How To Remove Dog Hair From Your Car

How to Remove Dog Hair from Car

Getting dog hair off of everything you own can be tedious, especially in your car. You can lay a blanket over the backseat beforehand, or use vacuum cleaners, velcro curlers, lint rollers, rubber gloves for catching hair afterwards. You can even use last minute hacks like using balloons, tape, or dryer sheets as well.

The trick is to decide how to remove dog hair from car seats and carpets with minimal effort. Dog hair gets everywhere, from under the seats to on the dashboard, regardless of how little your dog moves around in your car.

Here are the best and quickest ways to remove dog hair from car surfaces. 

How to Remove Dog Hair From Your Car

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are one of the surprisingly easiest ways to get pet hair out of car seat covers and flooring mats. You probably have basic rubber gloves at home already, the kind that you use for washing dishes or cleaning around the house.

Simply put the gloves on and run your fingers over the car seat fabric, brushing lightly. Rubber gloves are very good at gathering the dog hair collected on top of car seat covers. As long as you brush your hand in one direction, the fuzz will pile up at the end. Then you can pick it up and throw it away easily.

If the dog hair is firmly stuck onto the weave of the car fabric, dampen your glove a little. This makes the glove surface ‘stickier’ for the hair.

There’re also specially designed rubber gloves you can buy specifically for cleaning hair off surfaces. These pet hair collecting brushes are grooming gloves and have hairbrush-like bristles on the palm surface of the glove.

So, when you run your hand over the car seats, you effectively brush them out and have all the tangled hair in your hand. Since they’re designed to be used on your dog’s body, they catch hair very effectively and gather it in a mat, that you can pull off and throw away, when you’re done.

These comb-like rubber gloves are a great option for dog owners who have heavy shedding dogs or multiple pooches. They’re ideal for car flooring or seat covers that have thick or fluffy piles, in which dog hair often gets stuck.

The raised bumps and bristles make them ideal for collection, whether you’re cleaning dog hair off your car interiors or inside your home.

Vacuum Cleaners  

When it comes to car dog hair removal, few methods are as quick and effective as vacuum cleaners.

Car vacuum cleaners are great at keeping your car’s interiors clean and dust-free. Luckily, their efficiency extends to gathering dog hair off the available surfaces as well.

Vacuum cleaners designed for handheld use are small, lightweight, portable, and get the work done in no time at all. So, if you’re wondering how to remove pet hair from car seats, and you have a handheld vacuum at home, your problem is solved.

If you don’t have a car-suitable vacuum cleaner, or are not sure what kind you need to get dog hair off your car seats regularly, you can check out which one suits your requirements here – pet vacuums.

Handheld vacuums that specialize in pet hair removal are more efficient at gathering stubborn fuzz off the fabric and woven surfaces than regular vacuum cleaners. Good vacuum cleaners have strong suction that pulls the dust, dander, pet hair, and accumulated dirt straight off the car seat and carpet surface.

Well-designed vacuum cleaners come with nozzles that are shaped to get into all the small corners as well. So, you don’t have to pull the mats and flooring off each time you want to clean dog hair off your car’s floor.

Also, vacuum cleaners can have tanks with capacities up to 550 ml, so you don’t have to empty it out multiple times while cleaning, either. Depending on what suits your needs, you can get cordless models, or corded portable vacuum cleaners that you can plug into the car’s cigarette lighter port.

Vacuum cleaners shorten your clean-up sessions significantly, and make sure that you can get dog hair out from all the nooks and crannies in your car, where they turn into dust bunnies. They’re easily the most time saving option, and the most efficient.

Lint Rollers

Every pet owner knows the absolute necessity of having lint rollers on hand, to get dog hair out of your clothes. Lint rollers are a staple in doggy households for this very reason.

Lint rollers are simple and easy to use in that they have a sticky surface that gathers up all the dog hair stuck to the surface of your car seats and carpets. It’s basically a roll of sticky paper sections, that you ‘unpeel’, once you’ve used up the surface layer. They’re very lightweight and usually available in many sizes and thicknesses.

The downside is that you have to keep buying lint rollers, because our dogs are little shedding machines. Also, regular lint rollers only have a cylindrical surface, and can’t get into all the corners and hard-to-reach places under car seats and along the carpeting.

So how to remove pet hair from these places using a lint roller? Simple. Get specialized lint rollers, that have angled handles, and can snap up dog hair from all the places regular lint rollers can’t get to.

Velcro Curlers

Velcro curlers work on a similar principle as lint rollers, if you have a few old velcro curlers at home, you can sacrifice them at the altar of dog hair removal.

Velcro curlers have tiny little hooks on their outside surface, along which dog hair gets snagged and pulled off the car’s fabric linings. They’re smaller and a little more flexible than lint rollers. Best of all, they’re reusable as well.

However, velcro curlers will not necessarily get all the dog hair off your car seats. They work best on firm, flat surfaces, and don’t get dirt and dog hair out of the corners. So, you might have to remove the covers and floor mats, etc. to thoroughly clean them.

Duct Tape / SelloTape / Scotch Tape  

Whether you have duct tape, Sellotape, or Scotch tape on hand, you can actually get a lot of hair off your car interiors with them.

Obviously, duct tape being the stickiest of these will get the most amount of dog hair off your car’s upholstery. So how to remove dog hair from car fabric with tape? Simple. Just pull strips of tape off and use them to pick up loose hair and fur off the seat and lining surface.

Using tape is a surprisingly easy way to get dog hair off your car seats. It takes more time to clean your car of dog hair, though. But in a pinch, it’s a neat little trick to use. You can always use tape to clean up if you don’t have your vacuum cleaner ready, or have run out of lint rollers.

And speaking of last-minute cleaning tricks, here’s some more unusual things you can use:

  • Dryer sheets are a surprising little life hack, when it comes to getting rid of dog hair. Just use a dry dryer sheet and run it along your car seat, and it’ll gather up dog hair for you. Simple and quick, when in a rush.
  • Wire brushes can be used to make sure that stubborn hair stuck in the car fabric comes off clean.
  • Rubber boots or rubber balls and balloons, etc. all pick dog hair off car interiors using static electricity. They won’t do a very thorough job, but they can be used for last minute tidying up.
  • Window wipers can be used to push dog hair off car seats in one direction and throw the entire fuzzy pile away, once you’re done.
  • Fabric softener diluted with water can be used to make dog hair easier to vacuum up. Even if you don’t have a vacuum, you can use your hands and pick up the now-clumped dog hair effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get dog hair off my car seats?

The best way to do it quickly and thoroughly is with a handheld vacuum. It lets you suck off all the dog hair on car seats cleanly, as well as get rid of dust and animal dander.

How do you get dog hair out of car carpet?

Using a handheld vacuum is the most efficient way to clean a car carpet of dog hair. You can also use lint rollers, wire brushes, and velcro curlers for a quick superficial cleaning.

What will dissolve dog hair?

Commercially available pet hair dissolvers can be used to get rid of dog hair clumps that are causing blockages. Most of these are peroxide based, and safe to use while doing your laundry.

How do you dissolve dog hair in the washing machine?

Pet hair dissolvers can be used in the washing machine to break down and dissolve pet hair. These are a great way to wash pet bedding and/or clothing that are covered in dog hair, without clogging up your washing machine.

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