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It’s a very recognisable image, most commonly from typical police and bad guy squads in movies- a group of men with a huge, snarling dog straining on a chain, growling through his muzzle. Instant association that we make? Muzzled dog = angry, vicious dog. When the reality is actually far from it.

Muzzles get a bad rep for this very reason. The fact of the matter is that muzzles can and should be a regular part of every dog’s training. They are extremely useful devices that help us and our dogs navigate situations that could otherwise be detrimental. Instead, they’re more commonly used as punishments, or dogs are forced into them, traumatizing them for life. But with a good muzzle and some patience, you can have your dog if not looking forward to being muzzled, at least not requiring a wrestling match of the exercise each time.

It’s imperative that you pay attention to the shape and fit of the muzzle. Dog snouts are very sensitive, even though they seem to run face-first into a lot of things. Here are the best dog muzzles UK markets have right now, to make your selection a lot easier!

Best Choice
Crazyboy® Silicone Basket Dog Muzzles, Allow Dogs to Drink, Pant and Eat Schnauzer Border Collie Golden Retriever Rottweiler
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Ancol Plastic Muzzle Black/red Size 8 30x10.5cm
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Durable Option
JeonbiuPet Adjustable Dog Muzzle Anti Bite Bark Allow Drink Soft Leather (M)
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Best Dog Muzzles – Our Top 5

Best Dog Muzzle for Biting

1. CRAZYBOY Silicone Basket Dog Muzzles

Made for dogs who share its name and otherwise. CRAZYBOY silicone basket muzzles are the best kind of muzzle a dog can ever have. Although it looks very elaborate, it’s actually quite a simple and comfortable construction made of soft and durable material, that’s lightweight enough to not weigh down on a dog’s snout. The frame is made of silicone and encircles the dog’s mouth without boxing it in, with a collar loop, too. So the jaws are sufficiently restrained, but your dog can breathe freely, pant, and drink water without restriction.

The silicone rubber framework attaches around your dog’s head by means of an adjustable strap, that can be lengthened or shortened as necessary, to provide a snug but comfortable fit. Wearing a soft muzzle allows your dog to play unconcerned of injury, which is an issue with hard muzzles, which can bruise on bumping. Once the muzzle is on, you have no issues with your dog biting, or snapping, or eating any garbage it comes across. It’s also a great idea to muzzle your dog while he’s getting his shots, or if he’s around aggressive dogs that could provoke him to bite.

The advantage of the CRAZYBOY silicone basket muzzle is how much it can be adjusted. So whether you have a narrow-faced hound or a wide-jowled Rottie, this is the muzzle for him!

  • Easily adjusted
  • Allows dogs to breathe, pant and drink water
  • Silicon material and that has soft outer but strong structure
  • n/a

Best Dog Muzzle for Barking

2. Ancol Plastic Muzzle Black/red

A different type of muzzle from the CRAZYBOY, the Ancol plastic muzzle is a basket style muzzle for completely enclosing the dog’s jaws. It’s a very strong muzzle, made of durable plastic, and ideal for dogs who are aggressive and require adequately tough restraints on their jaws.

The basket of the muzzle is made of pre-moulded plastic and holds its shape even if the dog attempts to open his jaws wide inside it. However it’s also recommended that you get the right size to ensure that the fit is right, for which purpose it comes in a variety of sizes, the best to fit your dog. It still leaves plenty of space for a dog to pant freely through, or to drink water, and isn’t tight enough to get itchy or uncomfortable for your pooch. It will however allow plenty of space for him to breathe, pant, and drink water with no restrictions.

The Ancol muzzle’s mouthpiece straps into place with a collar-like tie, that goes around the dog’s head. It holds the muzzle in place very effectively, so you don’t have to worry at all about your dog deciding to make a quick meal out of whatever muck he sticks his nose into. Plus, the price is extremely low for the quality. This is definitely a muzzle to have at home.

  • Variety of sizes available
  • Plenty of space for drinking water & panting
  • Great quality
  • Low price
  • n/a

#1 Dog Muzzle that Allow Drinking

3. HiujingSport JeonbiuPet Adjustable Dog Muzzle

A wide-strapped muzzle not unlike a bridle (without the bit, naturally), the HiujingSport JeonbiuPet Adjustable Dog Muzzle is a glove-like muzzle made of soft, textured leather, that wraps around the jaws of the dog wearing it, effectively restricting the opening range. The leather of the material is firm enough to hold its shape, while simultaneously being soft enough to not rub against the snout and cause any bumps and scrapes.

Apart from the leather, the HiujingSport JeonbiuPet muzzle has soft fabric as well, and straps that allow plenty of space for breathing, drinking water, and comfortable opening and closing of the jaws minimally. What it won’t allow is your dog going facefirst through every bit of found trash, and then chomping his way through it. It also helps train out excessive biting behaviour.

Not to mention, it looks incredibly stylish the whole time, too. The muzzle is very elegantly but solidly shaped and is efficient without looking bulky on any dog. It works very well for medium to large dogs and can be adjusted to fit their faces as required. It’s best to buy a size that fits closest to your dog’s measurements. If you’re not looking for a hard-shelled muzzle, this is a very good option for you!

  • Durable, soft leather
  • Comfortable
  • Easily adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Not the ideal size of smaller dogs

Dog Muzzle to Stop Eating

4. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle, Black, 3, Medium

While the name is immediately evocative of the infamous Hound of the same name, this muzzle is a little something for every dog. Claiming top end safety, security, and comfort for a heavily reduced price, the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle definitely looks ultra-strong.

Special ergonomically designed straps hold a firm basket muzzle in place, with fastenings in two places, plus a loop to attach to a collar with. There’s even an optional overhead strap, in case your dog needs the extra fastening. The webbing itself has wide holes that allow easy air circulation and permit drinking, but the real USP is that the frame can be moulded to a certain extent to fit your dog’s jaw shape, after immersing in hot water and applying pressure. This allows to accommodate for the quirks that some pooches have.

What’s more, this muzzle allows dogs to be fed through one of the gaps in the webbing on top- but will still prevent them from eating garbage on their own. However, if you have a Mastiff or Bull Terrier type breed with a very wide jawline, this muzzle may be too narrow even after the heat treatment. If not, then this is an excellent choice!

  • Muzzle can be moulded using hot water to shape the muzzle for the perfect fit
  • Secure fit
  • Maybe too narrow for a dog with a wide jaw like a bull terrier

5. JUNMO Adjustable Anti-biting Dog Muzzle – Leather

The JUNMO muzzle is the most simplistic one on our list right at the first glance. Instead of straps and buckles, it has a tubular piece of leather that holds the dog’s mouth closed and in place. It’s more open in the front than its predecessors, but also tighter, in that it does not allow chewing movements or enough mouth opening for drinking water.

The entire muzzle piece of the JUNMO is very lightweight and very adjustable. It can even be trimmed to fit short snouted dogs. Comfort is a major advantage with the JUNMO muzzle. However, it’s a better option for people looking to temporarily stop their dog from fidgeting with their wounds during the healing period, or for short term use. The material prevents it from being very durable, and is a little too tight to be left on for extended periods of time. But if you’re in the market for a muzzle your dog will need only for a little while, definitely take this into consideration!

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Ideal if you want a tighter more restricted fit
  • Not really for long term use but better to stop dog from playing with a wound etc.

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