Burns Dog Food Review

burns dog food review

It can be pretty difficult to find the right dog food for your pooch- even more if you exclude commercially manufactured ‘junk’ dog food, that is basically glorified grain products.

One of the best ways to dodge these dodgy dog food mixes to put your pet on healthy, non-irritant, and non-grain based dog foods like Burns dog food. Launched in 1993 by John Burns, a vet surgeon, Burns pet food is painstakingly tailor-made to suit dogs’ requirements.

As a consequence. almost every Burns dog food review is overwhelmingly positive. Especially if the canine connoisseurs are sensitive and need a little extra care. Here are the best ones you can pick from:

Best Choice
Burns Pet Nutrition Hypoallergenic Complete Dry Dog Food Adult and Senior Dog Original Chicken and Brown Rice 2 kg
Customer Rating
More Information
Burns Pet Nutrition Hypoallergenic Complete Dry Dog Food Adult and Senior Dog Alert Chicken and Brown Rice 12 kg
Customer Rating
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Suitable for most dogs
Burns Pet Nutrition Hypoallergenic Complete Wet Food Adult Dog Penlan Pouch Chicken Brown Rice and Vegetables 12x150 g
Customer Rating
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Burns Dog Food Review – Top 3

#1 Burns Original Adult and Senior Dog Food- Chicken

Burns pet nutrition lays special emphasis on making sure that pets with sensitivities and allergies do not suffer from deficiencies, despite not being able to eat everything. Formulations like the Burns Original Adult and Senior dog food, for example, is formulated specifically for its target audience, but other dogs can eat it happily, too.

The recipe combines brown rice with chicken meal, with added veggies, fiber, and healthy fats, for a full, well-rounded meal in every bowl. The mix contains a minimum of 67% brown rice, which is unpolished rice.

This provides complex carbohydrates which give energy without dumping unnecessary sugars in the form of simple carbs. Also, being unpolished, the rice has a high vitamin B content, which is essential for dogs.

The added chicken meal makes up almost 20% of the mix, which is adequate protein for older dogs and does not overload their systems. Plus, chicken is mild and lean, which keeps unhealthy fats off your dog’s plate.

But healthy fats from chicken oil and sunflower oil are present. These oils are a must for your dog’s diet, to make sure that he receives enough essential fatty acids to have healthy skin, fur, and nails.

To round the mix off, the recipe incorporates peas and oats for added flavour, texture, vegetable protein, and fiber. There are no added preservatives or synthetic flavours, and no bulking agents.

Added seaweed provides taste and a whole lot of natural macro- and microminerals like sodium, calcium, manganese, iron, copper, etc., and added vitamins A, C, D, and E make sure your dog is not missing out on anything he needs.

The gentle formulation makes sure that your dog’s diet does not end up causing him to have irritable bowel problems down the line. For dogs who already have these issues, Burns dog food ingredients make sure that they receive a balanced meal each time they eat.

The brown rice is standard for all Burns hypoallergenic dog foods, because rice is one of the mildest complex carbohydrate sources for dogs. There is no wheat, gluten, soy, milk or dairy products, or added cornmeal. Only natural goodness for your dog.

Even overweight pooches benefit from it, when put on a calorie restricted diet. It’s simply one of the best foods for adult and older dogs.

  • Ideal for dogs who have sensitive stomachs and digestive issues
  • High quality ingredients
  • Tailor-made for adult and senior dogs
  • Not ideal for dogs who do not digest rice well

#2 Burns Dog Alert Brown Rice and Chicken

Although a topper even on Burns sensitive dog food reviews, this ‘ALERT’ variant is very special in the nutrition it provides.

Designed with therapy and assistance dogs in mind, as well as dogs who have mild to moderate activity during the day, the Burns Dog Alert dog food puts extra stress on maintaining and improving brain function and memory in dogs.

Dogs who work as special therapy or assistance dogs have to be more heavily trained and responsive than non-working dogs. There’s an extra part of mental work that they have to put in every day. For this purpose, Burns pet nutrition has created this targeted formulation.

Derived from all-natural ingredients, the mix combines products that boost brain function and have a calming, soothing effect on both temperament and digestion.

The recipe contains brown rice for a mild base as a source of healthy complex carbohydrates, with chicken meal as a source of protein and essential amino acids. Added chicken oil and sunflower oil balance out the required essential fatty acids for maintaining brain function and your dog’s general requirement of healthy fat.

But here’s where it gets really good. The Burns Alert dog food contains added superfood extracts, such as blueberry and green tea. Added antioxidants up the superfood quotient of this mix, with added Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins such as Vitamin A(25000IU),  Vitamin D3 (2000IU), Vitamin E (200IU), and Vitamin C (50mg), as well as added amino acids like Taurine.

There’s a well-rounded palette of macro and microminerals as well, all essential for good nerve function and maintenance, which in turn improves memory and reflexes. These include Copper, Iodine, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese, and Zinc, among others.

Then there’s added peas and oats, as well as herbs and spices, which make the whole dish a flavorful experience for your dog. But all of this, with minimal exertion and clean up for you!

Burns Alert Dog food is an excellent, nutritious and hypoallergenic all-rounded dog food for therapy and assistance dogs. It helps dogs stay calm at work, and stay happy all day!

  • Exceptional mix of ingredients
  • One of the only dog foods designed for therapy and assistance dogs
  • Mild formulation
  • Hypoallergenic and nutritious
  • Not suited for pregnant dogs and puppies

#3 Burns Penlan Pouch with Chicken and Vegetables

Yet another specially designed variant, Burns Penlan Chicken mix with all-natural and organic ingredients, boasts a wider target audience. 

Made to be nutritious to dogs at every age, the Burns Penlan chicken dog food combines organic chicken, vegetables, and organic brown rice into a flavorful combination that appeals to every dog.

At the same time, this mix ensures that even dogs with the most sensitive stomachs benefit from its hypoallergenic combination, and can eat without any fuss.

One of the reasons for this, besides the recipe, are the ingredients. The dog food uses only the highest quality, locally sourced organically grown material, with no synthetic additives or chemicals added.

The fact that there are no added grain products (which irritate dogs’ intestines), no cornmeal fillers, chemical flavours, or irritants like soya, dairy products, wheat derivatives, etc. or bulking agents, etc. all ensure that this combination is truly mild on dogs’ digestive systems.

At the same time, added seasonal vegetables make sure to enrich the flavour and also add fiber. So, your dog’s bowels will still go like clockwork, but he won’t have to endure pain or discomfort, like commercial dog foods can cause.

And then there’s all the really good stuff. Added vitamins like A, D, and E add to the naturally occurring vitamin content to make sure that your dog receives his full requirement per day. These vitamins also bolster his immune system, nerves and reflexes, and make sure he has healthy skin, fur, bones, teeth, and nails.

There’s a whole row of microminerals, too. Minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Copper, Calcium, Sodium, Selenium, Manganese, etc. are needed by the body to maintain its regular functions, for everything from oxygen transport to nerve conduction.

Being a wet food, it also appeals more to finicky dogs or dogs who refuse dry food because of having developed digestive issues from commercial dog foods. The smell and taste are customized to encourage dogs to eat their food fully.

If you have a dog who is a fussy eater, this is extra useful.

Especially since not all the food bags taste the same. And there’s other flavour combinations available too, should your dog feel a little more adventurous.

Even Burns puppy food reviews work for this mix. For purebred dogs, even for dog owners who simply want to avoid their dogs developing problems in later life, Burns pet food mixes take care of all their needs!

  • Suits a variety of dogs across ages and breeds
  • Non-irritant
  • Hypoallergenic mix of organic and seasonal ingredients
  • Portion sizes are small per bag and need to be adjusted for larger dogs

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