Dr John Dog Food Review

Dr John Dog Food Review

Straight away with this dog foods I noticed they have a great selection of options depending on what you are looking for with your dog food. All of their foods are dry foods so if you are looking for a wet dog food you are probably better looking elsewhere.

When it comes to their dry dog food selection though it’s great. Whether you are looking for food for your puppy or are looking for hypoallergenic dog food they have both and everything in between.

Today here I will cover my overall thoughts of Dr John dog food after trying 6 varieties of the dog food myself. Also, I have done research from other dog owners to get the best overall view of each of the foods as possible. That way I will have a more broad and overall view and is not only from my own experience but also other dog owners as well.

After I have talked about my general overview of the products and brand, I will cover my top 3 varieties of Dr Johns and give you my brief thoughts on each of them.

High Quality
Gilbertson & Page Dr Johns Gold Complete Dry Dog Food Chicken, 15 kg
Customer Rating
More Information
Dr John Hypoallergenic Chicken (15kg), transparent
Customer Rating
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Great Value
Gilbertson & Page Dr John Puppy 10kg, mustard
Customer Rating
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Dr Johns Dog Food Review – Overview

All of Dr Johns foods are made with both quality and nutrition in mind. The food in generally made up of a nice mixture of proteins like chicken and oil and fats. They also have a great mixture of vitamins and minerals that have been directly chosen to aid every part of your dogs’ body for ultimate health benefits.

Out of all the varieties I have used my pets enjoyed them all with no issues with rejecting the food or any digestion problems such as issues going to the toilet too frequently or not often.

Also, from my research this seems the common trend is dogs are loving and enjoying the food well. Of course, there were a few people who have had issues but that seems very uncommon for dog owners who are feeding their dogs this food regularly.

While not the cheapest dog food out their the price point for Dr Johns is good value for money considering the quality of the food that is provided.

Now I will cover my top 3 options from Dr Johns and why I like them.

Dr Johns Chicken Food

This is my favorite option from Dr Johns. The food quality mixture here is great along with a fabulous balance of nutrition which is ideal for your dog.

Nutritional areas that have been targeted are things like healthy joints, healthy teeth and generally healthy body. They have included all the relevant vitamins and minerals to aid in each of these areas and more. Not to mention their overall high quality of food.

Out of all the dog food options from Dr John this option really seems to be the best well rounded option for the average pet. The other couple of options I am going to recommend are more tailored to certain other areas.

  • Great for healthy joints
  • Nice balanced meat and veggies content
  • Good value
  • n/a

Dr Johns Hypoallergenic Food

If you didn’t know hypoallergenic food is food that is quite unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

So, in basic terms food that has that property usually use more natural foods and ingredients that will aid in digestion just like this option from Dr John.

Basically, if you have a dog who has known to be a fussy eater or ever has had any problems with digestion you would instead be better picking this option for Dr John instead of the regular chicken food because of the things I already mentioned.

  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Quality ingredients
  • Added vitamins & minerals
  • n/a

Dr Johns Puppy Food

The final option from Dr John that I want to recommend is the puppy food that they offer. If you have a younger dog or a smaller dog, then this dog food should be a great choice for you.

It has the same great quality ingredients as the other dog foods but has some minor tweaks that are more important for younger dogs. Also, because the food is made for puppies the kibble size is also smaller which makes it much easier for puppies and smaller dogs to digest.

If you have ever given smaller dogs food with bigger dog pieces, they can often get fed up with it and end up turning their nose up to the food because of the added effort needed to chew the food believe it or not. Luckily with this option from Dr John you won’t have that problem.

Reports for other dog owners have also been excellent with other puppies really taking well to this food and little to none of them rejecting it. It’s even somewhat common for bigger dogs to be fed this food because they prefer the smaller pieces as well.

On a final note about this food is the value for money. As I already mentioned before this food is good quality considering the price and the same can be said for this puppy food.

  • Smaller kibble size (ideal for puppies and smaller dogs)
  • Great value
  • Well liked amongst dogs
  • Easy on digestion
  • Not suited for adult dogs


In conclusion its easy for me to recommend Dr John dog food, not only is the food well made up with the right vitamins and minerals being added for the utmost longevity but also the food quality is high, and the vast majority of dogs really enjoy eating it.

You get all of this for a very reasonable price point so it’s easy for me recommend you try out some of these dog foods as soon as you can!

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