6 Best Dog Walks in Lancashire (Hidden Gems Included)

Knave’s Grave

Lancashire, a county in the north-west of England, is home to big cities like Preston, Blackpool and Blackburn. People visit the cities for great food and nightlife, which might lead you to question ‘Where can I walk my dog in Lancashire?’

But the county should not be overlooked for its nature. With beautiful coastline, vast commons and intriguing woodlands, Lancashire has a lot to offer you and your dog for walking!

This article will recommend some of the best dog walks in Lancashire. You will find three ‘overall top picks’, a ‘top hidden gem’, a ‘top woodland pick’, and a ‘top coastal pick’.

If you live in Lancashire and want to explore more of your county with your dog, or if you are planning to visit the area soon, read on for some of the best dog-friendly walks in Lancashire!

Overall Top Picks

#1 Jeppe the Knave’s Grave, Pendleton

Pendleton is a very small village in the Ribble Valley, and the starting point for a number of spectacular walks to choose from for you and your dog. The area was also featured in Country Walking magazine.

The route to the grave of Jeppe the Knave, thought to be an outlaw from the 11th century, is a six-mile hike across vast commons. If your dog likes to run as far as the horizon goes, this is the walk for you.

There are also old churches to explore along the path, and rivers for dogs that like swimming. At the end of the route back in Pendleton, you can enjoy a relaxing pint of local beer at the Swan with Two Necks pub.

Being just a 20-minute drive from Blackburn, and also accessible by bus, this walk is a convenient day trip to escape the city with your four-legged friend.

#2 Uphill and Down Dale, Waddington

This moderate difficulty, just over four-mile hike is a route starting in what claims to be Lancashire’s prettiest village, Waddington. Offering breath-taking views over Pendle Hill, it is a great choice for you and your dog.

Because this walk passes through a number of fields, make sure to take a lead for your dog in case of grazing livestock. Also bear in mind that there are a lot of stiles along this path, so it is not ideal for elderly dogs or babies in prams.

Other than that, you will find enchanting woodland paths, views over the Ribble Valley, and a friendly pub, the Waddington Arms, when you finish the trail.

Waddington is just 30 minutes by car, or about 40 minutes by train, north of Blackburn. This makes it a great day trip if you live in or are visiting this city, for you and your dog to get some fresh air in the countryside.

#3 The Tolkien Trail, Hurst Green

This is definitely the most famous walk on this list and is well-worth its recommendation here. The area is famous for being where JRR Tolkien stayed as he was writing Lord of the Rings, and the views will not let down your expectations. It is surely one of the best walks in Lancashire.

The six-mile loop starting in the village of Hurst Green is flat, and not difficult. There are, however, lots of stiles along the way, so is something to bear in mind if your dog struggles with jumping, or if you are walking with a pram.

Part of the route follows the River Hodder, and you will also pass an aqueduct and Cromwell’s Bridge. Along the way, you will see observatories, Stonyhurst College, and views of green fields for miles around. It is easy to understand why this area is thought to be the inspiration for Tolkien’s ‘Shire’.

In Hurst Green is the pub The Shireburn Arms, which is a cosy place to relax with a drink after the walk. Dogs are welcome and will almost certainly be offered cuddles and treats!

Top Hidden Gem

Wyre Estuary Walk, Thornton

This is a four-mile point-to-point, flat route near the village of Thornton, with beautiful scenery along the River Wyre. It is popular amongst locals for its suitability for a variety of activities, including cycling and trail running, because of its flatness.

It also a well-worth it for visitors, too. Thornton is to the North of Blackpool, not far from the coast and away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. This route is part of a 45-mile trail from the Bowland Fells to meet the sea at Fleetwood, and the area all along the trail offers a lot to explore with your dog.

If your dog enjoys being out in the countryside and splashing around in the water, this is a great walk for you in Lancashire.

Top Coastal Pick

Jenny Brown’s Point, Silverdale

Jenny Brown’s point is a headland to the South of the village, Silverdale. Here you can take a coastal walk with your dog for breath-taking views.

Whilst no one knows exactly who Jenny Brown is, there are some famous rumours including that she was a woman waiting for her lost lover and sailor, or even that she was a steam engine! Regardless, the walk is a fantastic Lancashire offering.

If you begin in the village of Silverdale, not only will you pass Lancashire’s arguably most stunning piece of shoreline, but also encounter plenty of wildlife, hidden caves in the cliffs, and an ancient copper smelting site.

There is a loop route that is around five miles from the village. Take your boots and a towel for your dog, there are parts of the path that can be muddy!

Top Woodland Pick

Springwood Walk, Whalley

Not far to the north-east of Blackburn you will find Whalley, home to the beautiful forty-acre Springwood woodland area. Here you will find a variety of paths for you and your dog, with a choice of length and difficulty.

The shortest route takes about thirty minutes, building up to a six-mile trail through the woodlands and into the village of Whalley.

The trail to the village takes you through fields and along the River Calder, with an array of wildlife and greenery. The area is particularly known for Jays and Warblers, and so popular amongst bird enthusiasts.

The area is famous for bluebells in the Spring. If you visit at this time, you will be greeted by a carpet of rich blue on the woodland floor. A beautiful woodland walk for you and your dog to enjoy.

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