Canagan Dog Food Review

Canagan Dog Food Review

When it comes to choosing the right dog food for your pooch, it can sometimes be a tricky decision to make. A little research goes a long way in helping your dog get the food that’s just right for him.

And in this list, Canagan pet food hovers right at the top, held up by happy reviews from satisfied pet owners. Canagan pet food is sourced from only the most wholesome and natural individual food sources, with a closely calculated meat to vegetable ratio that is shown to be biologically accurate.

Depending on your dog’s preferences and requirements, you can choose from the huge variety of Canagan dry dog food, to find what’s just right for you. Here are the most popular variants:

Best Choice
Canagan Grain Free Free-Run Chicken Dog Food 2kg
Customer Rating
More Information
Canagan Scottish Salmon & Veg Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food - 2kg
Customer Rating
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Best for Senior Dogs
Canagan Free-Run Chicken Light/Senior Grain-Free Dog Food - 6kg
Customer Rating
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#1 Canagan Dry Dog Food – Best Option

One of the most popular flavours of dry dog food, this power packed meal for every dog comes with a supremely balanced composition. As per their philosophy, it is a grain-free, all natural blend of vegetables and meat, designed to make the ideal meal for your dog.

Most brands of dry food use grains like wheat to make up the bulk of their dog food. Over time, this overburdens dogs’ digestive systems, which evolutionarily are not designed for that much carbohydrate. This leads to dogs developing various health problems right from a very young age.

Canagan grain-free dog food prevents this burden on your dog’s stomach with its formulation of meat and vegetables. This gives your dog the protein he needs, as well as enough veggies to give him the balance of nutrients, vitamins, and fiber needed to cleanse his digestive system. (All those happy reviews make sense now, don’t they?)

Added to this balanced and neutral composition, is the meat, which is sourced from free-run chickens. So, you can rest assured that your dog is not eating a by-product of animal cruelty. Not to mention, the fresh chicken flavour is unbelievably appealing even to the pickiest of canine connoisseurs.

The composition has the unique advantage of sparing your dog’s immune system from the wear and tear caused by a regular, standard store-brand grain based dog food. This leads to an immune system less prone to reacting disproportionately, healthier gut lining, healthier gut flora, improved digestion, and all round better health.

It’s also not only for puppies or dogs who haven’t been exposed to grain based foods. Even dogs who are in need of a new diet benefit vastly from a balanced diet like the Canagan dry food with chicken has to offer.

One Canagan dog food 12 kg bag is approximately enough food for a medium (20kg) sized dog for almost 8 weeks. This means that your dog can get two months’ worth of healthy and all round nutrition from one purchase.

So if you want your dog licking the bowl clean at every meal, this is definitely the meal you should be planning.

  • Very well balanced and nutritious.
  • Hypoallergenic but calorie dense.
  • Stores well and lends itself well to balanced meal distribution.
  • Very large dogs need larger portion sizes and go through bags quicker.

#2 Canagan Salmon Dog Food – High Quality Ingredients

Another very popular variant, the Scottish Salmon flavour of dry dog food is a hot favourite among small to medium sized dogs.

Designed specifically to act as a metabolism boosting nutritional base for dogs with slow or slowing metabolisms, the Canagan Scottish Salmon dog food will have your pooch cleaning his plate- and not falling asleep right after!

The Scottish Salmon dry dog food comes with a blend of naturally sourced fish, designed to be as appetizing as possible to every hungry dog. It boasts over 60% animal ingredients, which is truly a power packed protein punch for your canine.

And the rest of the 40% isn’t just filler material either. The remainder of the food is made of all natural vegetable stock, with full veggie bites. The formulation is also boosted with added vitamins and minerals, which strengthen your dog’s bones, teeth, and immune system. Added vitamins also make sure he has healthier nails and a more lustrous, full coat.

Being rich in essential vitamins and minerals isn’t it’s only advantage, though. The formulation of the dog food ensures that your dog receives a filling but grain-free meal each time.

Eliminating grain from the food guarantees that your dog’s digestive system does not come under stress from grain based irritants, which can over time wreak havoc on the gut lining and immune system.

Instead, your dog gets adequate fibre, which helps with regular bowel movements and keeps the gut lining healthy, protein tailored to fit a canine diet, and enough roughage and just enough carbohydrates from vegetable stock.

The added white fish, Herring and Trout create a flavour palate that every dog finds irresistible, with fresh fish and fruits, vegetables, and herbs for flavour. It’s practically a gourmet meal for a dog. Especially dogs who suffer from a lack of appetite, benefit greatly from a regular diet of Canagan salmon dog food.

The hypoallergenic recipe also supports dogs who have thyroid issues, need an extra boost for their urinary tracts, or need overall support for their immune system. It’s purely a quality product that no dog can say no to!

  • Extremely nutrient rich recipe.
  • Rich flavour imparts additional motivation to dogs at mealtimes, and can also be used as a treat.
  • Boosts all-round growth and development, as well as maintenance of the coat and skin.
  • Not suitable for toy dogs.

#3 Canagan Dog Food for Senior Dogs

Canagan Light/Senior grain free dog food is a godsend for dogs at both ends of the age spectrum. Although there are many options when it comes to Canagan dog food for small breeds, the Light/Senior variant comes with certain added advantages.

This flavour of their dry dog food combines selected meat and vegetables in a specific ratio, which will make sure that your dog receives the perfect balanced blend for senior dogs, whether or not they have sensitive digestive systems.

Made with meat from locally sourced, free run chickens, the Light/Senior variant has 60% meat in its recipe. It contains both freshly prepared deboned chicken meat, and dried chicken.

Added to the chicken are eggs and salmon oil, which not only give a protein boost to the mix, but also add fragrance and flavour, which dogs love.

The remainder is made of a grain-free mix of vegetables, including sweet potatoes, potatoes, peas, pea proteins, alfalfa, etc. which are ideal for a hypoallergenic nutrition plan. There are also fruits, veggies, and herbs, like apples, carrots, spinach, psyllium, seaweed, chamomile, peppermint, marigold, cranberries, aniseed, and fenugreek.

Not only is the mix non-irritant and very nutritious, but also is completely clear of ingredients like wheat, corn, barley, or other grains, which are known to cause inflammation in dogs’ digestive systems.

It works on improving the overall status of your dog’s digestive system, as well as provides an immune boost as his immune system repairs the damage done over time by commercial grain-based diets.

It also provides a boost to thyroid function, in dogs with slowed thyroid activity. This support for the metabolism goes a long way for older dogs.

Canagan Light/Senior dog food also has added vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin sulphate, and fructooligosaccharides, which strengthen tissues, bones, joints, and teeth.

You can basically make sure your dog receives everything he needs from his daily diet, when you feed him Canagan dry pet food – in the flavour of his liking!

  • Highly suited for dogs with allergies and reactive immune systems.
  • Hypoallergenic yet metabolism boosting formulation.
  • Both working dogs and house dogs receive balanced nutrition from it.
  • Very suitable for dogs currently on a diet.
  • Suits adult dogs more than puppies, because of their higher nutritional demands.

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