10 Best Dog Treats in the UK 2022

Best Dog Treats UK

Now more than ever, humans are concerned with what they feed their dogs. Many pet-owners only look into food they feed their dogs on a regular basis, but not the treats they give them.

On average, 15% of dog owners spend less than £4 a month on dog treats, 17% of dog owners spend more than £25 a month on dog treats, and the majority of dog owners spend around £15 a month.

This large spectrum of spending is due to the wide range of dog treats available to pet-owners online and in stores. This selection can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to do what’s best for your dog. Luckily, I did all the work! Below are my reviews for the five best dog treats in the UK.

Quick Top 3

Best Choice
J R Pet Products Pure Dried 100% Fresh Meat Dog Treat Sticks 8 x 50g Variety Bundle
Natures Menu Real Meaty Dog Treats with Beef (12 x 60g)
Great Value
Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats - 800 Tasty & Healthy Treat Pack - 80% Fresh Poultry Meat, 20% Potato & Sweet Potato - Hypoallergenic Treats for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs (1 pack)
JR’s 100% Natural Pure Range Sticks for Dogs
Nature’s Menu Treats
Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats
Customer Rating
Best Choice
J R Pet Products Pure Dried 100% Fresh Meat Dog Treat Sticks 8 x 50g Variety Bundle
JR’s 100% Natural Pure Range Sticks for Dogs
Customer Rating
More Information
Natures Menu Real Meaty Dog Treats with Beef (12 x 60g)
Nature’s Menu Treats
Customer Rating
More Information
Great Value
Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats - 800 Tasty & Healthy Treat Pack - 80% Fresh Poultry Meat, 20% Potato & Sweet Potato - Hypoallergenic Treats for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs (1 pack)
Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats
Customer Rating
More Information

Best Dog Treats UK – Top 10

#1 JR’s 100% Natural Pure Range Sticks for Dogs

JR’s 100% Natural Pure Range Sticks for Dogs

These treats are completely natural and made of only one ingredient: meat. The simplicity of the ingredient list makes this treat easy to buy for dogs with allergies. There is no rawhide included, and all treats are made 100% in Europe!

Additionally, JR’s Pure Range Sticks for Dogs are also great for training treats! They can easily be broken into smaller chewy pieces for teaching your puppy new tricks, or to make them last longer with your older dogs.

These treats are especially good for older dogs with gum and chewing problems, such as gum lumps. The treats’ soft and chewy texture allow for older dogs to enjoy them just as much as younger pups, as they don’t have any sharp edges or crunchy bites that can ruin your dog’s gums.

Each flavour is individually wrapped so that you aren’t trying to decipher what to give your dog. The salmon flavour is my dog’s favourite, he just can’t get enough of it! He is a very picky eater, and doesn’t typically enjoy expensive treats, but was so excited every time these were brought out of the pantry.

All dogs love these treats and are really excited when they’re pulled out of your pantry. Big dogs, small dogs, old dogs, puppies, they’ll all love to snack on JR’s Pure Range Sticks!

  • Individually wrapped
  • Dogs love these
  • 1 Ingredient
  • Longer lasting
  • Nice variety of meats
  • n/a

Healthy Dog Treats – Great Choice

#2 Nature’s Menu Treats

Nature’s Menu Treats

These chewy treats are really good for all shapes and sizes of dogs. They come in three separate flavours, each flavour in its own resealable package. The reseal feature is great when you’re taking your dog out for a walk but want some treats for good behaviour or obedience training.

Additionally, these treats are also great with dogs who have severe allergies common in dog foods and dog treats. The simple ingredients that comprise this treat are meat and minerals. This means that for dogs with difficult allergies, it might be one of the few treats they can eat.

Nature’s Menu Treats are good for breaking into chewy little pieces as well, giving dog owners the option to share them with other dogs at the dog park, use them for training, or make them last a little bit longer. I also really enjoyed that I could share them at the dog park without my hands getting all sticky for the ride home!

The price of these treats is comparable of that to your local pet store. Nature’s Menu Treats are fairly inexpensive and last a long while because of their resealable opening. However, these treats are slightly different because of their moist and chewy texture. My dogs go crazy over these soft treats, and I’m sure yours will too!

Both the dogs and I loved our Nature’s Menu Treats, for both their smell and their simple ingredients.

  • Simple ingredients – meat & minerals
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Good for fussy eaters and dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Resealable for freshness
  • n/a

Best Puppy Training Treats in the UK

#3 Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats

Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats

Among the list of the Best Dog Treats in the UK is Bounce and Bella’s Grain Free Dog Training Treats. These treats are also made with simple ingredients: Chicken, Duck, Turkey, and Potato. They’re made in Preston, UK.

Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats are great for puppies aged sixteen weeks and up, as they’re hard and crunchy, so they’re fun to chew. These treats are grain free as well, so puppies don’t have a hard time digesting them like other treats.

The price is average for dog treats, and you get hundreds of little treats per package. I went through about twenty treats per training session with my dog, and he loved every second of it! He is an adult dog who is raw fed, and it is really hard to find treats that aren’t packed with added ingredients.

These treats have a strong smell, but not a bad one! Both humans and dogs enjoy the smell, and they’re even shaped like little bones as an added fun bonus for owners.

  • Hundreds of treats per package
  • Grain free
  • Easy to digest
  • Variety of ingredients
  • Can be eaten quite quickly

#4 Pedigree Dentastix – Daily Dental Chews

Pedigree Dentastix - Daily Dental Chews

Dog treats are already two in one, in that they combine a tiny amount of food, with a lot of entertainment and happiness for your dog. But Pedigree Dentastix takes this a step further.

Pedigree Dentastix are easily the best treats you can find for your pupper. They are specially formulated dog dental chews, that is, they are oral care sticks. Pedigree dental sticks are scientifically formulated to act on the surface of your dog’s teeth.

They have been proven to prevent the buildup of tartar on and between dog teeth by almost 80%. When you consider what little endless eating machines dogs can be, with practically no oral hygiene to speak of, the importance of these chews for your dog’s health becomes more obvious.

Not only are these one of the best natural dog treats, but also maintain your dog’s oral health, while actively working against both developing and possible gum disease.

Young pups love getting their teeth on the Pedigree Dentastix, because the texture fascinates them as much as the taste does.

They keep your dog busy, working his teeth on them. Even if your dog isn’t celebrating his new health by going on more walks with you, never fear! He still won’t end up piling on weight from these low calorie treats.

Each Dentastix has 81 kcal, which is a fraction of your dog’s recommended daily intake, even for small dogs. For the value though, it comes chock-full of nutrition.

Your dog can choose between tasty chicken and chicken and beef variants. These are made with animal derivatives, combined with vegetable derivatives, healthy fats, and protein. And all of these are all naturally sourced.

The Pedigree Dentastix are one of the best all natural puppy treats for this reason. They keep the dogs interested and eager to earn them from you, despite being low sugar, low fat, with no added sugar and artificial colours.

They consist mostly of cereals, added meat derivatives, vegetable derivatives, healthy fats, and minerals to boost your doggo’s growth.  And your dogs get all the benefits of both having their cake (treat!), and eating it too!

Depending on what your fussy best friend prefers, you can also stock up on single – and multipacks, for when your pooch hits that stage in his life,when he wants treat-os without an end!

They take care of your dog’s growing appetite, as well as fulfill your toolbox for … how to train your furball! Pedigree Dentastix is one of the best, when not the best healthy and natural treats you can find for your dog!

  • All natural
  • No added nasties
  • Keep your dogs teeth clean
  • Good value
  • n/a

#5 Scrumbles Nibbles Treats

Scrumbles Nibbles Treats

There are four types to the Scrumbles dog treats; calming, duck and chicken, dental, and plant based.

For each type, the ingredients are very clear and identifiable so that we can be sure that It’s only packed full of nutrition. All of the ingredients are made locally in the UK and Ireland, completely natural with no added sugars, salts, or anything artificial.

They are great as a training treat for any dog from 4 months on. The tasty buttons have been baked in carbon-neutral eco ovens and are the ideal reward for good behaviour.

What I really love about this brand is that they care for their environment as much as they care for our dogs – they support animal charities with food and fund conations and the packaging is eco-friendly!

The Calming type is grain free and turkey flavour. The recipe consists of 30% turkey, sweet potato, 0.5% lemon balm, 0.1% slippery elm, 0.5% chamomile, cold pressed rapeseed oil, and 0.1% glucosamine. Every 100g provides 38.8 Kcal of energy, and there’s 28% protein, 13.5% fat content, 3.5% fibre, and 7.7% inorganic matter.

Slippery elm is high in fibre and it helps relieve constipation and diarrhea and alleviate vomiting and nausea.

The chicken and duck flavour is gluten free and has a soft texture that dogs enjoy. The composition is 26% British dried chicken, oat flour, gram flour, vegetable glycerin, sweet potato flour, cold pressed rapeseed oil, 4% dried pumpkin, 4% duck meal, linseed, chia seeds, 0.1% slippery elm.

They have less than 6 calories per treat – an excellent choice for dogs that need to watch their weight.

The dental type, also known as Gnashers, are perfect for dogs with bad teeth and breath thanks to the effective ingredients. There’s 0.1% slippery elm, cold pressed rapeseed, 0.1% coconut oil, gram flour, sweet potato, 2% pumpkin seeds, yeast extract, parley, 0.05% peppermint oil, 0.5% spinach, 0.5% sesame seeds, and 0.1% sodium.

With 33.7 Kcal per 100g, there’s 10.2% protein, 6.8% fat content, 3.3% fibre, and 5.7% inorganic matter.

Their shape helps reduce tartar by up to 80%!

The last type is the softies plant based. The ingredients are oat flour, pea flour, gram flour, vegetable glycerin, sweet potato flour, dried apple, cold pressed rapeseed oil, seaweed, linseed, and 0.1% slippery elm.

These ones only have 7.4% fat, thus are low in calories and fat, making them a great choice for dogs with pancreatitis.

  • Great ingredients
  • Four types
  • Very healthy
  • Eco packaging
  • n/a

Best Puppy Training Treats

#6 Pooch and Mutt Minibone Dog Treats

Pooch and Mutt Minibone Dog Treats

These cute little dog treats will let you make your puppy a little cookie jar of his own! Easily one of the best puppy treats out there.

Made from extremely carefully selected, all natural ingredients, the Pooch and Mutt minibone dog treats are a baked delight. They are the ultimate natural puppy treat, made of low calorie, hand baked treats, with chicken, linseed, and chicory.

The combination is a very traditional mix of good foods for dogs. Chicken adds protein and flavor, which gets your dog excited at the prospect of these treats. Linseed is a very good source of omega 3 fatty acids, which supplement and boost your dog’s mental development, especially in puppies.

Everyone knows that the early years is when all dogs learn the fastest, and best. This age group requires good nutrition so that they grow into intelligent, healthy dogs. With treats rich in Omega 3, your puppy will become more trainable, and will learn better. It has even been shown to increase their memory and learning skills.

But it doesn’t end there. The addition of chicory makes this naturaldog treat an all rounder. Chicory is a natural prebiotic, and maintains and promotes good digestion. It also regulates their entire digestive system, which helps puppies build good intestinal health.

They also have the added effect of calming anxious dogs. While not anti-anxiety treat, they definitely do help in reducing stress in dogs who are prone to hyperexcitability and anxiety.

Over time, they have a cumulative effect that helps in soothing frazzled doggy nerves. So your dog can be carefree and happy, instead of anxious or worked up. 

Other ingredients in this powerhouse puppy treat include oats, rice, mixed herbs, rosemary extract, brewer’s yeast, and added fats, all of which are completely naturally sourced.

Since they are low sugar and also gluten free, they can be used even for fussy-eater puppies. When used as incentive, the Pooch and Mutt minibone treats are one of your best aids in training your dog, while also providing him all-round top notch nutrition.

  • Hand baked
  • No added nasties or junk
  • Great for training
  • Not liked by all dogs

#7 Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chews

Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chews

Something a little different than the other treats listed here, the Whimzees dog treats are all natural doggy treats for dog owners looking for a new chew for their dog.

Dogs love biting stuff, regardless of whether they’re teething or not. But this is a habit, not a defensive measure for their teeth. To keep their teeth clean and healthy, other measures have to be employed.

Enter Whimzees dental dog chews! Made of all natural extracts, these vegetarian dental chews for dogs combine hearty, toothy plant extracts into one toothsome treat for your pupper.

These fibre rich treats have a combination of starch from potatoes, cellulose, lecithin, yeast, malt extract, alfalfa extract, and glycerin, all designed to work together to effectively ‘brush’ your big ol’ puppy’s teeth.

The chewy texture means that your dog will work his teeth on them till he gnaws them down, and will clean his teeth in the process. For puppies, this natural treat has a doubly effective working. It not only cleans their mouth but also simultaneously prevents the development of plaque, and helps fight tartar.

They are also sugar free, gluten free, and made of all vegetarian ingredients, with absolutely no added artificial flavours or synthetic additives. Even their shapes are designed to reach the small nooks and crannies between your dog’s teeth!

Multiple shapes make sure that no part of your dog’s mouth goes uncared for. A Whimzees dental treat a day is basically the doggy equivalent of ‘brush your teeth twice a day’.

These low fat treats are suited even for dogs who have sensitive stomachs. They are hypoallergenic, which means that practically any dog can have them. And since they are so chewy, they last almost thrice as long as other doggy dental chews on the market.

If you’re looking for a dental chew to take care of your dog’s teeth, in addition to puppy training treats, the Whimzees dental dog chews belong in your kitchen shelf!

  • Vegetarian
  • Cleans mouth and plaque
  • No added nasties
  • Good for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Long lasting
  • Can cause upset stomach (rare)

#8 Pedigree Jumbone Treats

Pedigree Jumbone Treats

These treats are great for the price and come in two different flavours: chicken and rice, and beef. They are low in fat and contain no added artificial flavourings.

Pedigree Jumbone Treats also include Omega 3 and double as a dental chew so that your dog is getting a delicious treat and health benefits, all in one!

These are available for all sizes of dogs, but the larger dogs seem to prefer them the most. My great dane and golden retriever both went absolutely nuts for the Pedigree Jumbone Treats!

Many owners have raved to me about how they love the value they’re getting for the price they pay. I felt like it was a little bit expensive compared to the other treats on this list, and it had more ingredients than the other treats did which can be harder for picky eaters.

They have a strong smell that dogs love, but owners might have to wash their hands a few times to get it off of them. This isn’t a huge problem, as dogs love them and they’ll love whoever gives the Pedigree Jumbone treats to them!

Pedigree Jumbone Treats might be slightly expensive for what you’re getting, but overall they’re great treats, and fourth on my list for the best dog treats in the UK.

  • Simple ingredients
  • Healthy (eg added omega 3)
  • Dogs love the taste
  • Little bit expensive
  • Strong smell

Best Puppy Treats in the UK

#9 Good Boy Chewy Chicken Dumbells

Good Boy Chewy Chicken Dumbells

These treats are made in the UK from 100% natural chicken breast meat. The other ingredients in the treats include things such as rawhide, Tapioca Starch, Gylcerin, Pea Protein, Rice Powder, Salt.

Good Boy Chewy Chicken Dumbells are approximately six inches long and come in packages of eight. This makes them more suitable for small dogs as they a good amount of time, although large dogs also enjoy them.

These treats are great for dogs of all ages and breeds. Good Boy does make sure to let owners know that puppies under sixteen weeks (or four months) should not be fed these treats.

The two ends of the treat have dried chicken surrounding the tough centre, which is a great taste factor for dogs. Additionally, the tough centre makes it a little harder for dogs to chew, meaning that the treats last a lot longer than they would with a chewy build. It also means that older dogs might have difficulty with these treats, especially if they have a dental issue.

Good Boy Chewy Chicken Dumbells are good for dogs’ stomachs, and they won’t get sick when eating them. However, they are fifty percent crude protein, which might be upsetting for specific dog breeds or allergies.

They are inexpensive, but the value of the treat might not fit what you are looking for in regard to your dog’s diet.  Overall, they’re great for giving your dog a delicious snack that will take them some time and energy to eat. Good Boy Chewy Chicken Dumbells are also priced fairly for the value of the treat that you get, and they come with a good number of treats in each package.

The Best Dog Treats in the UK are 100% natural, made in the UK, and aware of possible allergies or dietary restrictions. Treats should be available at a reasonable price and fit all your dogs’ needs. All of the treats on this list fit that description, and are hand-picked by a dog-lover, just like you!

  • 100% Natural
  • Good value
  • Lasts longer
  • Some ingredients such as crude protein might upset some dogs stomachs
  • Not suitable for puppies (under 16 weeks)

#10 Pedigree Rodeo Dog Treats

Pedigree Rodeo Dog Treats

These Pedigree Rodeo dog treats are available in the flavours chicken or beef and comes in a packet with 84 sticks.

The recipe is composed of derivatives of vegetable origin, cereals, meat and animal derivatives various sugars, minerals, oils and fats, seeds, and herbs.

The chicken one contains about 4% chicken, 1.9% of which is dried poultry liver, and the beef flavour consists of 3.5% dried beef liver powder which is the equivalent of 5% beef.

Dogs of all breeds love and enjoy these treats. Small dogs, like Dachshund, shouldn’t have more than three sticks a week, medium dogs such as Cocker Spaniel can have up to six sticks per week, and larger breeds (Labrador, Husky, etc.) can be fed up to twelve sticks a week.

There’s added vitamin E which supports the immune system, minerals like calcium for strong bones, and omega 3 for healthy skin and a shiny coat. No artificial colours or flavours have been added. 

In total, 22.3% of it is protein, 3.1% is fat content, 5.3% is inorganic matter, 1.6% crude fibres, 15.1% moisture, 0.8% calcium, and there’s about 54 Kcal of energy per treat. 

Even though my dog does seem to really enjoy them, when I look at the ingredients I have to say – I’ve seen better, and they are featured in this list.

  • Two flavours
  • 84 sticks
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Some minerals and vitamins added
  • Not the best ingredients

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