Dog Sleeping in Bed – Is It Okay?

Dog Sleeping in Bed

Studies have shown that about 45% of all dog owners sleep together with their pets. However, the question of whether it is fine to sleep with our canine companions is a continuous debate. Many wealthy, powerful and famous personalities and historical figures have even extended privileges to furry friends.  Perhaps we should start from why people want to have dogs in their beds.

Greater Sense of Security

Sharing a bed with your dog evokes a sense of company and security. Mostly, the canines fit perfectly into those functions, having been a faithful companion to mortals from time immemorial. Many people cite safety and protection as the main reason for having a dog and what’s better than having them watch over you in the most vulnerable moment of sleep. 

Warmth and Comfort

The bedtime and rhythmic breathing of a furry companion while sleeping can have a soothing effect. Since pets have higher room temperature than humans, they can act as a natural electric blanket.

For pet owners who spend most of their time away during the day, bedtime would be an ideal bonding time. This sense of companionship may enhance sleep. Single persons, especially enjoy the company of pets, therefore boosting their mood and improve sleep.

On the other hand, dogs who want to sleep with their dogs do so as a sign of affection. It also makes them feel safe and secure.

Discouraging the Behavior

While having a pet is a beautiful idea and has numerous benefits to the pet owner, allowing a bed under your covers should not be encouraged. Firstly, there should be a clear line in your relationship with your dog. Hygiene is the most critical factor to consider when deciding on whether to allow you to share a bed with your pet.

To still enjoy the company, the affection and feel safe while asleep, it is advisable to get a dog bed instead. Having a designated place for the bed will control the dog’s behaviour while allowing adequate interaction with it.

Do they Spread Diseases and Infections?

Transmission of diseases between humans and domestic dogs is rare. However, children and people with weak immunity may want to avoid sleeping with dogs. Moreover, those with allergy issues ought to keep off the furry pets completely. Dogs are more likely to carry allergens every time they move about the house, which could pose a significant threat to your health. They could also spread pests and parasites.

Apart from the infections, an aggressive dog may attack a perceived stranger when you bring in another person to your bed as they try to defend you and the territory.

Whatever your preference is, be sure to be consistent. It’s frustrating for a dog to sleep with you for some months only for it to be kicked out of the bed later on. For this reason, it is advisable to train your dog to sleep in its own bed.

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