Akela Dog Food Review

Akela Dog Food Review

Akela specialises in high end and quality dog food in particular for working dogs (or any dogs for that matter). To give them the best possible nutrition so they are well fueled to do a lot of more strenuous tasks that often most dogs are not expected.

This means that the food should be aimed to provide high end ingredients to get the most out of your dog as possible.

Well that’s their moto. But here in my review I will cover my experience with the food as well as my research from other dog owners to get the best overall impression of the food as possible.

This way its not only from my own experience but a more broad overview to get the most well rounded perspective. Now onto my Aklea Dog Food Review.

Akela 80:20 Original Medium Paws Grain-Free Working Dog Food 10kg
  • Vet-approved
  • High meat content for extra palatability and protein
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives used
  • Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Prebioltics and Cranberries added for extra benefits
  • British owned and made

Akela Dog Food Review

Akela Dog Food

Akela do a host of different food options but most of them are based using similar quality ingredients and nutritional value. Usually the main difference is the meat or a slightly different makeup of the food itself. 

I have used 4 different varieties of foods from Akela but overall the difference is minimal. Often the difference is just between varieties for dogs of different sizes. For example for the options for smaller dogs, the food is in smaller pieces which makes it easier to eat for smaller dogs. 

If you haven’t experienced that yourself sometimes if you are too feed a smaller dog bigger pieces they may not want to eat it. This could be because it is harder to break down for some smaller dogs. Luckily with this food you shouldn’t have that problem. This is just one of the smaller variations between the foods that is worth mentioning.

For the rest of this review I want to focus on 80-20 variety for medium sized dogs but this will mostly apply to the other varieties. The reason I choose to focus on this is because it will be an ideal choice for a lot of dog owners and you also have the alternative options for dogs depending on their size. It’s not really a surprise this is one of my most popular options from Akela.

If you didn’t already know this dog food is dry food food. Secondly the reason the dog is called 80-20 is because of the meat content. The meat content makes up 80% of the food which is quite high. 

Unlike some other foods which are made up of only 1 meat this food has a great variety of different meats included. Not only is the variety good but the meats that have been chosen are of the best nutritional value and benefit. For example you have the likes of chicken, turkey, salmon and chicken liver just to name a few. All of these are good nutritionally and the best kind of meats you want to be feeding your dog. I also think the variety of meats is much better than just sticking to one or 2 kinds of protein which is common for other dog foods.

The other 20% is made up of a mixture of fruit, veggies, minerals and vitamins that have been directly chosen to get the optimal health out of your dog. That includes a host of great choices including the likes of probiotics which is great for your dog’s digestive system. 

Another included ingredient is called glucosamine, it’s main benefit is to aid your dogs joints, it can also help rebuild joint cartilage and also has anti inflammatory benefits. The great thing with this dog food is your have countless nutritional benefits just like the ones I have mentioned. You can tell a lot of thought and attention to detail has been put into this dog food.

The main question is how do dogs like this food. My dog loved this food, he ate every pick of it. Not only me but all other dog owners have the exact same experience as me. Showing dogs love this food making it a good choice for dogs that are fussy eaters.

As this food is tailored to working dogs it is a great choice for working dogs. Not only for working dogs it is a good choice for any dog really. When my dog was on this food he had plenty of energy that was definitely noticeable the difference when compared with other dog foods. 

Let me be clear that my dog wasn’t hyper active or anything or the sort buy when he was active he seemed to have more energy and generally was more energetic and happy which I loved to see.

  • High meat content
  • Great added ingredients for utmost health
  • Good for dog energy
  • Pricey


Akela Dog Food

There is no doubt the balance of proteins and nutrients included in this dog food is second to none. Though of course you are going to be paying for the privilege as this food is expensive. The question is are you willing to pay the premium for this quality of dog food. 

The question I like to ask myself is it worth it to me. In terms of value for money you are definitely getting what you are paying for. 

So really as a round it’s easy for me to recommend you buy this food. If this price is a little high, perhaps you can give this one to your dog as a treat every so often instead of every meal time, that is for you to decide.

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