if you mix two kinds of dog food for your dog, it makes for the perfect storage solution. You can simply label the clear plastic walls!

For their size, the bins actually hold a surprisingly large amount of food. The airtight lid helps to keep the smell of dog food out of your kitchen. And, the people who have intelligent dogs poking around for treats, this makes for a nice dog proof storage option.

There is a matching scoop that comes with the lid and can be attached to it after use. So, you don’t have to go hunting for a scoop every time you need to feed your dog. And, because the lid is shaped specifically for that, there’s no chance of air ever getting in through the sides.

It’s a great little tub for storing dry dog food. Your dog may appreciate it more than you!

  • Holds lots of dog food – 15kg
  • Airtight – keeps smell inside
  • Included scoop that comes with the lid
  • n/a

#4 Prime Paws 3 Piece Pet Food Storage Container

This multi-level storage system from Prime Paws consists of two storage containers that stack on top of each other, and take up as little space as possible despite the massive storage capacity.

The bin on top can accommodate 13 L, well the one below 37.5 L. They both come with a matching scoop that makes distributing food a lot easier. It’s an ideal solution for storing dog or cat food, or multiple kinds of food in one area.

The bins are made of sturdy and lightweight plastic with a simplistic design and are completely airtight. They have airtight seals around the openings, and snap lock latches, which keep not only moisture but also ants or pests out.

In fact, they are ideal for people looking to store dry food and wet food at the same time. Because even wet food lasts longer when stored in airtight dog food containers.

The bins come mounted on rolling casters for easy mobility. You can simply roll them out when you need to use them and then slide them back in when you’re done, with no fuss!

The only problem with these bins is that they are not made of thick plastic, which is why they need to be used a little more delicately. But otherwise they make for a decent investment.

  • 2 separate containers
  • Easy to spot when running low on food
  • Included scoop
  • Easy to move thanks to wheels on base
  • Thin plastic – could be more prone to breaking

#5 Food Storage Container from Pission

This small and lightweight pet food dispenser is storage and distribution all in one. From Pission, the maker of many plastic storage solutions, this dispenser is made suited for dry kitchen foodstuffs like cereal, kibble, dry dog food, etc. In a capacity of 2.5 L.

The dispenser has seal buckles, which make sure that the lid clamps on properly and lets no moisture or humidity illatti inside. The dispenser itself is made out of recycled and safe plastic, which is food grade. 

The translucent walls let you keep an eye on how much food you have left. And, since the dispenser comes with a measuring cup with a scale, you can always regulate how much food you are taking out or distributing. So if you’ve put your pet on a diet, it’s a lot easier to regulate how much you’re giving them.

The handle shape of design makes pouring food out very easy. It’s a very space efficient container. As a plus, it’s also very easy to clean.

Inspite of its minimalist design, the container is a very easy on the eyes. It’s suited primarily for people who have small dogs or dogs and cats, because the capacity is not very large. If you’re looking for a larger food storage solution, you might be better off with one of the other dog food containers.

Also, because of the material, it’s not very durable. So, it may need more careful handling, and or may need to be replaced soon. But if you’re looking for a small and cheap storage and dispenser options for your dog’s food, this is a good choice.

  • Really airtight that clamps
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed to pour out from – no scoop needed
  • Small and will fit in most cupboards
  • Not the most durable material

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