Can Dogs Eat Prawns?


Dogs can eat prawns as long as they have been thoroughly cleaned, peeled, and cooked. Make sure to remove the head, tails, and legs as well as the shell. De-veining is not necessary though. They provide the same benefits for dogs as they do for us humans – a great source of protein, phosphorus, and B-vitamins.

Raw shellfish may contain intestinal parasites and the shells can be hazardous (even more so for small dogs) and that’s why the cleaning and cooking process is so important.

Although prawns are not toxic, some dogs are allergic to fish though so be careful and even if your dog isn’t allergic, some dogs find them difficult to digest so you should still feed them prawns in moderation.


Prawns are very low in calories and a great source of Vitamins B-6, B-12, and Niacin which help the body produce energy, replenish red blood cells and build muscle. They also contain a significant amount of iron, which is essential for the body to distribute oxygen efficiently. Like humans, dogs can suffer from iron deficiency due to a poor diet.

Moreover, prawns are rich in selenium which is a very effective antioxidant at maintaining healthy cells. High levels of Zinc can also be found, which is essential for a healthy immune system.

Phosphorous, copper, and magnesium can also be found, and they help build strong bones.

Even though prawns contain higher than average amounts of cholesterol, they don’t cause higher cholesterol levels due to the healthy ratio of fat since they contain almost three times more Omega 3 Fatty Acids than they do Omega 6. These fatty acids have been scientifically proven to produce anti-inflammatory effects which are absolutely ideal if your dog suffers from skin allergies or any joint disease. They even enhance the health of your dog’s skin and joints by improving the skin’s barrier defenses and making joint fluid more viscous.

Prawns really are nature’s natural multivitamin because the list goes on; they are also naturally high in iodine which is a vital mineral for thyroid and brain health. Dogs should have a diet with a good balance of iodine and if your dog has an underactive thyroid, he or she will definitely benefit from having some prawns.

How Many Prawns Can I Give My Dog?

There isn’t a set number of prawns that a dog should or shouldn’t have daily. Besides, providing an amount wouldn’t exactly be helpful or accurate since the size of prawns is inconsistent.

Then there’s the size of the dog that you have to consider as well.

Plus, dried prawns have much more nutrients than cooked ones, and they still contain a lot of moisture, so these should be moderated even more.

In other words, the larger the prawn, the more dried it is, and the smaller your dog is the fewer prawns you should feed them.

The general rule of thumb is that your dog’s diet should contain at least 90% nutritionally balanced commercial dog food and the remaining 10% can also be dog food or healthy treats like prawns.

Always make sure to cut up the prawns into pieces so that your dog does not choke or gulp them down too quickly.

Can Dogs Eat Prawn Crackers?

Prawn crackers are not toxic for dogs, but even though they are safe to eat it is not advised because prawn crackers are lower in calories and fat than crisps, so they are a very unhealthy treat to give your dog. As long as your dog isn’t allergic to tapioca or prawn, no harm will come if they manage to sneak a few prawn crackers when you aren’t looking.

Can Dogs Eat Garlic Prawns?

Absolutely not; you should never feed your dog anything covered in garlic, or any other members of the onion family because it is toxic to dogs and eating too much of it can cause damage to their red blood cells.

Dogs are very sensitive to seasoning as well. Prawns are already high in salt as it is, so don’t give your dog any that have been seasoned or flavoured. Only feed them fresh, peeled, cleaned, and cooked prawns served plain.  

The same can be said for scampi, it can and often has ingredients included in the batter that are not allowed for dogs, so it’s best not to give your dog scampi either.

Is Prawn Cocktail Safe for my Dog?

Prawn cocktail is just cooked prawn or shrimp with sauce, so it is okay if your dog eats the prawns, but it is not recommended for them to eat the sauce. It is always best to serve prawns or shrimp to your dog plain.

Seafood to Avoid Giving Your Dog

Raw fish of any kind can have bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Especially crab, shrimp, scallops, oysters, clams, and lobster. 

You can feed your dog some prawn or shrimp if it has been properly cleaned and cooked (and is fresh). Just make sure that fish does not consist of more than 10% of your dog’s diet.

When it comes to mollusks like clams, oysters, etc., you can give your dog a small amount as long as it’s cooked but giving them too much can cause serious issues such as paralytic shellfish poisoning.

Tuna is not great for your dogs whether it’s cooked or not because of the high levels of mercury. If your dog eats a small bit, that is fine and nothing will happen, but it is safer to avoid giving any to your dog to avoid the risk of mercury poisoning.

Salmon is deadly for dogs when raw or undercooked as parasites can be found in it. The small bones found in salmon can also cause choking and problems in your dog’s stomach and intestines. Your dog can eat a small portion of salmon as long as it has been thoroughly cooked and deboned.

Lastly, fish oil is really bad for dogs because of the high levels of pollution in our oceans which causes fish oil to contain lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic; all of which can lead to cancer in dogs and cause irreparable damage to your dog’s nervous system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can prawns make dogs sick?

Rawprawns and any other kind of seafood have all kinds of bacteria, including salmonella and listeria, as well as parasites and viruses. Undercooked prawn or shrimp can make your dog sick as well, so make sure that it has been de-shelled, cleaned, and cooked properly.

If you think your dog is sick from eating raw or undercooked prawns, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

What seafood is bad for dogs?

All raw fish is bad for dogs as it can have bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

You can feed your dog some prawn or shrimp if it has been properly cleaned and cooked (and is fresh). Just make sure that fish does not consist of more than 10% of your dog’s diet.

A small amount of mollusks are fine as long as they’re cooked but giving them any more than that can cause serious problems like paralytic shellfish poisoning.

Tuna is bad for dogs because of the high levels of mercury. A small bit of tuna is fine and won’t cause mercury poisoning, but it’s safer to just avoid it.

What fish can dogs not eat?

Dogs can’t eat any fish if it’s raw.

What will happen if a dog eats shrimp?

If the shrimp was cleaned and cooked properly (and fresh), then nothing will happen to your dog. Raw shrimp, on the other hand, can cause problems and make your dog sick.

What if a dog eats a shrimp shell?

Shrimp shells and tails are a choking hazard and can cause issues in your dog’s intestines, so be very careful that your dog doesn’t eat any.

Can dogs eat tuna?

Dogs can eat a small amount of tuna but be very careful not to give your dog too much since tuna contains high levels of mercury and this can cause mercury poisoning.

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