Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food Review

Lily's Kitchen Puppy Food Review

Lily’s Kitchen is a well known and respected brand in the dog food sector. They specialise in creating dog food, so one would assume their quality would be better because of this?

It’s undoubtedly true that when you are trying to choose food for your new puppy that you want them to have the best possible choice out there.

Nutrition is important for every dog but it’s even more important when your dog is growing up. That’s why choosing the right puppy food is an essential part of taking care of your pet.

The question is does Lily’s kitchen provide that high quality that you need. Here I will cover the product from both my own experience and from other dog owners views to give you the best overview of the product as possible.

Lily's Kitchen Puppy Recipe with Chicken Wet Dog Food, 6 x 400g
  • Nutritionally complete, grain free wet dog food - specially for puppies 8 weeks +
  • Made with 67% chicken
  • Contains wholesome fruits and vegetables for extra nourishment
  • Suitable for puppies 8+ weeks
  • No derivatives, preservatives or fillers - all natural healthy goodness

Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food Review

The first thing I want to point out about their product line up is that they have a wide selection of options available. Some of these options are created specifically for puppies which is ideal for dogs under 1 year old.

A couple of the options that I tried myself for my dog where the complete wet chicken food and the dry chicken and salmon options. I have tried both dry and wet variates and both are of tremendous quality, when I talk about the ingredients following this I will be focusing on the wet food but the dry food has most of the same ingredients and quality as the wet food does.

To give you a quick and fast round up of what foods are included you have a meaningful portion of chicken, along with a plethora of organic vegetables. You also have an excellent selection of herbs which have all been included for some particular reason. For example celery seeds and aniseed have been included for improving digestion and for supporting liver function.

The important thing to note about the ingredients is that everything has been added with quality in mind and with some direct reason why it has been included usually for some health benefit or to make sure your dog is generally well nourished. Things like all the food included being organic is definitely a nice bonus worth mentioning.

Basically the minds behind Lily’s kitchen food have your dogs health and wellness firmly in mind all while providing the best ingredients often backed by research and science.

Not only from my own experience but from most other dog owners – dogs absolutely love this food. If you have experienced a fussy eater as a pup then this food may be your antidote to the problem because puppies really love this food.

It’s not like some other dog foods I have tried that often smell bad and make me feel sick at times. This one has a nice smell, comparable to some pre made meals I have eaten myself. My point being that you can tell it’s of higher quality right out of the tin.

Another benefit of this dog food is that it’s suitable for puppies with sensitive stomachs. Unlike some other dog foods that can often be stuffed with poor quality ingredients and additives there is none of that to be seen with this dog food.

Also on top of everything being clean you have added ingredients like I mentioned before which naturally aid digestion which is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Another thing I personally noticed with this dog food is my dogs bad breath or actually the lack of it. I noticed after feeding my puppy this for a week I noticed that his bad breath had disappeared, I am assuming this dog food is really much easier on the digestion system and therefore you get much less gas and bloating etc which could lead to bad breath.

I know this may be too much information for some. But many people have reported dogs who had runny poo before becoming firm and normal after using this food for a little time. Again this shows the food usually agree with most dogs digestion systems because of what I have already mentioned prior.

Another positive with this food is that my dog was happy and had a good amount of energy when only eating this food. I didn’t experience any hyper activity or from any of my research neither did any other dog owners who fed their dog this food. Another positive note mentioning I feel.

One final thing worth noting is that there is no grains in this food. For some dogs and owners this ia a good thing so I thought I would mention it.

Generally when I review a product there is some common negative points but here with this Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food it’s hard to find any common problems amongst users.

Of course there is a rare person saying that their dog didn’t like the food but it seems that review is few and far between when it comes to reviews of this product line. From my own experience with my dog there is nothing but positives with this puppy food!

  • Good for energy levels
  • No bad breathe
  • Easy on digestion
  • Variety of different options
  • All organic
  • Few dogs don’t like it (rare)

Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food Review – Conclusion

As a quick overview this food is incredibly high quality with mostly natural ingredients that have been specifically chosen to aid your dogs health particularly for puppies under 1 year old.

I can easily recommend this dog food – if it was the only dog food I was to feed my puppy for his first year of life I would definitely be happy to accept that condition if I had to!

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