Eden Dog Food Review

eden dog food review

One of the most well known names among discerning pet owners (and dogs with good taste) is that of Eden Holistic Pet foods. The entire brand is known for their focus on ensuring that their pet food covers the nutritional requirements and every possible dietary need of their target tailed audience.

So it comes as no surprise, really, that the Eden pet food range has such die-hard fans among pets and pet owners. Dogs on Eden rarely need supplementation, or coercing, or to be switched to another food. From the pickiest to the hardest working pooch, dogs are supremely satisfied with their meals each time.

Here are the top Eden holistic dog food reviews that you should know of:

Best Choice
Eden Dog Food 80/20 Original Medium Kibble 12kg
Customer Rating
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Eden Working Dog Food 80:20 Original Cuisine Multi-Meat and Fish Medium Kibble 15kg
Customer Rating
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Best for Puppies
Eden Dog Food 80/20 Original Small Kibble 12kg
Customer Rating
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Eden Dog Food Review – Our Top 3

#1 Eden Dry Dog Food: Original 80/20 Medium Kibble

The name says it all: this variety of Eden dog food is a power-packed punch for your prancing pooch.

With a specially formulated, ideal ratio of 80% meat content to 20% fruit and vegetable content, a diet based on Eden 80/20 medium kibble dog food provides your dog with the perfect meal.

A solid 80% meat content means that your dog’s protein needs are completely covered. This is essential, because even though dogs can manage carbohydrate heavy meals when they are few and far between, but not when they are on a regular basis.

Dogs are carnivores in nature and require protein heavy diets for their natural metabolism to flourish. With eden holistic foods, your dog receives exactly that- and more!

Made in Britain and using only holistically sourced ingredients, the quality of the dog food speaks for itself. The meat content is sourced from English Free Run Chickens, rich Scottish Salmon, North Atlantic Salmon, Suffolk Duck raised in accordance with local tradition, and hearty eggs.

If that doesn’t sound attractive enough for your pooch, here’s more! The recipe incorporates almost 20% Chicken with 18% more dried chicken, healthy salmon at 15%, dried herring at a whopping 12.5% for added taste, as well as dried duck and chicken fat in large portions, for unbelievable flavor.

This entire meat mix is then seasoned with sweet potatoes, whole eggs, dried eggs, chicken liver for more taste and fragrance. Additionally, there’s more white fish, added fibre from peas, delicious chickpeas, carrots, spinach, apples, rosehips, burdock root, seaweed, cranberries. To top this hearty mix off, there are herbs like lucerne, chamomile, aniseed, fenugreek, thyme, marjoram, oregano, sage, and parsley.

All these hidden greens add bulk to your dog’s food. They ensure that your dog receives enough fiber to have a clean and healthy digestive system, and be able to go to the ‘facilities’ as regular as clockwork.

This is not only essential for great digestive health, but also comes in very useful when establishing training patterns for your dog.

And while that definitely sets a flavour palette, there’s more to the formulation. The recipe incorporates added vitamins and minerals, added fructooligosaccharides, glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, etc.

These have a singularly oriented strengthening effect on bones, teeth, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, and nails. These minerals make up building blocks in the skeleton, as well as in connective tissue.

A diet that provides them in adequate amounts ensures that your dog has all the nutrients he can possibly need, to be always ready to run rough and never feel it afterwards.

The holistic formulation has no hidden grains adding bulk to the mix, which means that your dog’s intestines are spared the irritation caused by these additives. Eden pet food gives your dog the ideal, medium sized kibble mouthful each time and at each meal!

  • Perfect for all breeds
  • Especially popular with medium to large dogs
  • Suits dogs with allergies and even very finicky dogs
  • Provides complete nutrition at every meal
  • Does not suit dogs with milk or fish allergies.

#2 Eden Working Dog Food: Original Cuisine Kibble

An absolute delight to dogs everywhere, the Eden working dog original cuisine kibble is the perfect meal time every time.

Working dogs typically need diets based off of foods that are healthier and more nutrition-packed, despite being in kibble form. Eden dog food provides the best answer possible to this dilemma, with a multi-meat and fish mix in this delicious bag.

Eden dry dog food traditionally comes in various forms suited for dogs of all kinds. Working dogs have higher calorific requirements because they are much more active and on the run more than regular house pet dogs.

Although the flavour of the food appeals to all dogs regardless of their working/leisure status, eden pet food dry dog food is ideal for working pets in this regard. The meat component is a solid 80%, which means that your dog is practically eating a steak( or the doggy equivalent of the same.)

Working dogs receive per day their entire required list of nutrients- and how! The recipe incorporates a hefty 19% chicken, another 18% from dried chicken, filling and healthy salmon protein (up to 15%), added herring (dried), added flavour with chicken fat, duck fat, chicken liver, and white fish. Added eggs make the entire even more so attractive to dogs.

Not only does the protein rich food take care of your dog’s nutritional needs, but there’s more. Added veggies and dried fruits like sweet potatoes, chickpeas, carrots, spinach, apples, rosehips, burdock root, seaweed, etc. flavour is added to the mix by a little more in the ingredients list, like pea fibre, rosehips, chamomile, aniseed, fenugreek, oregano, sage, rosemary, marjoram, and thyme. The list is long and massive, but while eating, your dog will practically inhale it.

Added protein elements and microminerals, vitamins, etc. are enough to boost your dog’s immune system as well. Eden dog food is the best kibble for anything dog who has a full workday but also will eat to his heart’s content

Added micronutrients like vitamin A ensure that your dog has a healthy epithelial layer and healthy skin and nails, while also storing a minuscule amount of essential macrominerals like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which promote normal cardiac function. Your dog also receives everything he needs to fight off invaders and run a healthy immune system as well.

Although these microminerals are found in traces even in drake based foods, enough amounts are present in eden pet dry dog food that they give mixed origin tocopherols (vitamin E as tocopherol acetate alpha) vitamin D in cholecalciferol form, etc. these are all essential for proper growth and development in your dog’s body.

With absolutely no filler material that draws water and fills up space in your dog’s stomach, this nutrient rich mix gives your dog a solid meal every day!

  • Extremely good nutrient density
  • 3683 kcal/gg food for ideal division of meal sizes
  • Ideal for working dogs, medium kibble size makes it even more suited.
  • Not ideal for dogs on diets
  • Is grain free, but can irritate some dogs’ stomach linings over time

#3 Eden Puppy Food: Original Small Kibble

With all these delicious options for adult dogs, why should the little ones be left behind? Take this Eden 80/20 puppy food for super pups, for instance.

Made specifically for puppies and small dogs, this formulation of all-round, complete nutrition for the smaller segment of the pooch population, does not lag behind in nutritional value.

Practically a superfood combination, the eden holistic puppy food is manufactured in Britain with locally sourced, cruelty free ingredients. This includes a whopping 19% chicken from free run range chickens, mixed with another 20% of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The recipe is designed to follow the requirements of a growing pup closely. This means that there is a high percentage of biologically available protein (80%) for your little dog, who is doing the very important job of growing up.

Even small dogs benefit from this mix the same way. The extra boost provided by the additional added vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, as well as building material like chondroitin, glucosamine, fructooligosaccharides, etc. goes a very long way. They contribute massively to the growth, development, repair, and regeneration of the skeleton and supporting tissues.

This means that your pups receive all the backup they need for proper growth and development, while older dogs benefit from the extra nourishment their joints, bones, and teeth receive.

Not to mention, all dogs benefit from the special, mild, hypoallergenic formula, that provides even the most sensitive of dogs with complete nutrition.

The absence of grain and gluten contributes to this neutrality even more. Instead, the recipe combines chicken, dried chicken, salmon, seasonally available cod, haddock, mussels, hake, herring, duck, white fish, and eggs, with necessary greens and fruits such as peas, chickpeas, carrots, spinach, apple, rosehips, chamomile, cranberries, and herbs such as thyme, oregano, parsley, and sage.

The result is an absolutely delicious but mild plate for your pup or dog, all in small sized kibble – perfect for his every meal!

  • Ideal, balanced nutrition for pups
  • Even small dogs benefit from the balanced diet
  • Perfect kibble size for smaller dogs
  • Despite being hypoallergenic, some very sensitive dogs still do not tolerate the recipe well.

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