Beta Dog Food Review

Beta Dog Food Review

Purina beta dog food offer a nice selection of different options when it comes to dog food. They offer you the option to choose your dog type, whether that is puppy, adult, or senior dog. Also alongside that you have the option to what variety of food you want, whether that is the chicken, turkey or beef. 

Each of the different foods have been created with certain elements in mind which are tailored to each of the dogs which I will further go into as well as the advantages of each and why and how they have been tailored to each dog.

My review has been from my own usage of the foods and from market research of other dog owners who have also used this food. 

This way I have the best amount of knowledge possible both from my own experience and from a plethora of different dog owners. Here in my review I will be covering each of the different foods which are tailored for dogs of different ages. Let’s get started.

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Purina Beta Dog Food Reviews

Beta Adult Food

Beta Adult Food

Firstly I am going to be talking about Betas adult food which I am sure you guessed is tailored exactly for adult dogs. Straight out of the packet this food is made up of primarily a mixture of whole grain cereals. After the cereals you have the meat contents which makes up for 16% of the food. Of that 16% you are guaranteed that at least 4% of that will be chicken and the same applies to the other meat varieties which include salmon and turkey.

After the cereals and the meats the rest of the contents is made up of primarily a mix of vegetables and added minerals and vitamins. To name a few of them and their benefits – firstly you have a prebiotics which are great for your dogs digestion and generally great for overall digestive health. Another vitamin which has been added is vitamin b which for your dog will help with a consistent and well balanced release of energy. There are also a selection of other ingredients to aid the likes if your dog’s teeth and bones for example which is nice to see as well.

In terms of how dogs enjoy this food, my own dog enjoyed it and that seems to be the trend with most other dog owners. It’s worth mentioning that not every dog who has ate these has liked them but as I said it seems to be the general trend that the vast majority of dogs enjoy this food.

A smaller downside is the meat content in these. The meat has quite a low content and I would say it’s a little too low to be the only option to feed your dog so adding in some other food with a higher meat amount periodically might be a good idea.

  • Added vitamins & minerals
  • Ideal nutritional content for adult dogs
  • Well liked by adult dogs
  • Lower meat content

Beta Puppy Food

Beta Puppy Food

How this puppy food is made up is very similar to how the adult food is made up but with some important differences to note which have been clearly tailored to puppies and younger dogs. 

The main base of this food is the cereals just like the adult option making up for about 54% of the food, the meat content makes up for 16% of the food just like the adult food.

In addition to this you also have added ingredients and minerals which have been included to make your puppy grow up big and strong.

One thing I really liked with this dog food is the dual shaped and sized kibbles. What these kibbles do is to encourage your puppy to chew slower. For me that’s a really excellent and well thought out idea particularly for younger puppies who sometimes tend to eat food more quickly than they should and this can sometimes lead to digestive issues because they aren’t chewing the food enough. These kibbles definitely help with that so it’s an important thing to mention.

Speaking of digestive my dogs love this food and in addition to the slower eating there whole digestion including their poops where really great and as you would like, no flatulence or running poos or anything of the sort.

  • Nice balance of ingredients with nutritional value
  • Smaller kibble size – ideal for puppies
  • No runny poos
  • n/a

Beta Senior Food

Beta Senior Food

Unlike the adult food and puppy food the senior food which is made for older dogs has quite a different make up when compared with the others. This make up has obviously been tailored to suit older dogs. 

For this food the main ingredient is the meat, in the one I tried which was the chicken option makes up for 29% of the food contents. You also have wheat and corn as the more filling foods and then a selection of different fruits and vegetables along with added vitamins and minerals which have been specifically chosen with older dogs in mind. 

For example there are natural omega 3 fatty acids included which are great for overall dog health and are good for things like joint health and anti-inflammatory properties. As another example you also have vitamin e which has one of the benefits to support your dogs natural defenses.

Also the kibbles here have been shaped so you dog eats them slower and has to chew them more thoroughly which its better for digestion because your dog will eat them slower and the digestion will also be aided so its a 2 in 1 benefit really.  

  • Added ingredients tailored for older dogs
  • Good for digestion
  • Loved by dogs – tasty!
  • n/a

Beta Dog Food Review – Conclusion

beta dog foods

In conclusion I can easily recommend Beta’s dog food. You get a good quality of ingredients that have been tailored exactly to your dog with lots of ingredients that are really the perfect fit for your dog at his different stages of life. 

It’s nice to see that little bit extra effort and thought has gone into the food and even the things like the kibble shape been has thought of and how that aids digestion – it really is a brilliant idea. 

You get all of this for what I would consider a good price point, not the cheapest out there but not expensive at all. So overall I recommend you check out some food from Beta as soon as you can.

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