5 Best Pooper Scoopers of 2021

best pooper scoopers

Despite loving your dog to bits, it’s perfectly normal to sometimes wish that he could use the bathroom on his own. But dogs need to be house broken, and trained to ‘do their business’ outside.

Taking your dog on a walk is a small price to pay for having an odourless and clean home. However, what you have to do with the poop, after your dog has ‘gone’, can still turn into a real mess. No one likes the idea of walking around with a plastic baggy full of dog poop in their hands. And naturally, that can’t be left to simply lie there, it has to be properly disposed of.

This is where pooper scoopers save the day. They are essentially long handled clamping devices that you can pick up and dispose of poop with. And here are the 5 best pooper scoopers you can buy for your house!

Best Choice
𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗪𝗜𝗡𝗡𝗘𝗥 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟬* Pooper Scooper by Simply Natural – 60cm Jumbo Jaws Poop Scoop with Easy Squeeze Trigger and High Tension Spring Dog Poo Scooper
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CuleedTec Jaw Pet Pooper Scooper, 23.6 Inch Long Handle Cleaning Pickup Clip Poop Scoop for Dog and Cat Animal Waste
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Great All-Rounder
Arms Length Pooper Scooper
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Best Poop Scoop

#1 Simply Natural 60 cm Jumbo Pooper Scooper  

Easily the best scooper in the market right now, this innocuous and well-designed scooper is a full 60 cm long. What does this mean? Well, that there is 60 cm between you and the poop!

The handle is triggered with extremely high-quality high tension springs, that open and close very smoothly. The shape of the jaws is such that it makes for very smooth scoop and release motion [pun intended!]. With a handle like this, cleanup is over in five minutes!

It’s not just exclusively for poop either. The size of the jaws is so big, you can use it to pick up larger pieces of trash that you don’t want to touch too. If you’re used to wearing gloves to dispose of your dog’s poop, you know how awkward it can be to have to handle it at all. Not to mention how much extra waste you generate, using a disposable rubber glove every time.

The entire thing is made from premium and high-quality material that is designed for a good grip, and long-lasting service. Put a plastic bag over the jaws, and let the scooper pick up the poop and bag it for you.

The entire set up is rigged from the handle, so you don’t have to touch a gross packet at all! And everything is plastic. Hard, touch plastic, that can go on serving you for many long walks with your dog.

You have to remove the bag and throw it away. Otherwise, your dog’s bathroom habits will decide your entire day’s routine!

Not to mention, it’s an eco-friendly and environmentally option. Which means you clean up yourself, at least possible cost to other people on the ground.

  • High quality materials
  • Easy to use and pick up
  • No touch design
  • Lightweight
  • n/a

Long Handled Pooper Scooper

#2 CuleedTec Jaw Pet Pooper Scooper

On a smaller scale, this pooper scooper is also almost 60 Cm long with a smaller jaw. It’s a lightweight construct with a smaller jaw and a detachable assembly, which means that you can take it and dismantle it, when not in use. It has a long handle and comes with a 13.5×12.5 cm clip at the end, that has a tight opening and closing mechanism.

Although it can sometimes get tedious or embarrassing to have to clean up after your dog in the street, items like the CuleedTec scooper make it so many times easier to rear your dog well. That also means that you focus on other, more fun activities for the both of you!

Simply put the scooper in a bag, and flex the handle to open the jaws. The jaws open and close around the poop, and then it snaps back when you close the jaws. You don’t even have to bend down to pick it up, or touch it at any point. Whether you’re on a footpath, or on grass, you can clean up just as easily anywhere.

With this action, you have the poop in the scooper’s jaws, and just have to close the jaws to have the trap the poop inside for easy disposal.

This is all you need to ‘clean up’ after your dog’ and enjoy the rest of your walk! Just snap the two parts of the handle together, and you have an easy pooper scooper to work with!

  • Easy to use
  • Easy disposal
  • Long and easy to use without bending over
  • n/a

Long Handled Poop Scoop

#3 Arms Length Pooper Scooper

A clever little design, the Arms Length pooper scooper is a flexible and lightweight design that gives you a choice of clean up options. The handle itself is telescopic, and you can extend it to the desired length. This means that you don’t have to bend down at any point. The telescopic handle also means that it can be adjusted to suit almost any height.

It has both a grass rake and flat scoop option, so you can collect everything that needs to be thrown away without any contact or extra mess. The plastic heads come off, so you can clean them very easily. And the whole thing folds down into two parts, for incredibly simple and lightweight storage.

It’s made of strong plastic and is ideal for any set up where cleaning up after dogs may be required. Whether it’s a vet clinic or your home, the Arms Length pooper scooper makes it a foolproof and mess-less process. The material holds up very well to washing and reusing, and unlike other materials, won’t mold or rot over time. The handle is also moulded plastic, and won’t rust or get corroded from being washed.

Plus, it’s in a cheery green colour and will look completely innocuous sitting in a corner in your garden or garage. IThe Arms Length pooper scooper is one of the best ways to get rid of the mess without becoming a mess yourself! You’ll never have to bend down and scoop poop yourself again!

  • Folds over for easy storage etc.
  • Extendable and adjustable length
  • Great build material
  • n/a

#4 RoyalCare New Dog Pooper Scooper

A little different from the other items on our list, the RoyalCare Pooper Scooper is a short handled scoop for picking up your dog’s poop while avoiding touching it.

It has a small, curved handle, that you can use to attach the scooper to your leash, stroller, or belt, with an easy clip, so you have your hands free when you take your dog on a walk.

The frame itself is reusable and comes with disposable plastic baggies inside. Once you’re done with them, you can simply replace the roll with a new one on the same pooper scooper.

When your dog does his business, whether on grass or on the road, or even (horrors!) in your house, you only need to put a plastic bag on the scooper and use it to pick up the poop. When the jaws snap shut, you can just knot the bag and throw it away. So, there’s no contact at any time and no fuss involved in the clean up at all!

It’s a little unsuited for people who want to have a larger ‘separation’ between themselves and the doggy gifts. Also, the opening and closing mechanism is not completely smooth, there is a certain amount of fiddling with the clasp involved. But your hands will never touch poop, never fear!

  • More portable than other options
  • Easy to use
  • Not a big separation between us and the doggy gifts
  • Need to use plastic bags

#5 Ceasyde Pet Pooper Scooper

Another long-handled pooper scooper, the Ceasyde scooper comes with a conveniently designed handle that is 45 cm long and deceptively lightweight. The scooper is made of tough plastic and both portable and convenient despite the strong material used in its construction.

The jaws of the scooper are controlled by two high tension springs, with which you can snap up the waste lying on the ground, without having to bend down or having to handle it in any way directly. You don’t even need to wear gloves!

It’s an ideal for any dog owner. You simply need to put a plastic baggy over the jaws, and snap the clip open and close, The poop gets picked up and turned inside the bag, which you can then simply knot and toss away.

It also comes with a bag holder attached, so you can be sure not to run out of plastic bags on your walk. The only problem that can pop up is that the springs are sometimes too tight to open without some force. But this also makes for a better scooping up mechanism. The jaws open considerably wide too, in any case.

Also, the length is a little short for it to be a completely bend-free scooper. If you’re on the taller side, it would be better to consider one of the longer handled pooper scoopers.

  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Does it’s job well
  • Little short to be bend free
  • Lower build quality

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