What Bin Does Dog Poo Go in the UK (How to Deal with Dog Waste)

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It is predicted that on average, a dog will produce 68 kilos of waste every year. Dog waste is highly unpleasant – it has a strong bad odour and carries dangerous parasites. So, you need to dispose of all of this waste somehow. What bin does dog poo go in in the UK?

Because of parasites present in dog waste, it must be disposed of in general waste (black or grey) bins. In public, you will often find bins specifically for dog poo, but if you don’t, you should use a general waste bin.

Let’s have a look at how to dispose of your dog’s waste, at home, on walks, and some more environmentally friendly options, in more detail.

At Home

If you have outdoor space and your dog prefers to do their business there, you will want to know how to dispose of dog poo at home. To do this, take a small black plastic bag (dog poo bag) and put your hand inside so the bag acts as a cover for your hands. Pick up the poo and flip the bag inside out and tie a knot to seal.

Another method is to buy a ‘poop scooper’ and transfer the waste into the bag using this.

Councils recommend ‘double bagging’ – sealing the closed bag in another bag, to prevent odours and spillage.

Place the bag in your general waste bin (the black/grey one). Dog waste is not recyclable or compostable, so it must go in with the general waste. Parasites like E. Coli and Salmonella can be present in dog waste, which makes it unsafe to use for the council as compost material.

On Walks

If your dog goes for a number two whilst you are out on a walk, you need to pick it up and dispose of it. Leaving dog poo on the ground can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

In a park, for example, a child could step on it with bare feet, or crawl over it, exposing their hands and knees. If any gets into their body, the child could suffer severe food poisoning. If any gets into their eyes, the roundworms in dog poo can even lead to blindness.

In the UK, you have a legal obligation to clear up your dog’s waste in public spaces. Failing to do so will result in a fixed penalty notice of £80 and failing to pay can lead to court cases and further fines.

When your dog does a poo in public, pick it up with a plastic bag and a scoop if you carry one, and double bag the waste, just like you would at home. But what bin for dog poo?

In most parks in the UK that are popular amongst dog walkers, there will be a bin specifically for dog poo. They are smaller than regular bins and have a heavy lid. Dispose of the waste here if you can.

If there are no dog poo bins around, use a normal general waste bin to dispose of the poo.

The Green Way

With growing concerns about the environment, many dog owners are looking for greener ways to dispose of dog waste. Dogs create a huge amount of waste in a lifetime, and the number of small plastic bags heading to landfill as a result is adding to the burden on the planet.

One option for more eco-friendly dog waste disposal is to buy compostable dog poo bags and bury it in your garden. The bag will decompose, as will the poo inside. Whilst it is not safe to mix dog poo into regular compost, it would not be dangerous under a lawn. Just keep it away from plants that we eat.

There are also now flushable dog poo bags on the market, made from water-soluble materials. This means you can flush your dog poo down the loo Double check with your local water provider, as these bags are a new concept, and some water treatment centres are not equipped to handle it yet.

Another option is to create a dog waste wormery. It must be a wormery fed exclusively on dog waste, as the worms won’t like a mix. This option not only creates an environment for worms to live and thrive, but also can reduce the waste level by 50%.

Related Questions

Can I Put Dog Poo in My Green Bin UK?

No. Councils ask you to dispose of dog waste in the general waste, or black bins. This is because it could disrupt the sorting process of the bins and dog waste could contaminate the other materials in the rubbish, stopping it from being recyclable.

Check with your local council to get a better understanding of the colour scheme for bins, as it is different in different areas of the U.K. Dog waste, however, is always for the black bin, because it is non-recyclable and non-compostable. 

Can You Put Dog Poo in the Food Waste Bin?

No. The food waste bin is for food waste and mixing it with animal droppings can encourage pests and cause bad odour.

Can You Throw Dog Poo in a Normal Bin?

The ‘normal’ bins that you see in public are okay for dog poo if you can’t see a specific dog poo bin around. Just make sure to double bag it so it is tightly sealed.

At home, you can use your normal black bin for general waste to dispose of dog poo. Again, I recommend double bagging to reduce the risk of odour and leaks.

Can You Put Dog Poo in a Brown Bin?

No. Brown bins are collected by the council and are for food and garden scraps. Councils do not allow pet waste in brown bins because it can encourage pests and cause odour.

Can You Put Dog Poo in the Garden Bin?

No. It is not recommended to use dog waste for compost.

Can Animal Waste Go in the Green Bin?

No. Councils ask for animal waste to be disposed of in the general waste bin. The material is not recyclable or compostable.

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