Wagg Dog Food Review

wagg dog food review

The quality of the food that we feed our dogs is important. We need to be aware of exactly what we are feeding our pets. Too many brands nowadays use unnecessary additives. 

With Wagg Dog Food you can relax, because they don’t add anything into their pet food that your dog doesn’t need. 

Wagg always use the highest quality with the best ingredients which are locally sourced. Their pet food will have your dog’s tail wagging nonstop. Below I will cover a few of my favourites from Wagg.

Best Choice
Wagg Complete Worker Dog Food - Chicken 12kg, Transparent
Customer Rating
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Wagg Complete Chicken and Veg dry dog food, 12kg
Customer Rating
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Great All-Rounder
Wagg Kennel Chicken and Veg Complete Dry Dog Food, 15 kg
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#1 Wagg Worker Dog Food – Chicken and Veg

Wagg Worker Dog Food comes in the same flavours as the Complete, beef or chicken with vegetables, but this one can be purchased in 16kg or 17kg. 

Like all of their pet food; it has added Yucca extract which helps reduce any bad odours from your dog’s back end, citrus extracts to support a healthy immune system, and probiotic MOS to support the population of healthy bacteria in your dog’s stomach.  

It’s rich in proteins and carbohydrates for a balanced source of energy, which your dog needs throughout the day. This pet food is perfect for especially active dogs. 

Wagg Worker Dog Food can be fed to dogs of all breeds and all ages, from 8 weeks onwards, and on the packaging, you can see exactly how much you should serve your dog depending on their weight and breed. 

The size of the crunchy kibble itself is not too small or large, to ensure that your dog doesn’t eat it too quickly. Each piece of kibble is also coated with tasty meat juices, to make sure that your dog will find it appetizing. 

Wagg pet food is very well liked by dogs of all breeds. You can be rest assured that your dog will leave the bowl licked clean after being fed with Wagg Worker Dog Food, and most likely won’t settle for any other brand afterwards. 

Wagg also offer a guarantee, so if there are any issues with the packaging or the food itself you can contact them about it. 

  • Ingredients ideal for working and active dogs
  • Dogs love this food
  • Good value
  • Best suited for active dogs

#2 Wagg Complete Dog Food – Chicken and Veg

Wagg Complete Dog Food is a VAT free 12kg bag of plant-based dry dog food, using a good amount of named meat meals as a main source of animal protein. 

It’s available in the flavours chicken and vegetables or beef with vegetables. It’s suitable for all dog breeds and for all ages – from 8 weeks onwards. 

On the packaging you can even see just how much you should be giving your dog, depending on the breed of dog you have and their current weight.

The most noteworthy thing about Wagg Dog Food is that there are no artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar. This brand prides themselves in not adding anything that your pet wouldn’t need or any ingredients that wouldn’t benefit them.  

Every single ingredient has a purpose. For a balanced source of energy, it’s rich in proteins and carbohydrates. 

It contains probiotic MOS which promotes the health of the Gastrointestinal tract, helps protect beneficial microbiota and enhances immune function. To summarise, it supports healthy bacteria inside of your dog’s stomach.  

Wagg Complete Dog Food has added citrus antioxidant extracts in their pet food, to help protect your dog’s immune system. It also has prebiotics to improve digestion, omega oils for healthy skin and fur, and contains extract from the Yucca plant to reduce any flatulent odours. 

To top it all off, the bag is recyclable. Wagg don’t just care about the health of our dogs, but even about the environment too.

Wagg Complete Dog Food is excellent for your dog’s digestive system. Certain dog breeds, such as Cocker Spaniels, often suffer from stomach problems and have sensitive stomachs. This pet food will help get everything in order in your dog’s stomach.

  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Nice balance of ingredients
  • Good value
  • n/a

#3 Wagg Chicken and Veg Kennel

Wagg Kennel Dog Food can be purchased in the flavours chicken or beef and vegetables, and is available in bags of 15kg.

As usual for Wagg Dog Food, it’s suitable for all dog breeds and all ages.  

This brand is always researching the best blend of ingredients, and the years of experience help to ensure your dog is being provided the finest pet food. Another great thing is that for the amount you are getting, it’s great value for money.

Wagg Kennel Dog Food has a special blend of ingredients to keep your active dog fit and active all day long.

This product focuses more on maintaining robust teeth and bones as it contains calcium and vitamin D3.

The antioxidant vitamin C is also for healthy gums and strong teeth. 

Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, acts as an oxygen interceptor, so it’s protecting the cells from being destroyed or altered by oxidation, and defends cells from the damage caused by free radicals. 

As per all of Wagg Dog Food it also contains prebiotic MOS to help with healthy bacteria in the stomach, and a blend of omega 3 oils and the mineral zinc for healthy skin and coat.

It also has a blend of vitamins C, E, and natural plant derived antioxidants to keep your dog’s immune system in tip-top shape. Additional Yucca extract helps the joints stay healthy and strong as well. 

Artificial colours or flavours are never added, and you will never find added sugar in Wagg’s pet food.  

  • Well thought out added ingredients
  • Great option for working dogs
  • Great for overall dog health
  • n/a

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