Symply Dog Food Review

symply dog food review

Symply dog food is a very beloved brand of pet food, they are a brand who offer a wide range of dog food to choose from. All of their products have named cereals, either rice or potato, and a high content of named meat sources, such as turkey or salmon.

Their dog food has a low fat and hypoallergenic recipe, so it’s ideal for dogs, of all breeds, with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

In this Symply dog food review I am going to break down my thoughts on a few of their foods.

Symply Dog Food Review

#1 Symply Adult Dog Food (Salmon)

This pet food is suitable for all Adult dog breeds, ranging from toy dog breeds such as Chihuahua and Pugs, to giant dog breeds such as Great Danes and English Mastiffs.

It is available in the flavours Salmon and Potato and in bags of 2kg, 6kg and 12kg. It is ideal for dogs from 12 months old to 7 years of age.

Symply pet food is great for pets who are prone to digestive problems and helps to correct negative symptoms such as diarrhea.

It contains 26% Scottish Salmon, which is rich in omega 3 and 6, and it helps repair and maintain healthy skin and fur.

The recipe is low fat and hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about any food intolerances your dog may have.

One of my dogs had an itching problem which seemed to have been caused by an allergy to wheat gluten, and I was very relieved to see an end to that after feeding him with Symply Dog Food.

Symply’s pet food is preserved naturally with mixed tocopherols, which are a blend of vitamin E. They are one of the brands in the UK with the highest levels of linoleic acid, which provide omega 6 content, and is a key factor to achieve healthy skin and coat.

The only thing about this pet food by Symply is that it is a little bit pricey, even though you are getting high quality for what you pay for. However, if you happen to have a large breed of dog the rate of consumption might not be worth the price for you.

  • Added vitamins & minerals
  • Wheat and gluten free
  • Perfect for all adult dogs
  • High meat content
  • Pricey

#2 Symply Puppy Dog Food

This Symply Dog Food is suitable for puppies from 3-12 months old.

 It is available in bags of 2kg, 6kg and 10kg bags and in the flavour turkey and rice. It contains a minimum of 30% dried turkey, which is a healthy digestible protein source, and a minimum of 26% white rice for those necessary carbohydrates.

The recipe is low fat, hypoallergenic, and free from wheat and gluten. It is specially formulated with puppy’s growth and wellbeing in mind.

It contains plenty of vitamins and other additives, which are important for growing puppies in order to have a healthy immune system.

Some of the vitamins this Symply pet food contains are Vitamins A, C, D3, and E. You will find that it has 28% Protein and 15% Fat Content.

Added salmon oil, a natural omega 3 essential fatty acid, provides levels of DHA to help your puppy’s eyesight and brain development.

A common problem with dogs, especially puppies, is that they often don’t even chew their food and just swallow, which can lead to possible vomiting later on.

With this pet food that won’t be an issue, because the kibble is perfect for puppies and their small jaws, as it is of a very small size. This helps to ensure that they won’t be sick from eating it too quickly.

Even the fussiest of eaters won’t be able to resist Symply’s delicious dog food!

  • Kibble designed for smaller jaws
  • Contains no artificial colours etc.
  • Free from wheat, gluten, soya & dairy
  • Puppies love the taste
  • Only for Puppies

#3 Symply Adult Dog Food (Turkey)

This Symply pet food is for adult dogs and is available in 2kg, 6kg and 10kg bags.

It is a wholesome and balanced food, purposefully formulated for healthy digestion. All of their recipes are low fat and hypoallergenic.

There is over 52% turkey and white rice, and contains Vitamin C, E and selenium to boost a healthy immune system.

Symply Dog Food is made specifically for Adult dogs with delicate digestive systems or allergies.

What’s great about this brand is that you won’t find any unnecessary additives in Symply’s pet food.

Other ingredients include: brown rice, oats, sunflower oil, beet pulp, turkey digest, dried egg, seaweed and minerals.

The nutritious oats will give a slow release of energy due to the low Glycemic Index content, and the health benefits of seaweed provide your dog with a valuable source of needed minerals.

I began purchasing Simply pet food after being recommended by a dog behaviour specialist, and ever since I have seen a noticeable difference in my dog’s mood.

My dog also has much better bathroom habits. By seeing him have healthier and firmer stool consistency, this is enough proof for me that his wellbeing has improved.

Symply Dog Food is well-liked by all dog owners, and is known for being much better quality than most brands.

  • Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • High quality ingredients
  • n/a

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