Aatu Dog Food Review

Aatu Dog Food Review

If you didn’t already know Aatu is a company who specialise in pet food primarily for dogs and cats. 

Their mentality is creating food that is made from 100% natural ingredients with no artificial ingredients. It seems they tend to prefer creating foods that are grain free which is usually more suitable for pets that have digestive issues.

Here in my review I will be covering a couple of the more popular food options from Aatu and I will be writing my review based on my own usage of the foods and from market research from other dog owners who have also used these foods. This way I can give you the most broad and well rounded review of the food as possible.

Aatu 80/20 Dry Dog Food

Aatu 80/20 Dry Dog Food

Probably the most popular choice offered by Aatu is their 80/20 dry food food options which come in a host of different varieties. The main difference between these varieties is the meat inside, the options of meat including chicken, duck, salmon, shellfish and turkey. 

The reason the food is called 80/20 is because of the split of meats and other ingredients. Meat makes up 80% of the food and the other ingredients make up 20% of the food. In the other ingredients Aatu call this the super 8. What the really means is 8 fruits, 8 vegetables and 8 botanicals and 8 spices which have been included for the utmost nutritional and health benefits.

This food is free of grains and the likes of gluten which makes it a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or general digestive issues. Because these ingredients have been omitted means its also a great choice for dogs with allergies and the like as well. 

Also it’s worth mentioning that the meats are cooked using a low and slow technique which makes the meats more tender and easier to digest for your dog which is a thing I thought was worth mentioning.

In my own personal usage my dog loved this food and he had no problems gobbling it down. That also seems to be common with other dog owners – dogs love this food and for the most part owners have been singing this foods praises. 

Dog owners who have been feeding their dogs this food long terms have reported dogs in great health and dogs that are looking fabulous with beautiful glossy coats.

Finally I want to talk about the price of this food. There is no doubt that this food is on the pricier side but in this case you are getting what you pay for. Perhaps if it is on the expensive side for you you could alternate it with a more affordable option and give your dog this food as a treat once in a while. But of course with this food you could feed your dog on the food primarily if you wanted to.

Aatu 90/10 Wet Dog Food

Aatu 90/10 Wet Dog Food

As I am sure you might have guessed this wet dog food is made from 90% meat and 10 other ingredients. There are a selection of different meats that are available including beef, chicken, duck and turkey, lamb wild boar or a multipack for more variety. Just as with the dry dog food the other 10% is made up of the super 8 ingredients which to restate includes 8 vegetables, 8 fruits, 8 botanicals and 8 spices. 

As I mentioned this a nice blend of ingredients that have been deliberately chosen for the utmost health of your dog. You also have some other added ingredients for example the likes of probiotics which is great for your dog’s digestive system and another example would be glucosamine which is excellent for your dogs joint health and has general anti-inflammatory properties.

Just as with the dry food all the ingredients are natural with no additives which is great to see. This makes it a great choice for dogs who have sensitive stomachs and allergies because of this food make up with the exclusion of things like grains which for some dogs can cause digestive issues. Luckily with these foods you won’t have that problem.

As soon as you take this dog food out of the tin you can tell its of the utmost quality. The ingredients are of the highest quality that almost all dogs love including my own.

In terms of my own personal preference I really like the multipack of this food. Reason being that you get a nice variety of their high quality food that offers your dog more variety and nutritional benefits because of the different meats choices. For me that is ideal because I prefer not to only feed my dog one exact kind of food over and over again but this multipack is a good variety right out of the tins.

As you might have imagined this food doesn’t come cheap but you really are paying for what you are getting. It’s pricey but the quality of the ingredients and particularly the high meat content is what you are paying for. 

For some the price may be a little too high but for others it’s easily an investment that they are willing to make for their beloved dog!

Aatu Dog Food Reviews – Conclusion

In conclusion this food from Aatu is a great choice for any dog owner who is happy to pay that bit extra to get the best quality and level of food for their pet. 

For the extra cost you are getting high quality ingredients that have been scientifically and nutritionally chosen for the benefit of your dogs health and certain things also omitted for the highest level of health even for dogs with digestive or allergy issues. 

Overall this is easily one of my personal favourite dog foods out there and I recommend that you try it out!

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