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best anti bark devices uk

Keeping dogs can sometimes be hard. There’s hardly anything not to love about a well trained, loving, sweet tempered dog, who (and most of them do) adores you with all his heart. Dogs are invariable best friends to their owners. However, their habits can be harder to tolerate for the people who don’t own them.

Neighbours, for example, aren’t always accommodating of how your dog loathes the milkman’s van on sight. And, to be entirely fair, they can’t always be expected to be okay with an unholy barking ruckus in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning.

Disturbed sleep makes for bad neighbours just as much as bad fences do. In fact, you may yourself suffer from a pooch who is perfect in every way but simply refuses to stop howling at the most irrational of things.

So how do you deal with something like this, without having to resort to any drastic measures? Simple. You give one of these a shot! Here are some of the best devices to stop a dog barking.

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1. Advanced 2 in1 Anti Bark Dog Collar by PETIC

Advanced 2 in1 Anti Bark Dog Collar by PETIC

Easily one of the most popular devices on the market, the Petic Anti barking collar device is actually a collar. But not one of the brutal and cruelly designed collars that administer a shock to the dog wearing it every time it barks. Or one of the devices that sprays a blast of pungent smelling chemicals in response to the barking stimulus, to deter the dog from barking. No, instead of traumatising your dog and subjecting him to the kind of anxiety and behavioural damage these kind of ‘training’ devices produce, options like the Petic advanced 2in1 collar use sound and vibration at adjustable settings, help ‘program’ your dog to be quieter and to train him out of barking unnecessarily.

The Petic Advanced collar has levels that progressively increase in intensity, helping get your dog trained to responding to the ‘warning’ that the progression provides. This system is wildly popular with dog owners because of the effect it elicits, without hurting or scaring the dog in any way. It suits small to medium dogs best, with options available for larger dogs as well. The collar will reset to default level automatically when dog barking stops for 30 seconds, so the dog wearing it is not subjected to a constant stimulus, which would confuse it. Instead, paced vibration helps pace the dog when and if it starts barking, giving it a reminder to stop, and encouraging it to not bark again. It’s also reflective, so that makes it handy when you’re out on walks.

If you’re looking for a truly humane way of controlling your dog’s temper tantrums, this is the best collar you can find for him!

  • Use vibration and sound to deter barking
  • Increasing intensity if barking continues
  • Effective at preventing barking
  • n/a

2. Premium Anti Bark Device for Small Medium Large Dogs by Petking

Premium Anti Bark Device for Small Medium Large Dogs by Petking

The PetKing No Bark dog collar comes close on the heels of the Petic collar, with similar features at a slightly different price point. Completely free of any shock administering devices in built into the collar, the PetKing collar uses vibration to create a ‘warning’ system for the dog wearing it. These settings don’t have to be adjusted manually, either. You can simply program the collar to the setting you deem sufficient, and the collar maintains that ‘level’ of a warning system.

That doesn’t mean that the collar simply keeps buzzing louder and louder. No, the PetKing collar uses 30 second progressions, which engage the dog and make it ‘listen’. If the dog keeps barking despite the highest level being activated, it resets to baseline and starts again after a minute. This sort of break-repeat-break pattern helps employ negative reinforcement in training the dog not to bark.

The collar is battery run, and comes in a sturdy buckle setting. The sizes are variable and fit most small to medium sized dogs comfortably. It also has to sets of ‘comfort nodes’ that make sure the service panel doesn’t poke your dog in the neck. For a dog who lives like a king? A PetKing collar!

A new and updated feature is the included remote control which can be operated remotely for up to 800 meters range! It works flawlessly and as you would expect. Also it works well through walls and such when using indoors.

  • Uses buzzing sound to deter barking
  • Best suited collar size for small/medium sized dogs
  • Works as you would like
  • n/a

3. PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar

PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar

A departure from the sound and vibration based collars that its predecessors are, the PetSafe Anti Bark collar uses a different technique to get dogs to shush, figuratively.

The PetSafe collar comes fitted with a microphone and a sound activated spray. When the sensor detects that the dog is barking above a certain tolerable pitch, it directs the collar to release a burst of Citronella spray. Citronella spray is perfectly safe for dogs to inhale, but because they find the smell revolting, they quickly learn to make the association between barking loudly and being exposed to the bad smell, which is already a super sensitive sense for dogs. It just smells like lemon to human, which isn’t a problem for most people.

Unlike the sound based collars, the PetSafe collar does not require programming, and can simply be placed onto your dog’s neck, once the batteries are in place. Making sure that the spray nozzle points towards the dog, helps ensure a quicker learning curve for the pampered pooch in question. Apart from that, there is no inconvenience for the dog in question – or the dog owner. Suitable for all dogs above 2.7 kg, this collar is a great alternative to vibration anti-bark collars.

  • This collar uses spray to deter barking
  • The smell will be revolting to the dog though it is perfectly harmless to them
  • No bad smell to humans (lemon smell)
  • n/a

4. LumoLeaf Elite Anti Bark Dog Collar with Beeps Vibration Correction

LumoLeaf Elite Anti Bark Dog Collar with Beeps Vibration Correction

The LumoLeaf Elite is the big daddy of sound and vibration based collars, complete with a up to date USB connector and a wide range of adjustable settings for dogs of different sizes.

Weatherproof and conveniently chargeable, the LumoLeaf collar lives up to its claim of eliminating needing to change batteries every few weeks. At the same time, it comes with seven different beep, sound, and vibration settings, that work in combination to teach your dog to not bark above a certain sound level that you can adjust. An auto protection mode releases to protect your dog if his barking exceeds 7 corrections in 1 minute. Also, this simultaneously teaches your dog to not bark or growl at things that don’t demand your immediate attention, hence eliminating a lot of ‘white noise’ that dogs make for no reason at all. It doesn’t mean that they can’t talk to you. Just that they can’t raise you, the neighbours, and the dead, because a cat decided to peek in through the window.

The size and fastenings make this a very good option for dog owners of every size looking to get their dog to quiet down a little. However, if your dog is thick furred and/or smart enough to press his own buttons, you will definitely have to reconsider how you fit the collar round his neck, out of pressing reach.

  • Uses beeping and vibration to deter barking
  • Comfortable and easy to fit
  • Collar could be accidentally adjusted by your dog using the onboard buttons

5. BarkStopper Ultrasonic and audible bark deterrent device

BarkStopper Ultrasonic and audible bark deterrent device

A collar with a different mechanism, the BarkStopper Ultrasonic is a great way to train your dog to not howl his head off, without having to resort to scolding him or shocking him.

The BarkStopper uses the release of an ultrasonic sound wave, that dogs up to 50 feet away can hear. It immediately gets the dogs to quiet down, without being audible to humans in the vicinity. In fact, this is the easiest way to control dogs in noisy neighbourhoods without having to train them to respond to shock therapy. You could even train your neighbour’s hyperactive dogs from a respectable distance away.

An alternative setting kicks in when the dog in question is too far to be controlled by the sound waves emitted. In these cases, a high-pitched beeping sound signals the dog to stop barking and pay attention to the person calling him.

A significant disadvantage, however, is that this method is not always effective. A lot of dogs realize quickly that there is no actual ‘lesson’ to be enforced here and start barking despite the stimulus to the contrary. But if your dog has had positive results with this kind of collar previously, he may respond amazingly to it!

Now you know your options I hope you have the answer to the question of how to stop dog barking once and for all!

  • Uses sound to deter barking
  • Uses ultrasonic sound that is not audible to humans
  • Not as effective as the other options as preventing barking

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