When Is It Too Late to Neuter a Dog?

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Typically, dogs are neutered between 6 and 9 months of age; however, some dog owners have had their dogs neutered as early as 4 months. 

Not only does neutering prevent them from breeding, but can also prevent unwanted behaviours.  So, when is it too late to neuter your dog?  Many people have asked this question, yet there isn’t a real clear picture of when that is. 

A healthy older dog can still thrive after being neutered and have positive results.

The earlier a male dog is neutered, the better chance there is to prevent certain behaviours such as marking territory, mounting, roaming, or aggressive behaviour.  Neutering or castrating an older dog might not eliminate all of these behaviours but can still have beneficial results for its health and demeanor.

Information in this article will provide you with the pros and cons of neutering an older dog, what benefits you can achieve with neutering an older dog, and as an addition, knowing when it’s too late to spay a female.

What Are the Benefits Of Neutering An Older Dog?

According to Emergency Vets USA, it is never too late to neuter your dog.  Though, neutering an older dog who has already established or exhibited unfavorable behaviours might not eliminate all of them.  For instance, if a dog has already matured sexually, its desire to mount might not diminish and even if they don’t have the qualified equipment to procreate, they still get the urge to mount.

Neutering an older dog does have its benefits such as eliminating aggressive tendencies, possibly preventing the urge to roam, and decreasing the need to mark its territory with urine.  Neutering also has the potential to calm a hyper dog down.

Whether a dog is 3, 4, or even 12 years of age, a dog can be neutered as long as it is healthy enough to withstand the anesthesia. 

Besides preventing unwanted litters, and decreasing bad behaviours, other health benefits associated with neutering an older dog are as follows:

  1. Reducing testicular tumors
  2. Reducing the possibility of prostate cancer
  3. Decreasing bladder infections
  4. Reducing the chance of Perineal hernias/tumors
  5. Undescended testicles in the abdomen that are prone to cancer

Possible Side Effects of Neutering an Older Dog

Though the benefits of neutering an older dog significantly outweigh the negatives, there is still the possibility of having an adverse reaction to the surgery.  Such issues include wound healing time.  Dogs who are older have a tendency to heal slower than young dogs.  Also, recovery from anesthesia can be slower.  In addition, there could be considerably more swelling and pain in the scrotal area.

A dog should be in relatively good health before surgery.  Dogs who are 12 and over are probably already exhibiting some symptoms of age, so it’s important to consult with your vet prior to neutering or castrating your dog. 

When Is It Too Late to Spay a Dog?

It’s the same with females as it is with male dogs.  It’s never too late to spay your dog as long as it is in good health and can withstand the surgery.  Spaying is more intrusive than neutering, so recovery from spaying might take longer.  Spaying a dog at any age also has health benefits besides preventing unwanted pregnancies.  These benefits are similar to male dogs but instead of the testicles, the benefits relate to the uterus such as reducing the risk of certain cancers or tumors.

As stated before, the ideal time to spay or neuter a dog is between 6 and 9 months of age.  At this stage, they aren’t considered puppies any longer and they have had time to develop maturity.  In order for a dog to be old enough to be neutered, its testicles must have already descended.  Some dogs’ testicles descend at a younger age, but their maturity level hasn’t caught up, therefore the 6 to 9 month age range is recommended.

With that being said, a dog can be neutered at any age.  However, before making the decision, rely on your vet’s advice.  They are the ones who will truly lead you in the right direction taking into account the safety and well-being of your dog.

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Is 2 Years Old Too Late to Neuter a Dog?

No, 2 years old is not too late to neuter a dog.  A dog can be neutered at any age as long as they are healthy enough.  Though, at 2 years of age, neutering might not eliminate all bad behaviours but will reduce them.

Will Neutering Calm a Dog Down?

Neutering has been known to settle a dog down, and prevent him from roaming, or exhibiting dominant aggressive behaviour.

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