5 Best Puppy Training Pads for 2021

best puppy training pads

When potty training your puppy, or any new dog, few things are handier than having a puppy training pad nearby. Puppy training pads are the easiest way to teach your dog or puppy how to pee in one fixed place. Even for the completely uninitiated, the right training pad will soon make housebreaking your puppy a dream, when it could otherwise be a nightmare.

Not only does it teach good bathroom habits, but also eliminates a lingering odour in your home, and prevents your canine companion from falling sick. Here are some of the best puppy training pads dog owners can buy for their pooch.

Best Choice
Simple Solution Premium Dog and Puppy Training Pads, Pack of 100
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Out! Go Here Absorbent Dog and Puppy Pads, Pack of 100
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Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads, Regular
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Best Puppy Pads – Our Top Choice

#1 Simple Solution Premium Dog and Puppy Training Pads

Seemingly simple and basic, but actually a premium solution for any dog owner’s needs, these superbly designed puppy toilet training pads from Simple Solution offer you everything in one package.

The Simple Solution dog and puppy training pads are your best tool when handling a new puppy who has to be toilet trained, or an older dog, who is incontinent and needs a safety blanket in case of accidents.

Almost 100% more absorbent than standard absorbent pads, they are made of six layers tightly woven together, for maximum absorption and leak protection.

These pads are made with a special InstaShield technology, which allows them to absorb up to six cups’ worth of liquid, while simultaneously neutralizing the odour. This means that the mess is invisible and practically undetectable.

The Simple Solution dog pads are also infused with a 3-in-1 attractant system, making it easier for you to work with puppies who are still getting used to peeing on a fixed place. Also, it’s very useful while teaching older dogs how to relearn their toilet training.

When they are at maximum capacity or almost completely saturated, the color changes to teal, which shows you that it’s time to change them. The entire time, however, a pleasant, mild lavender fragrance emanates from the pads, which keeps your home and immediate environment smelling fragrant.

Not only is this good for you and your family, but also for your pup. Dogs instinctively become stressed and develop anxiety, when constantly confronted by the smells of their own stool or urine. The absence of a pungent smell will help keep even your dog relaxed.

The thick and absorbent nature of the mats means that your tiles and carpet stay safe till the pads are full and turn teal, signaling you that it’s time for a new one. For every dog owner who needs to teach their dog to ‘go’ indoors in a fixed place, the Simple Solution toilet training pads are the best puppy training pads out there!

  • Premium option
  • Lavender smell
  • Thick material
  • Little more pricey

Cheap Puppy Pads – Best Choice

#2 AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads

As confusing as choosing the right puppy pad for your dog can be, sometimes the cheapest option is also one of the best ones. In this case, we have the AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads, which show up on every list of recommendations.

These cheap puppy pads come in a surprisingly large 56x56cm size, with leak proof edges that lock moisture into the middle of the pad. The pads follow the design improvement on simple fabric, by having an absorbent core locked into the middle. This core takes all the moisture up from the surface and converts it into a gel.

In this way, the AmazonBasics puppy pads can take up significant amounts of liquid and still not leak. Additionally, there is a quick dry top layer, and a leakproof bottom lining, doubly protected by plastic. So, no matter where you leave this puppy pad, you don’t have to worry about the liquid leaking through to the floor and making a mess.

Whether you have a puppy who needs to be potty trained, a new dog who doesn’t know his way around your place yet, or a senior dog who has ‘accidents’ now and then, the AmazonBasics puppy pads are a really good deal.

Keep in mind is that the regular sized pads work best for pups and small to medium dogs. If you have a larger dog, you don’t have to opt for a different pad – just a different size, in XL.

The top layer of the pad is designed as a special ‘surge layer’, so that when your dog is doing his business, it does not simply run off, but follows the grooves in the pad and gets absorbed right away.

And as an added benefit, it also controls the odour associated with your dog’s bathroom activities, so that your house doesn’t smell like it. You simply have to place the pad on the floor, plastic side down, and let your dog get used to using it as his ‘spot’ each time.

If you have a new puppy, he might need to be rewarded the first few times he uses the pad, in order to teach him that this is something he should be doing. And if you are using it for dogs in crates or cages, well, you have to worry even less about that- or about breaking the bank on puppy pee pads!

  • Brilliant value
  • Absorbs liquid well
  • No spills
  • Controls the smell well
  • Not the most premium quality available

#3 Out! Puppy Training Pads

Out! absorbent puppy training pads are ideal for dog owners looking for larger puppy toilet training pads. A sizable 56×56 cm, they also come in a bumper set of 100 pads (also available in other amounts), so you don’t have to worry about repeatedly ordering them while housebreaking your dog.

Although the name says puppy pads, these super absorbent pads are a terrific choice also for older dogs, or adult dogs who have to be kept in a crate or cage short term, while traveling, or during part of the day every day.

And not just dogs! These comfy pads are also great to use for other pets who may need a little padding, like cats, bunnies, hamsters, etc. The reason behind the Out! pads’ popularity is their design. They are made with a special gel polymer filling in the middle of the pad. This layer is bound on both sides with a quilted layer on top, that is designed to dry very quickly.

The lining on the inside is rapidly absorbent with a revolutionary ‘powder locking core’, which locks the moisture in. Additionally, the lining is also odour neutralizing and leak-resistant. The puppy pads are also coated with a non-slip backing, so they won’t slide. 

For any dog owner changing newspapers every few hours, these puppy training pads are a godsend. Using them involves no fuss and no big clean up routine. Everything your dog does gets soaked up and locked away, so your house doesn’t develop that musty smell that houses with pets get over time.

It’s one of the easiest ways to teach your dog’s good habits without breaking your back cleaning while housebreaking them. Simply dispose of the easy throw pads and lay another one down in the same spot – it’s that simple.

Whether you’re looking to train your dogs over time, make an older doggo comfortable, or simply move or travel around with your pet in ease, the Out! puppy training pads are a great item to have on hand.

  • Larger size
  • Lining prevents leaks
  • Easily disposable
  • Size maybe a little large for certain places (inside crates)

#4 Uploria Pet World Puppy Training Pads

Where puppy training meets highly streamlined absorbent technology, the Uploria Pet World Puppy Training Pads come into their own.

The revolutionary 5 layer design locks in the moisture released over them, and makes sure that none of it escapes or makes its way to the floor underneath. The leakproof nature of these puppy pads makes them ideal.

Unlike other puppy training pads, the Uploria pet absorbent pads have five layers of non-woven fabrics layered atop each other. This includes dust-free tissue both above and below the bulk absorbent later.

The layer in the middle consists of a thick fluffy pulp, made of super absorbent polymer with maximum absorbent capacity. It is lined with a dust-free tissue layer underneath, to prevent spills.

And even in case of overloading, there is a waterproof PL cast film on the base.  Not to mention, Uploria pet absorbent pads use a special gel conversion technology. So whatever moisture gets absorbed by them, gets locked away immediately in gel form.

This has the added advantage of making the pads doubly leakproof, and also eliminating any odour. The pads neither slip nor leak. At 60×60 cm, they are quite broad and extremely efficient and mopping up even the biggest of ‘spills’. Plus, they are very simple to dispose of.

Their size makes them very useful for flexibility of use, too. They can be used as lining pads for crates with puppies, for placing under food and water dishes (as insurance against spills), and be left around the house even when you’re going out.

The five-layer construct absorbs not only fluid efficiently, but also the smell. The pads themselves are unscented, but they eliminate the smells from urine or stool very thoroughly.

Not to mention, your pupper will not step in his own mess and then track it all across your floor and house. So, if you’ve been limiting yourself to newspapers, upgrade to this luxury puppy product and see the difference in quality of life, both for you and your dog!

  • Absorbs liquid effectively
  • Eliminate smells well
  • Flexible size
  • n/a

#5 Petsentials Super Absorbent Training Pads

Yet another great item, the Petsentials Training pads follow the same checklist with all the same brilliant features.

These moderately sized puppy pads come with a special pheromone scent coating, which will ensure that your pooch comes back to them each time he needs to pee.

And when he does, the Petsentials pee pads absorb the liquid right away, while simultaneously locking away the moisture and smells coming off the pee.

It’s one of the simplest ways to incorporate a little ease of work into your puppy’s training. No amount of newspaper changing will ever give you the same results or convenience.

Whether you’re looking to bridge your dog’s outdoor training, or simply school an indoor dog, the Petsentials puppy pads are a great way to ensure that your floors never suffer the runoff from your pup’s bathroom trips!

  • Absorbs liquid easily
  • Nice clean smell
  • Not as thick material as alternatives

Added Bonus –

Washable Training Pad – Top Choice

Pupouse Washable Puppy Training Pads

For everyone who is slightly hesitant at the idea of throwing away pads each time, or simply wants to go a more eco-friendly route, here is a brilliant solution: Pupouse Washable Puppy pads.

Easy to use and reuse, these XL washable and reusable pads are a whopping 90x80cm. Like disposable pads, they come in multiple layers sewn together with leak proof edges, so that the ‘mess’ doesn’t ever reach the floor.

However, once these pads are full, you can simply wash them out and reuse them once they are dry. They are lined with 100% leak proof PU and are designed to be really quick drying, to maximise convenience.

Not only do you save a lot of time and money that you’d otherwise spend, but also do your bit for the environment by minimising waste. You can use them indoors or outdoors, as you like. They’re even machine washable!

These reusable pads from Pupouse keep your home and your floor safe from messes and smells but are also skin-friendly while doing this. So, if your pet has any allergies, or if you are trying to avoid allergens, these soft cotton lined pads will march to your rescue!

  • Reusable
  • Very big size
  • Brilliant for the environment
  • Leak proof
  • Not quite as adsorbent as the other throw away options above

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