What Should You Put on A Dog Tag in the UK?

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A dog tag is considerably beneficial and important when owning a dog.  Dog tag information should be precise and to the point. So, what should you put on a dog tag in the UK? 

UK law for dog ID tags requires two pieces of information; the owner’s name and the owner’s address, including zip code.  However, there is other optional dog tag information that can be added to assist in locating a dog’s owner if they ever are separated.

In this article we will be discussing dog tag and dog collar requirements in the UK, plus further optional information to list on a dog ID tag that can be helpful.

 UK Dog Tag Information – Required and Optional

Dog collars are not just a fashion statement, but the UK dog collar law requires that all dogs wear one while out in public.  Dog ID tags are attached to the collars and provide necessary information to a person or veterinarian if the dog somehow gets lost, stolen, or just separated from the owner.

According to Dogs Actually, the UK dog tag law for 2022 requires the owner’s name and address to be engraved or written/printed on the tag.  In addition, it is recommended to include a phone number.  This information is generally placed on the front of the tag.  Legislation associated with these UK dog laws can be found in The Control of Dogs Order 1992.  Furthermore, not adhering to the UK dog tag laws could result in a fine of up to £5000.

Though it is optional, microchip status is also recommended to be included on the reverse side of the tag.  A lost or stolen dog that is microchipped can easily be identified by a veterinarian, especially if the owner’s address and/or phone number has changed and not updated on the tag.

Should I Put My Dog’s Name on The Tag?

Though you may think it’s cute to display your dog’s name on your UK dog tag, it is not recommended.  Dogs may respond favorably to a stranger if they hear its name, therefore they might not protect your house or your property as well.  Not only that, but dog theft is not uncommon in the UK.  A thief could potentially gain the trust of a dog by calling its name in order to sell it to potential buyers.

Dog tag information should be precise only with information that will get a dog back to their rightful owners without divulging the dog’s name.

Dog tags and collars are essential, and the dog tag legal requirements are put in place for a reason.  It’s important to comply with these basic UK dog tag laws as stated.  Updating your dog tags if you move or change your phone number is equally important to ensure your dog is returned to you if lost or stolen.

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What Should You Not Put on a Dog Tag?

Do not include the dog’s name on the tag.  Dogs might respond positively to a stranger or a thief if they use its name.

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