HiLife Dog Food Review

HiLife Dog Food Review

HiLife offers a solid selection of different dog foods variations to best suit you and your pet. As HiLife specialise in only dog food you would assume their quality of food would be better but we will have to see ourselves.

Today in our review we will cover the top few choices when it comes to HiLife Pet food options. Our review is made up from our own usage and other dog owners who have been using the dog food for a longer time.

This way we can see the more long term effects and a more balanced review to see the dog food on a more broad level. Our review will be made up from this knowledge.

Hi Life Dog Food Review

Value Box (comes in different sizes and variations)

Value Box

Probably their most popular offering and arguably their best offering is their value box. This value box comes in a selection of different food offerings. The first offering is beef, cheese and fresh vegetables, the second is lamb, chicken and fresh vegetables and the 3rd option is turkey, chicken and fresh vegetables. These packs come in different size offerings of 6kg, 8kg and 12kg variations as well for more quantity and better value the bigger the size you go for unsurprisingly.

First of the food is nicely moist unlike a lot of dry dog food on the market. I think the dogs prefer this than completely dry dog food which is an important distinction to make. This makes the food easier to chew and break down even for small dog breeds. Also the pieces themselves are quite small too which again makes for digestion and chewing the food much easier even for smaller dogs.

This dog food has a good amount of meat content and along with ground whole wheat and a small portion of fresh vegetables for nutritional benefits.

As for dogs they really seem to lap this food up and based on reports even dogs that are fussy eaters enjoy this food without any problems which is a massive selling point.

The quality of the food is good and while not the best out there it is easily worth much more than the price they are available for. On that note this food is really well priced and great value considering the quality and quantity of food you get for the price.

As for the different selection of food the main difference between the food choice here is the meat. Undoubtedly the chicken and turkey are a little lower in the fat content when compared with the beef but bar that there isn’t too much of a notable difference.

I know some people don’t want to hear it but this food gives good poo’s for your dog. There is no running stuff or even the contrary. Because the food isn’t quite wet or dry and has a nice balance moisture and ingredients means that digestion is ideal for your dog which is exactly what I like to see.

A final thing worth mentioning about this food is the smell. The smell isn’t strong and for dog food really is quite pleasant and won’t stink out your kitchen or wherever your dog eats!

HiLife Spoil Me

HiLife Spoil Me

If you are looking for a real quality treat this option from HiLife is definitely worth your consideration.

While this dog food isn’t really meant to be a food you give your dog all the time it definitely could be if you wanted. The ingredients included are very simple and this simplicity should be ideal for your dog. The included ingredients are chicken breast, peas, carrots and minerals.

The most important thing to talk about with this dog food is the quality of the ingredients. You can tell straight out of the packet that the quality here is top notch and they haven’t skimped on the quality at all. Whether this is a food you intend to feed your dog as a treat or as his main food it’s definitely possible for either.

If you have a fussy eater of a dog this is also an ideal choice. Based on reports its rare if not ever that any dogs turn their nose up to this food. This is probably due to the simplicity and the quality of the food overall I would say. I would say this food is more gritty but in a good way – you can tell what’s in the food and it’s not just a mosh like some other dog foods out there.

HiLife Dog Food Review – Conclusion

HiLife Dog Food Review

I wanted to highlight these 2 products from Hi Life because of both the popularity, low price and apparent quality. Overall I can see from my own usage and many other review that Hi Life offer a great quality product at a very reasonable price point.

Because their food is made with quality and good ingredients dogs love it, which makes it really a good choice if your dog is a fussy eater or has been one in the past.

The food gives you dog enough energy without ever becoming hyperactive or anything over the top. Because of the good balance of food included in these foods means both a happy and healthy dog which is exactly what we want.

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