Dog Friendly Beaches in Scarborough – Where Are Dogs Allowed?

Scarborough beach

I often get asked, what are the best dog friendly beaches in Scarborough & are dogs allowed on Scarborough beach. You’ll be happy to hear, that yes, they are!

In this article you will find some information about dog-friendly beaches in Scarborough, and about some other activities in Scarborough you can do with your dog, as well as in the surrounding area.

I will go into the Scarborough beach dog rules in more detail later, but first, here is a bit of background on the popular Northern town.

An Overview of Scarborough

Scarborough has been a big tourist destination since the Victorian times. It is a classic British seaside town, with a harbour, a promenade, and sandy beaches. Settled on the coast of North Yorkshire, it offers cafes, restaurants, gardens, and arcades.

The town is well-connected, with good train and bus routes, as well as being accessible by car. People visit Scarborough year-round for the views, the beaches, the history, and the various activities to do in and around the town. In this article you will find some information about dog-friendly spots and activities in Scarborough, and in the surrounding area.

Beach Choices in Scarborough

There are two main beaches in Scarborough – North Bay and South Bay. Both are sandy and you can get to them on foot from the town. North Bay is the wilder of the two, with many visiting to surf or jet ski.

South Bay is popular with families, with plenty of child friendly amenities. Here, you will also find arcades and fish and chip shops. The beaches are located a couple of miles apart from each other and many enjoy the walk between the two. Others travel to the South Bay on the Victorian funicular railway, which welcomes dogs on board.

Both bays operate a seasonal dog ban – from 1 May to 30 September. According to, this is to help keep the beaches and water as clean as possible during the spring and summer months.

The bans, however, only apply to the main sections of the beach, meaning there are still stretches of sand to exercise your dog. Failure to stay within the permitted spaces comes with a fixed penalty, but there are signs that clearly mark the areas of the beach where the dog bans are enforced.

Dog-Friendly Beaches Close to Scarborough

A couple of miles down the coast is Cayton Bay, which welcomes dogs year-round. It is a large stretch of sandy beach surrounded by grassy coastline and is a popular choice amongst dog owners. There is also a surf school there where you can hire surf boards and catch some waves.

A bit further up the coast towards Whitby is Robin Hood’s Bay. With a slightly more rugged, rocky landscape, it attracts more experienced hikers, as well as photographers. There are no seasonal dog bans on the beach, so it is a good option for dog-owners during the summer months.

Other Dog-Friendly Activities in Scarborough

Just north of the town centre you will find Peasholm Park, which welcomes well-behaved dogs. There is a purpose-built boating lake, where you can hire rowing boats, canoes, and pedaloes, as well as the champion tree walk, for the adventurous amongst you. You will also find peaceful paths following the glen and surrounded by rare trees and plants. There is lots of wildlife in the park, including ducks, geese, and squirrels, so be wary if you have a hunting-prone dog.

As another beach-alternative, Raincliffe Woods offers plenty of trails to explore with your dog. Set above the town, winding along the hills, you will find a combination of forest landscape to hunt around, and sea views to take in. Another trail to pick up from the town is Cleveland Way, which is in full, a four-day hike across the cliffs. The trail can be taken in shorter spurts, offering coastal views and dramatic rocky landscapes.

I also get asked, “are dogs allowed at Scarborough Castle?” Set above the town, is a popular destination for visitors, for the rich history and spectacular views. Dogs on leads are welcome year-round. Also popular amongst tourists is the North Bay Railway, a miniature locomotive rail line that travels up the coast. Dogs are welcome and travel for free!

If you’re looking for somewhere to relax after a busy day, a popular cafe for dog-owners is Olivers on The Mount, set at the highest point in Scarborough.

With quite a climb to reach it, it is an opportunity for your dog to release some energy walking over the hills, and then to cool off on the patio with views down onto the town.

In the town itself you could visit The Belly Rub, which even has its own dog snack menu.

A favourite dog-friendly pub is the Scarborough Arms, which is within walking distance from the town and the beach. It is known for its friendly atmosphere and good food.

For walking, a little bit further afield, but still easily accessible, are Broxa Forest, Dalby Forest and the North York Moors to explore with your dog. All have a combination of long or short trails, suitable for all kinds of dog (and walker!)

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