Burgess Dog Food Review

Burgess Dog Food Review

Feeding a pooch who is a picky eater can be hard. And this is only compounded when your dog quite literally cannot tolerate heavy foods, because he has a sensitive stomach.

This problem occurs more and more these days, because of the sheer number of bulking agents and additives in commercial dog foods. After a point, every dog ends up needing foods designed to be softer on the stomach, while still providing all the nutrients needed to make him heathy, and keep him there.

This Burgess dog food review lists the best options for your dog, as well as how to pick the ideal option for your canine companion.

Burgess Dog Food Review – Top 3

Burgess SupaDog Sensitive

#1 Burgess Supadog Hypoallergenic Dog Food – Turkey

Out of the mouths of the … pups! The Burgess Supadog hypoallergenic dog food is a specialised formulation for dogs who have suffered digestive problems because of constant irritation of their digestive tracts.

The mixture is designed with some key features in mind, such as a focus on providing a healthy amount of prebiotics to your dog’s intestines. Prebiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your dog’s guts. This means that the intestines repopulate themselves over time, with the Burgess Supadog food.

This also means that not only is your dog better protected, but also has a stronger and more robust internal flora, which will keep his digestive tract safe from any potential invaders.

This immune property is boosted by added vitamins, minerals, and plenty of naturally sourced antioxidants, which actively fight against chemical damage in the digestive tract. Not only do they help in repair, but also in restoring optimum performance to previously damaged tissues.

The food is specifically hypoallergenic, because it avoids bulking materials like cornmeal, or fatty meats like chicken or duck, which a lot of dogs cannot tolerate. Especially elderly dogs or pups who are purebreds thrive on hypoallergenic dog foods. It also does wonders for dogs who haven’t had stomach issues yet, because it prevents them from ever developing.

The main grain of the Burgess Supadog hypoallergenic dog food is Yucca, with added beet pulp for fibre. Not only does this regularize your dog’s bowel movements, but also gives him a good cleanse with better bowel habits.

An added amino acid called Taurine throws on another layer of well-being for your pupper. Taurine helps promote heart health in dogs, because oftentimes, older dogs suffer free radical damage that sneaks up on them. Sufficient taurine in their diet helps them keep this course delayed for as far as possible, and allows your dog to be as young as he wants!

Additionally, there is added calcium, which helps your dog strengthen his teeth and bones. Burgess Supadog sensitive also provides your dog with plenty of salmon protein, which is arguably one of the best protein sources all around.

The protein in Burgess supadog sensitive puppy food is derived from lamb, which usually suits even the most finicky of stomachs. Also, there is plenty of proportionate carbohydrates from rice, again very mild. Lucerne provides a lot of additional antioxidants, as well as taurine, which focuses on heart health.

All in all, this is definitely the best hypoallergenic dog food for a lot of reasons.

  • Rice and lamb are very nutritious
  • Added vitamins and minerals bulk the recipe out.
  • Well tolerated; promotes doggy intestinal health and immunity.
  • n/a

Burgess Sensitive Puppy Food

#2 Burgess Sensitive Hypoallergenic Dog Food – Turkey

Not too far behind on the list, we have the half in, half out doggy menu, with Burgess sensitive hypoallergenic dog food for senior pooches, as well as pups.

Using adult turkey and rice, this offering from Burgess is similar to the Burgess lamb and rice, but even milder than it. Lamb has the disadvantage of still being red meat, which some dogs absolutely cannot stomach.

The sensitive and hypoallergenic dog food leaves out dairy, beef, etc. Depending on the size of your dog, the amount of food he gets at the beginning vs throughout his initiation process will still provide him with a mild yet complete meal.

However, there’s more to this Burgess sensitive review! With a hefty 21% protein content, this is the ideal dog food for dogs who are not done growing yet. Added 10% fat makes sure your pet stays heart healthy, and boosted vitamin A, D, E, and minerals like calcium, copper, sodium, selenium, etc. All of these promote huge upgrades in immunity, against both infection, and inflammation.

And if you were wondering about the carbohydrate mainstay, yucca root and rice take care of providing energy, without irritating your pup’s delicate stomach lining in any way. No maize, wheat, dairy, or eggs! Your dog gets all the good stuff, and none of the strain! There’s not even any beef or soya fillers!

If you’re looking to slowly phase out a dog food that isn’t treating your dog well, look no further. At the same time, for purebred or pedigree dogs, who naturally have a delicate stomach, foods like the Burgess sensitive hypoallergenic dog food are heaven sent!

  • Ideal for purebreds and for puppies
  • Hypoallergenic as well as added vitamins and minerals
  • Terrific acceptance rates from new users and fussy eaters, both.
  • Your dog will need to be introduced to it slowly, to promote acceptance.

Burgess Sensitive Lamb and Rice

#3 Supadog Burgess Hypoallergenic Dog Food – Lamb

Last but definitely not least is the Supadog Burgess Hypoallergenic british Lamb and Rice! If that name is a mouthful, so is the dog food for your pup!

Not only is the Burgess Sensitive Lamb and Rice designed for restructuring a healthy gut flora, but the added prebiotics also massively boost both innate immunity and immune response in the gut.

In addition to this, the food leaves your doggy looking like a princess, with glossy, well conditioned fur and skin. The added vitamin A and E work wonders on the overall condition of his fur and skin, leaving it lustrous, glossy, thick, and most of all, healthy. Added omega fatty acids help with his as well, along with contributing to the heart healthy properties of the Burgess sensitive puppy food.

The list of supplements is nothing to sneeze at, either. There is added Calcium and phosphorus for joints and bone strengthening. Vitamins and natural antioxidants help fight aging and help promote cell restoration. Solid amounts of salmon protein leave us with a hypoallergenic dog food that still provides all conceivable nutritional supplements for growing dogs, as well as for growing ones.

The source of protein in the Supadog Burgess Hypoallergenic food, aka lamb, is famous for helping dogs bulk, but not overwhelming their digestive processes. The same applies to rice, which provides good carbs, and does not cause any bloating or water retention like corn residue does.

Depending on your dog’s preferences and age, you can feed it to him directly, or soak it in water a little and then let your dog have it. In either case, it helps massively in making sure that your dog eats well, and does not overeat, either.

Although there is no added dairy component, this Supadog Burgess hypoallergenic dog food does smell admittedly a little rank. This is often a turn off for the doggy parents more than the dog though. But if you’re looking for a mild, well rounded food for your dog, look no further!

  • Very well tolerated combination for puppies as well as grown up dogs
  • Added vitamins and minerals magnify vastly the immunity boost
  • Rice is very gentle even on irritated stomach linings.
  • Smells very strong to some people
  • A little pricier than the other options

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