Best Dog Pushchairs & Dog Prams for 2021

best dog pushchairs

One of the best activities you can undertake with your dog is taking them on walks. But sometimes, our canine companions can’t go for walks with us, much as they want to.

Maybe your dog has just had surgery, and isn’t allowed the exertion of a walk or run till he’s done recuperating. Or your dog is a senior citizen, and his joints hurt him, when he tries to go for long walks.

In either or any case, using a dog pushchair or a dog pram is the easiest way to allow your pet to have the experience of being out in the fresh air again, without the exertion of having to walk or run for it. Here are the best dog pushchairs and dog prams in the UK.

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Pet Stroller,IPS-070, Black/Silver, Dog Carrier, Trolley, Innopet, Comfort EFA Buggy. Foldable pet buggy, pushchair, pram for dogs and cats.
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Display4top Pet Travel Stroller Dog Cat Pushchair Pram Jogger Buggy With 4 Wheels (Black)
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Pet Four-wheeled Stroller Dog Trolley Cat Carts Foldable for Medium Large Dogs Outgoing, Load Within 60kg (Blue)
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Best Dog Pushchairs – Top 5

#1 Innopet Pet Stroller and Dog Carrier

If you’re looking for a reliable and trusty dog buggy for your pet, look no further. This dog stroller from Innopet is one of the best pet strollers for dogs available in the market right now, and on top of our list for good reason.

The sturdy frame is lined with a super soft and comfortable interior, with a water repellent cushion, that is also anti-grasp. So you can rest assured that your dog is snug and dry inside, even if the weather is a little damp or drizzly.

There is also a leash inside, with which you can secure your pet in the cabin. With the leash fixed, you don’t have to worry about having an additional leash to hold while pushing the buggy. At the same time, your pet is secured and won’t suddenly get away from you, even if a passing squirrel or cat suddenly gets his attention.

The dog buggy also has a snack tray attached, with two cup holders, and also a basket, in which you can fit plenty of treats and doggy toys for your little best friend. You can pack everything needed for a little adventure for your dog each time you take him for a walk!

It’s not just his comfort, though, but also the convenience factor that skyrockets the Innopet dog pram to the top of our list. The interior lining and cushions are all removable and can be washed, dried, and replaced with no fuss at all. This makes maintenance oh-so-easy and prolongs the life of your dog buggy all the more.

The handle also has a soft grip, so you don’t have to keep your knuckles tight on the frame all the time. The buggy is very roomy inside and your pet can be secured with two leashes inside, while still having plenty of room to settle down as he likes.

The carriage moves smoothly on large, broad wheels, which also have reflective striping on them, along with the body. This gives you an added layer of security when it’s dim or foggy outside.

The carriage measures about 36×60 cm, which is ample room for most dogs. Also, dogs up to 30 kg in weight can sit comfortably in the buggy and be taken for nice, long, refreshing walks, with minimal effort on their part- and yours!

  • Very spacious
  • Solid frame and sturdy build
  • Soft and water repellant inner lining
  • n/a

#2 Display4Top Dog Cat Pushchair

Right on the heels of the Innopet dog buggy is the Display4Top dog pushchair, with some seriously impressive stats. This four wheeled, large, spacious dog stroller is roomy and spacious on the inside, with a broad protective compartment for your dog.

But it’s not just like a room on wheels. The compartment comes with a sturdy zipper, with easily reachable access points, so that you can adjust or close it without any fuss. There is also a removable screen and a door below. This means that you have multiple points of access, but not your dog, should he get fidgety or restless, or need adjusting for any reason.

The carrier is open top style, like a convertible with a good view for your dog. It accommodates pets up to 16 kg in weight comfortably, and they have plenty of space to settle down in, as well.

In addition, the top part has a small window area, and comes equipped with a canopy, that you can open up like a small moon door. There is also a cup holder inside – how cool is that?!

The stroller seems large and solid, but is actually extremely well designed for space efficiency and can be collapsed down. The frame fold down with no issues whatsoever. It can be stored away or carried with you with no fuss. It’s the perfect (purrfect!) travel companion for dogs who can’t get around on their own.

Your dog will have the entire experience of a walk without being exposed or exerted in any way. The carrier has mesh windows for your pet to see through, as well as plenty of ventilation and air circulation. With the Display4Top dog pushchair, using a dog buggy really is a walk in the park!

  • Great visibility
  • Accessible and customizable experience for pets
  • Four wheeled carriage makes it easier to push and handle
  • n/a

#3 Wooce Pet Four-Wheeled Stroller

A shorter member of the best pet buggy list for this year. The Wooce pet four-wheeled dog stroller is not to be underestimated in any way.

While it does not look like a conventional baby stroller, that is because it has been designed specifically customized for medium to large dogs. Every aspect of its construction takes their comfort into account. The pet buggy is an impressively large-framed carriage, specially made for dogs who need a little extra room.

It provides a whopping 80 x 63 x 64cm of internal cabin space, but the entire dog buggy actually folds down to a pretty unbelievable 82x64x24 cm, making it a dream to fold and stash away.

Despite its light construct, the Wooce pet buggy can comfortably carry dogs up to 60 kg in weight, which is a lot. This is made possible by the design, that comes with freely rotatable broad front wheels (19 cm, made of a solid EVA material). Not only do the wheels turn a full 360 degrees, but also can be turned into directional wheels, should you ever need to navigate tricky terrain, or on different types of roads.

The wheels are thick and sturdy. The rear wheels are 27 cm and EVA, which makes them reliable over practically any terrain. They go smoothly over minor obstacles, and your dog will remain well-cushioned throughout the ride, even if the path is uneven or gravelly.

Because of the wheels and the carriage, the Wooce pet stroller provides a safe and secure ride for your pet. It remains stable and balanced, and makes steering as easy as possible for you. As an additional plus, the materials used in the construction are environment friendly and nontoxic, too!

But it’s not just your dog’s comfort that lands the Wooce stroller on this list. The handle can be removed with ease and the entire stroller folded down to an easy carry shape. You can take it around and store it with no inconvenience at all.

The inside lining can be removed for easy cleaning. The PVC parts can be wiped down for a quick clean, which makes maintenance doubly easier. There are also three large back pockets, where you can store supplies, while you’re out and about with your dog.

Because of the shape and size, the Wooce stroller is just ideal for larger dogs who need assistance getting around, whether it’s because of age or illness. You can take them around everywhere they like, without them ever having to set foot on the ground. For all the pets who miss being out in the sunshine and fresh air, this is the best way to get them some.

And you never have to worry about your dogs feeling overwhelmed or exposed. The cabin part is well covered on both left and right by a fine nylon mesh. This allows plenty of air to circulate through the cabin area, even if you want to keep the walls ‘up’ for any reason.

During the whole process, your dog is never boxed in. There’s a window on top, which allows your dog to stick his head and nose out. It also allows you a direct channel of communication with him at all times, should you want to talk to him a little. The stroller also has a door with a zip lining, so letting your dog in and out is a no-fuss experience.

The whole dog pram is an exceptionally durable construct. The main body is made of high quality stainless steel tubing, responsible for the strong and thick framework. The cloth parts are made of 600D PVC fabric. Not to mention, the wheels have tubing, that allows them to be anti-vibration and withstand long and regular use.

Inside, the buggy is soft. Plush and comfy, the mattress allows your dog to settle down low at a good height. It has a great little brake system too. That, with the handle height, allows you to wheel your dog around with minimal effort. As it should be, too. Because when it comes to our beloved pets, nothing is too good!

  • Ideal for large dogs
  • Extremely stable and sturdy dog buggy
  • Strong and durable, can be maneuvered over rougher terrains as well.
  • n/a

#4 Display4Top Pink Pet Travel Stroller

Another variant from Display4Top, this little pet travel stroller is the neatest little thing. Made specially for small and toy dogs, it accommodates dogs up to 25 kg in weight, but is ideal for dogs around the 20 kg mark.

This is one of the most lightweight dog buggies that comes with front and rear shifting armrests, and a pet safety rope, with which you can secure your dog in the cabin. The fabric part of the frame is made with thick and high-density Oxford cloth. This makes the frame additionally wear resistant and scratch resistant as well.

The cabin is covered with curtains on the front and back, which allows you to let your dog in and out of it with minimum fuss. The mesh design allows for excellent air circulation, even when the curtains are up and zipped. This means that your dog can be safely tucked in and still have a good amount of fresh air on his walk.

The frame is surprisingly sturdy for how lightweight it is. It’s well supported by broad, sturdy EVA wheels. The structure is designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear over long term use.

If you’re looking for a dog buggy for a small dog, this is definitely one you should consider.

  • Stable and sturdy frame
  • Lightweight
  • Only one set of wheels is freely navigable
  • Construction requires some adjustment
  • Wheels are not as durable as the frame and often need replacement

#5 Millhouse Pet Travel Stroller

Another variant to keep an eye on, the Millhouse pet stroller looks more like a conventional baby stroller on the outside. The lightweight yet strong design houses a cabin area of 53x50x31 cm, which is more than enough for small to medium sized dogs, or even cats.

But the list of key features is impressive. The Millhouse dog pram comes with a set of wheels that can turn a full 360 degrees, making it so easy to navigate the buggy. The rear wheels are nothing to sneeze at, either. They come fitted with snappy brakes that allow you full control on the buggy’s movement.

The inner carriage on this is roomy and spacious. Not only can your dog sit down and lay down in ease (depending on his size), but also there’s a lot of space for you to place his toys and treats, stashed away but still within reach.

The storage basket also has a safety latch, which allows you to make sure that everything, including your pet, are safely strapped into place. When your pet is inside, you can take him out and about with no fuss at all.

However, this holds true mostly for small to medium sized dogs.  The dog stroller is itself very compact, and therefore is roomy only for dogs who are appropriately small sized. The best range is for dogs up to 15 kg in weight.

But there is also storage space, including an extra open basket at the bottom.

The stroller is designed to be easily folded up and put away. This makes it the ideal companion for walks with a dog who can’t walk longer distances or at all anymore. It allows your dog to get some fresh air without having to exert himself for it.

The entire time you’re wheeling your dog around, he has access to the outside world through the fabric covering. There are mesh windows on both sides, which allow thorough air circulation, even when the hood is up. Also, you can keep an eye on your pet and make sure that they don’t get up to any mischief.

And you can always change up the view a little. The hood is collapsible, so if your pet is quiet tempered or well trained, you can always leave it down and let your pet enjoy the view unencumbered. Your pet is always secure, though. There are two internal straps, with which your pet’s collar can be fixed.

This is a great stroller to have for all pet owners who have small to medium sized dogs.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Harness straps can’t be adjusted, making it unsuitable for active dogs
  • Is not very sturdy. Not meant for long term use

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