Arden Grange Dog Food Review

Arden Grange Dog Food Review

If you didn’t know Arden Grange are a company who specialise in making dog food. They have a host of different dog food options that are tailored to different dog sizes and different food makeups that are included. 

You can choose the right option for you depending on your own dog and your preference for food.

I have used a selection of options from Arden Grange to get the best overview on the food. I have also done market research on all of their products to get the best overall view of the products from a plethora of dog owners who have also used this food. 

That way I can get the consensus of the products from a variety of different owners. Now I will cover 3 of the most popular options from Arden Grange and give you my thoughts on each of them.

Best Choice
Arden Grange Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken and Rice, 12 kg
Customer Rating
More Information
Arden Grange Adult Dry Dog Food with Fresh Lamb and Rice, 12 kg
Customer Rating
More Information
Great for Puppies
Arden Grange Puppy/Junior Dry Dog Food Rich in Fresh Chicken, 12 kg
Customer Rating
More Information

Arden Grange Chicken and Rice

To first mention this food is dry dog food which is made up of primarily chicken and rice. The chicken makes up 32% of the food and the rice makes up 26% of the food as well. 

The rest of the food is made up from a variety of ingredients including a host of minerals and added vitamins and some other ingredients such as egg, maize and yeast to name a few.

I personally like the overall balance of the food because you have a nice mixture of proteins and other natural ingredients along with the balance of foods and vitamins that have been carefully chosen for the best health benefits of your pet. 

As an example, prebiotics have been included which will aid your dog’s whole digestive system. Another example would be MSM which helps with cell regeneration and as an antioxidant. You get these lots of these benefits with this food thanks to the ingredients that have been added and the added vitamins just as I have explained. This is a nice peace of mind that your dog is getting the best nutrition possible from this food.

Another thing that is great to see with this food is the price. The price is very good for a food that is both good quality and has been well made up nutritionally.

Thankfully as well this food is well liked amongst almost all dogs and dog owners have been mostly saying the food is well accepted and dogs just really enjoy eating it. While this mightn’t be the optimal choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs for the vast majority of dogs it is really well liked and enjoyed.

  • Nice balance of ingredients
  • Added goodies like probiotics
  • Great pricepoint
  • n/a

Arden Grange Lamb and Rice

This lamb and rice is very similar to the chicken variation. The only real difference between it and the chicken is of course the meat being lamb instead of the chicken. It shares the same food and vitamins template if you like as the chicken variation so basically all the same benefits overlap with this food as well. The lamb in this food makes up for 34% of the food and the rice makes up for 26% of the food.

Instead of repeating myself on what I said for the chicken food just let me talk about another couple of benefits that I hadn’t already mentioned with this food.

My dog also loved this food unsurprisingly as he also enjoyed the chicken variation. It’s worth mentioning after feeding it to him for over 1 month, he was a happy dog and has plenty of energy and his general positivity was great and seemed even better than before when he was on a different food.

Another thing I didn’t mention was the digestion with this dog food is good. The kibble size is designed for medium sized dogs but can also be fed to larger dogs if you like.

I know it’s not something everyone wants to hear but my dogs poops where as you would like. No runny problems or flatulence or anything of the sort. The same has been reported from most other dog owners as well.

  • Good meat content
  • Liked by most dogs
  • Good for fussy eaters
  • n/a

Arden Grange Puppy Food Chicken

The final product I am going to be talking about is an options tailored exactly for puppies between the ages of 2 months and 9 months old.

As you might have assumed this food has been made for puppies and young dogs in mind. For example the foods are in smaller pieces which makes it easier to digest for smaller dogs. I have had the problem in the past with my dog where he didn’t want to eat food that was in bigger pieces. This is more common for smaller dogs so it’s nice to see that they have made the food pieces smaller.

Just like the adult dogs food, the ingredients that are included with this puppy food are of the highest quality. 

The make up of this food is very similar to the adult foods and a lot of the ingredients are similar and overlapping and that’s a good thing because I really like the makeup and the balance of foods that have been included. You also get a good amount of chicken content at 36% which is slightly higher than the adult food counterparts.

  • Smaller kibbles are ideal for puppies
  • High quality ingredients
  • High meat content
  • Strong smell once opening packet

Arden Grange Dog Food Review – Conclusion

arden grange dog foods

So the final question is Arden Grange a good dog food? The simple answer is absolutely yes! Overall I really liked the food options from Arden Grange, they offer a nice quality of food that dogs really seem to love and all at a very reasonable price point. 

It’s quite easy for me to recommend you try it out if you are looking for dry dog food that has high quality ingredients without breaking the bank!

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