5 Best Puppy Foods in the UK for 2021

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Choosing what food to feed our puppies is actually a really important decision. During this young stage of their lives, when they are still developing and growing, there are certain vitamins and minerals which are vital for a puppy’s diet. This is the reason I have created this review of some of the best dog food for puppies in the UK.

Some dogs have intolerances or just sensitive stomachs, which is why in this list you will find a mix with some hypoallergenic and gluten free puppy kibble included here.

Best Choice
Eukanuba Puppy Dog Food for Large Dogs Rich in Fresh Chicken, 12 kg
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Harringtons Complete Dry Puppy Food Rich In Turkey & Rice 10 Kg
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Best Kibbles
Autarky Hypoallergenic Puppy Junior Delicious Chicken Dry Puppy Food, 12 kg
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Best Puppy Foods – Top 5

#1 Eukanuba Chicken Puppy Food

What is the best puppy food in the UK? Well this one from Eukanuba is my favourite. Eukanuba’s Dry Puppy Food is rich in Fresh Chicken, and available in bags of 3kg or 12kg. It’s ideal and tailored for puppies of a large breed.

Chicken is the number one protein source, and it’s a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate.

You can also find Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in the recipe. These two have so many benefits for our puppies: they support brain development, benefit the immune system, boost the health of their heart and kidneys, improves their skin and coat, and can even reduce anxiety and depression.

It has an improved formula which is for optimal body conditions and healthy digestion.

The kibble is hexagon-shaped for improved palatability. The size and shape can be very important for our puppies. We want kibble which is of a small size for them, but not too small. This is because if the kibble is too small, puppies are at risk of not chewing their food properly.

Hexagon-shaped kibble helps to remove the plaque from puppy’s teeth. It also contains DentaDefence, which also helps reduce the tartar build-up and to maintain strong, clean teeth and healthy gums.

There’s also Vitamin A, D3, and E. These vitamins are vital for our puppy’s growth because they help to develop healthy eyes and good vision, as well as cell function, and general growth. They also improve muscular function and cardiovascular health, boost their immune system and help maintain a healthy and shiny coat.

In the recipe there is also maize, sorghum and wheat, which are grains and they are great sources of carbohydrates and essential fatty acids for our puppies. Of course, if you happen to have a puppy with some intolerances or allergies then you’re going to want to look into a hypoallergenic recipe instead.

This dry food for puppies is developed alongside vets, and it’s also great for our puppy’s joints, keeping them strong and healthy.

Personally, I love a brand that not only cares about our dogs but also the environment. At least 25% of Eukanuba’s factory’s energy is generated from their own wind turbine.

  • Plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • Hexagon-shaped kibble
  • Developed with vets
  • Tailored for puppies of large breeds
  • Contains grains

Best Dry Puppy Food in the UK

#2 Harringtons Turkey & Rice Puppy Food

Dry Puppy Food is one of the best puppy food brands, and is available in bags of 2kg or 10kg, in the flavour Turkey and Rice.

There are no artificial colours or flavours, dairy, soya, or added wheat included in their recipe.

What they do have though in their recipe are citrus antioxidants, nutrient rich kelp, Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, and yucca extract.

Citrus antioxidants are for a healthy immune system.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids improve the health of puppy’s skin and coat.

Kelp is very good for our puppies because: it helps reduce dental plaque and tartar build-up, contains a rich natural source of salts and minerals, reduces itchiness and skin conditions, is high in iron and calcium, and contains natural amino acids.

Yucca extract also supports joint health.

In addition, there’s added yeast because it helps support healthy digestion.

Harrington’s factories can be located in North Yorkshire, so that you know the product is home-grown, and their very affordable prices make it almost impossible to resist.

In the recipe Turkey Meal consists of 20%, and there is 15% rice. The food is also enriched with Vitamins A and E.

The puppies that I fed this to have beautifully glossy coats, plenty of energy and seem to be happy, content and healthy. Before switching to Harringtons, I couldn’t figure out why some of them had digestion problems and loose bowel movements, and it must have been the previous food because there have been no issues since changing to Harringtons. It’s very obvious to me that the puppies absolute love, and prefer, this food.  This is easily one of the best dry foods for puppies out there right now.

  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Dairy, wheat and soya free
  • Lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Supports healthy joints and digestion
  • Some puppies don’t like it

#3 Autarky Hypoallergenic Chicken & Rice Puppy Food

Autarky Puppy Food is Hypoallergenic, comes in the flavour Chicken and Rice, and is available in bags of 6kg or 12kg.

This is one of the best puppy foods for so many reasons.

The kibble is especially designed to be a smaller size for puppies because they have small mouths which makes it the best puppy kibble.

In the recipe, Chicken meat meal consists of 35%, and rice is 5%. Tasty chicken provides high quality protein and is balanced to supply plenty of nutrition and moderate energy levels which encourage puppy’s steady growth. It’s also irresistible for puppies.

28% of the recipe is protein, and 17% is Fat content.

It includes Vitamin E, fatty acids, and taurine which support neural development and learning, while the antioxidants and herbs are to protect your puppy’s immune system, and prebiotics to promote digestive health.

There’s salmon oil in the recipe, which is an excellent way to augment our puppy’s diet because it’s rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids – which, as we already know, have many benefits.

Plenty of the other ingredients are very beneficial as well, such as: nettle, yucca, blackcurrant, kale, beetroot, rosemary, seaweed, rosehip, thyme, ginger, aloe vera, and so on.

The above ingredients are extremely useful because they contain Vitamins C, E, and A, Calcium, iron, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. Also, they are ideal for dog’s with intolerances or skin irritations, and can produce healthier, thicker, and shinier coats.

This diet is wheat gluten and soya free, which also makes it is ideal for dogs that suffer from sensitive stomachs or itchy skin.

This recipe is specially formulated by one of Britain’s leading canine nutritionists, ensuring that our puppies are being given everything that they need in order to stay active and healthy.

No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives are added to this recipe. The kibble in every bag is protected by natural antioxidants so that it stays fresh and tasty. This is easily one of the best foods for puppies.

  • Small sized kibble for puppies
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Wheat gluten and soya free
  • Lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Causes flatulence in some dogs

Best Wet Puppy Food in the UK

#4 Naturediet Chicken & Lamb Puppy Wet Food

NatureDiet Puppy Wet Food is available in a package of 18 x 390g, and in the flavour Chicken and Lamb. There’s also a grain free option, for those dogs with intolerances and/or sensitive stomachs. It’s suitable for puppies of all breeds from 4 weeks to 12 months old.

It’s even appropriate for lactating mothers who require a high calorie and protein diet.

The recipe is gently steam cooked with a little bit of water, prepared with ethically sourced premium British chicken, lamb, rice, carrots and potatoes, and these ingredients provide your puppy with all of the protein and nutrients that are needed for healthy growth and development, making it one of the best wet puppy food in the UK.

This hypoallergenic recipe consists of 60% chicken, 10% rice, and carrots make up 6%.

It also includes dried egg because it gives an extra boost of nutritious protein, making Naturediet the ideal and complete meal to feed our puppies.

You can also find that it’s carefully balanced with added Vitamins A and D3, as well as plenty of other minerals which are great for a boost in the immune system.

There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives included in this recipe, ensuring that it is a high-quality, natural, nourishing, and an easily digested diet.

Even the fussiest of eaters, take my pups for example, will adore this wet puppy food by Naturediet. Although, I did realise that my puppy actually prefers to have this wet food mixed with some dry, so definitely keep an eye out and see what your dog’s personal preferences are.

  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Free from artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • Nourishing and easily digested
  • Excellent ingredients
  • Loved by all dogs 
  • A little bit pricey for the amount

#5 Skinner’s Field & Trial Hypoallergenic Puppy Food

Skinner’s Field and Trial Hypoallergenic puppy food is available in the flavour lamb and rice, and in bags of 2.5kg or 15kg.

This puppy kibble is specifically made for those dogs who suffer from food allergies or intolerances because it’s gluten free.

Suitable for all breeds, and the recipe is particularly formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of puppies and young working dogs during their first, and most crucial, stages of development.

The recipe is nutritionally complete, because it contains all of the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins (A, D3 & E), minerals, and oils that are essential for your puppy’s growth. There is MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharide) which helps maintain a healthy digestive system, and it also contains marine algae which provides enhanced levels of DHA Omega-3 fatty acids which have many benefits such as supporting brain and eye development and cognitive function.

In addition, the ingredients help maintain a healthy immune system, strong teeth and bones, sturdy muscles, and a glossy coat.

This one is really good puppy food because 38% of the recipe is whole rice and 19% is lamb meat meal.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • A lot of vitamins and minerals
  • Gluten free
  • Boosts immune system, teeth, bones, muscles and coat
  • Not to every dogs liking

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