Clever Dog Camera Review

clever dog camera review

If you’re familiar with clever dog WiFi cameras, the sheer number of positive Clever dog camera reviews out there will come as no surprise to you. However, the new generation has now hit the market, with a bucketload of features to improve the owner’s experience. 

The premise of the Clever dog camera system is simple: it’s a wireless camera system which transmits over WiFi, offers audio transmission,Cloud storage for images and videos, and multiple features that we will discuss below. 

If you are a pet owner and/or want to make sure you can keep an eye on your home regardless of whether you’re at home, the Clever Dog wireless camera system belongs in your home already. Here are all the new features discussed in detail. 

Clever Dog 2nd Generation 1080P 120degree New Wave Grain wifi Camera Wireless Home Security Camera Cloud storage Indoor Two-Way Voice, p2p,Night Vision,Motion Detection
  • New Design: Wavy veins, you can control what's going on in your home no matter where you are.
  • Infrared Night Vision ,Two-way Audio ,Cloud storage , Motion Detecction , Support Maximum 128G memory card ,5V 1A or 5V 0.5A adapter(Not included)
  • Precise Motion Detection : you will get 3 alarm pictures even without cloud storage or SD card ,while for other cameras ,you must insert memory card or use cloud storage to get the alarm message.
  • Real Two-way Audio :click the Microphone botton and you can chat directly with the one in front of the camera ,while for other cameras ,you need to click the Microphone botton all the time ,and you can hear the voice only after you stop clicking .
  • 120° Wide Angel Lens with 1280*960 resolution. support Micro Max 128GB SD storage(optional) and cloud storage.

Clever Dog Camera Review

The 2nd Generation CCTV camera from Clever Dog combines a CCTV camera mounting with motion sensors and two-way transmission that allows you to communicate with your pet or with the person in your viewing field. This makes it absolutely ideal for pet owners who have to leave their dogs at home alone while they are at work. 

But naturally, this functionality allows the Clever Dog system to be used as a very effective CCTV monitoring system as well. From the comfort of your office or your vacation home, you can keep an eye on the goings-on of your living room, garden, porch, backyard, whatever it may be! For areas that are hard hit by porch pirates, this can be a double benefit to have on hand. 

clever dog camera

The cameras come with impressive specs. The main camera is a 120* Wide angle camera with 960P HD vision. The wide angle lens allows you to have a sweeping view of larger areas, with no compromise on clarity. You can switch between Standard and High Definition for an uninterrupted, smooth live video feed. The lens is a  1/3 Inch CMOS, with 3.6mm@F2.2, Angle Diagonal 120°, HorizontaI 80°, and Vertical 60° range. 

It comes equipped with Infrared night vision, so you can watch nighttime or dim light footage with complete clarity. Two way audio allows you to communicate with family members even in your absence. (Even if you end up using that functionality to tell your pooch to get off the furniture most of the time!)

The Clever Dog camera comes with a supported external SD card of up to 128 Gb. Normally captured audio, video, and photo footage (motion triggered or audio triggered photos, for example) is stored in the device for up to 15 days. This storage capability is backed up by the SD card, as well as Cloud storage that allows you to keep your images and videos safe indefinitely. The camera has Video Compression of H.264 and a Resolution of  1280×960@15fps. And the best part? Your subscription will never run out!

This also allows you to check the Clever Dog camera’s captured videos from anywhere. This functionality really makes this a clever dog cam, because when the motion detectors snap pictures of sudden or unexpected movement, these pictures are transmitted to your phones. In case of intruders or break ins, this means that the images are safe in your phone and not vulnerable locally on the device itself. You can check pictures from the smart alarms in real time video. 

The Clever Dog CCTV camera also has a huge benefit in that it can differentiate from animal and human movement. So you won’t be mistaking your cat’s 2 am zoomies for a burglar- or vice versa. 

The Precise Motion Detection functionality guarantees that you get 3 alarm-triggered pictures even without an SD card or cloud storage enabled. This means that no event goes unrecorded, no matter what the memory status at the time. 

The Full Duplex Two Way audio functionality is also very elegantly designed. The main camera allows you to have uninterrupted conversations. All you have to do is press the Microphone icon once, and you can keep talking. For the other cameras, you can press and hold the microphone icon and be heard while the functionality is engaged. This is a very handy option if you want to communicate in short bursts or say something to visitors, family, or pets, without having a full conversation. 

The camera can be plugged in through a Micro USB port cable, DC 5V,1A or 5V 0.5A.  And of course, you can insert an additional SD card of up to 128 Gb separately. Otherwise, the camera can store up to 7 days of video with 32 Gb storage. The camera itself is intended for indoor usage, with an optimal working temperature of between 10-60 degrees F. It can be synced with devices supporting iOS 6 or later, and Android 4.0 or later. 

A lot of Clever Dog smart camera reviews highlight the IR distance, which allows night visibility of up to 10m, which is singularly impressive. And set up is a breeze. You simply need to install the corresponding DOBY App on your mobile device and your camera can sync and set up from there, once connected to WiFi. 

The ease of use is also highlighted by the camera device’s flexibility of connectivity. You can use pretty much any Micro USB cable to charge and maintain the camera. Also, there is no limit to the number of cameras you can connect in a chain, all synced to your mobile or monitoring device. 

Whether you plan on using this as a monitoring camera for your parking lot or porch, or as a communication device with an anxious pet, the Clever Dog smart wireless camera lends itself to multiple uses. You can go on vacation and rest assured that your house is being looked after by a motion sensing device that sends you pictures in the literal moment that something moves in your house. You can even spend your whole day at work and talk to a worried pooch at home whenever needed, or ascertain which of your furry friends has been leaving ‘gifts’ on the carpet. The uses are only limited by your creativity! 

  • Great for pet owners and working people
  • Cctv monitoring of enclosed spaces
  • Maintaining a backup video feed 
  • Anyone who needs a two-way communication capability over cam
  • Nighttime monitoring of smaller spaces 
  • People who want to go on vacation
  • Areas hard hit by porch pirates 
  • Devices that don’t reset properly need to be set up repeatedly. 
  • Not ideal for night-time monitoring of very large areas. 

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