Perfect Fit Dog Food Review

perfect fit dog food review

If you didn’t already know Perfect Fit are a company that specialise in pet food. With their clear focus being on dog and cat food.

This is a good starting sign because companies who only focus on selling products in this area tend to have highly quality than companies who are just offering it as an additional product.

Of course that’s not always necessarily true. So I have tried and tested the dog food myself and along with a plethora of research from other dog owners who have used this food and I have compiled my report to give you the best overall and accurate picture as possible. This is my perfect fit dog food review!

Dog Dry Adult M/L Chicken 1.4 kg
  • Holistic nutrition: selected ingredients make Perfect Fit Adult 1+ the optimal food to maintain the youthful spirit of the dog - for a lifetime!
  • Rich in taste and nutrients: optimally adapted to the needs of dogs are combined with hearty chicken to create a balanced dry food - ideal for dogs.
  • EVERYTHING DOGS NEED: As a source of glucosamine, the food contributes to the maintenance of joints & mobility - vitamin B, iron and proteins promote healthy muscle mass and vitality.
  • Perfect Fit provides pet food without artificial dyes - it is also based on the unique Total 5 formula to cover the 5 most important health needs of cats and dogs.
  • Box contents: 4 x 1.4 kg Perfect Fit Adult 1+ for adult dogs / dog food to support vitality / dry complete food in a practical bag for dogs over 10 kg.

Perfect Fit Dog Food Review

Perfect Fit Dog Food

The first thing I noticed about this dog food is the mentality behind the food and how it has been created and with what in mind. As an example to take good care of your dog’s digestive system only high quality proteins have been used.

Also alongside that probiotics have been added which will add the dogs digestion in both the stomach and the rest of the digestive system. Perfect Fit have followed this mentality for their whole dog food regime which makes not only the dog food incredibly high quality but extremely good for your dogs health.

Some of the other things that have been included are to aid the likes of oral health, healthy skin and hair and strong natural defense just to name a few.

All of their available foods have this moto and mentality behind them though of course each has their uniqueness. For example the foods that are available for smaller dogs have a smaller form factor – what I basically mean by this is that the pieces are smaller for the food that is tailored for smaller dogs and a little bigger for dogs that are larger in size. It’s important to note because some dogs can become annoyed or frustrated breaking down big pieces of food as I have seen from other dog foods on the market. Whereas with this one you will have no such problems which is sometimes a factor that is often overlooked by other companies.

In terms of how dogs like this food, they seem to really love it with many dog owners with fussy dogs enjoying this food when they didn’t others. This shows the added ingredients for digestion and the sheer quality of the food – dogs really seem to enjoy which makes it a great choice for fussy eaters.

Dog owners including myself have reported happy dogs with plenty of energy across the board. When I say plenty of energy I mean a nice balance that isn’t too much or not enough – it feels like a nice medium to me.

I know not everyone wants to hear it but the poos are also good. No running poos or anything of the sort with this dog food. The motions are good and this backs up the fact that this is a good food choice for your dogs digestion.

The final thing I want to talk about this dog food is the value. When you consider the quality of the ingredients and the thought that has been put into this food the value is amazing. This food is really affordable and considering it has these properties the value for money is really immense and puts quite a lot of their competitors to shame to what they can offer for sure a great price point.

  • Amazing value
  • Good for fussy eaters
  • High quality ingredients
  • n/a

Perfect Fit Dog Food Review – Conclusion

pet fit adult dog food

Overall it’s easy to recommend this dog food from perfect fit because of the how the food has been made with quality ingredients along with deliberately and thoughtfully included ingredients for the ultimate health and longevity for your dog.

It’s also great because of the different variations that have been designed for certain dogs depending on their age and their size. Each of these options have subtle differences which really make for the best fit for your dog no matter the age or size – you will have the best choice for him straight out of the bag!

Considering all this is available at a very low and competitive price point it’s easy for me to recommend this dog food from perfect fit!

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