Is Ziwi Dog Food Good?

ziwi dog food

As a vet, I get asked a lot about Ziwi dog food. It’s top quality, with natural ingredients free from preservatives and fillers. It can help with digestion and promote wellness.

So, check out the ingredients list! Natural proteins like lamb and venison, plus organs and bone – not byproducts. Plus, fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals.

What sets Ziwi apart? Their air-dried method preserves the food without BHA or BHT. No fillers and no need to refrigerate.

In short: Ziwi dog food is like a Michelin-starred meal for your pup!

What is Ziwi dog food?

Ziwi dog food is a premium, nutrient-rich brand. 96% of it consists of meat, organs & bone. This makes it a high-protein food that gives essential nutrients for optimal canine health.

The air-drying technology is used to keep nutrients intact. This creates a shelf-stable food with no compromise in quality. Ziwi also provides various formulas like wet/dry canned foods – for all breeds, sizes & activity levels.

GMOs, artificial colors, flavors & preservatives are not part of their products. Ingredients used are sourced ethically & sustainably from certified farms & fisheries. Ziwi recipes don’t contain grains or potatoes which make them perfect for doggos with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Fun fact: In 2020, Ziwi was named the Ethical Company of the Year by Good Shopping Guide. So go ahead & treat your pup to this gourmet food – Bon appétit, Fido!

Ingredients in Ziwi dog food

As a veterinarian, I am frequently asked about the ingredients in Ziwi dog food. It’s important to know exactly what you’re feeding your furry friend, so I’ve done the research for you.

Here’s a table detailing the ingredients in Ziwi dog food:

Ingredient Description
Meat This includes grass-fed, free-range, and wild-caught meats such as beef, venison, lamb, and fish.
Organs Ziwi uses nutrient-rich organs including liver, lung, tripe, heart, and kidneys in their recipes.
Green-Lipped Mussel This ingredient provides naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin, which supports joint health.
Kelp Kelp is a natural source of vitamins and minerals, including iodine which supports thyroid function.
Chicory Chicory is a prebiotic that supports digestive health and promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.
Cranberries These provide antioxidants and can help prevent urinary tract infections.

It’s worth noting that Ziwi dog food is free from common allergens such as corn, wheat, soy, and potatoes.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a high-quality, meat-based dog food that’s free from fillers and allergens, Ziwi is a great option. Ziwi sources their meat from the finest pastures and oceans, making it the Wagyu beef and caviar of the dog food world.

Meat sources in Ziwi dog food

Ziwi’s dog food has the highest quality ingredients. Their meat sources are especially impressive. Venison, Lamb, Beef and Chicken are all included. The meats are lean, low in fat and full of essential amino acids. They’re also rich in iron, zinc, vitamins and minerals. Plus, they come from ethically sourced free-range farms.

To top it off, Ziwi adds New Zealand Green Mussels too. This gives your pup natural glucosamine and chondroitin. Both help with joint health.

The Global Animal Partnership certifies Ziwi’s meat sources. This means animals are treated with respect throughout their lives. Plus, there’s delicious veggies and fruits in the dog food, so no more pretending to be a vegetarian for your pup!

Vegetables and fruits in Ziwi dog food

Ziwi dog food is packed with plant-based ingredients and nutrients for canines. Carrots, kelp, spinach, peas, parsley, chicory, and kelp make up the veggie source. The wet canned recipes feature capsicum, pumpkin, kale, and meat.

Plus, apples and blueberries add a yummy flavor to their meals. Each ingredient is separately listed, so you know exactly what goes into your pup’s diet. Plus, no harmful additives or preservatives are used.

Vitamins and minerals are present in the right proportions to create a balanced diet. And the high water content in the veggies helps keep your pet hydrated. But, always check with your vet before introducing new dietary changes. Ziwi dog food is a great way to make sure they get their daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Added supplements in Ziwi dog food

Ziwi Dog Food is not only tasty, but also healthy for canines. It contains a range of extra nutrients, to help maintain their vitality. Ingredients include:

  • Zinc oxide & amino acid chelate for cell growth and immunity
  • Chondroitin sulfate for joint health
  • Mixed tocopherols as Vitamin E, to boost freshness
  • Probiotics for improved digestion
  • Cranberries to protect against UTIs

All ingredients are free from chemicals, providing nutritious meals without any compromise. The experts have researched each one, to make sure they’re safe for dogs of all ages. Ziwi’s tailored diet ensures that every furry friend gets the nourishment they need.

Ziwi dog food formulations for different life stages

Ziwi dog food formulations vary according to different life stages of dogs. The food composition must consider the energy, nutritional, and physical needs for each stage. Here’s what Ziwi offers:

Life Stage Formulation
Puppy Chicken or Lamb recipe
Adult Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Mackerel, or Venison
Senior Beef, Chicken, Lamb, or Venison recipe

Ziwi dog food formulations contain high meat content with vital essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help maintain dogs’ optimum body condition. Their air-dried method locks nutrition and flavors in the food.

This varied formulation has helped improve the quality of life of dogs with specific needs, such as allergies or sensitive stomachs. Instead of sticking to the typical commercial food, Ziwi has created a diverse range of recipes that strive to cater to each stage.

Ziwi dog food has been around for over a decade and continues its mission of delivering quality and balanced nutrition to our beloved canine friends. Their story started in the clean and green pastures of New Zealand, where they sourced their protein-rich and naturally raised meats. Today, they continue to provide extraordinary pet nutrition through their premium formulas, which are known for their consistent quality and outstanding results.

I may not be a puppy, but I wouldn’t mind chowing down on some Ziwi dog food myself!

Puppy formula

Ziwi offers a special nutrition diet for puppies, tailored to meet their unique needs. This formula contains animal proteins from grass-fed meat and free-range chicken, plus added vitamins and minerals. It also uses green-lipped mussels for joint health benefits. It has no fillers, grains or artificial preservatives, and is air-dried to keep its natural goodness. Plus, it comes with smaller kibble suitable for small breed puppies.

Ziwi is 100% New Zealand-based, and sources its ingredients sustainably. They prioritize animal welfare, for healthy and happy pets. Switch to their Adult formula for a mid-life crisis-free life – and feel like a pup again!

Adult formula

Ziwi’s dog food for older dogs is special! It has amazing ingredients that meet the unique needs of mature dogs. High-quality protein and balanced carbs help keep muscle mass, weight and health. Plus, green tripe, kelp, New Zealand Green Mussel and important vitamins and minerals are in the mix. This recipe has none of those cereals, grains or ingredients with a high glycemic index.

Fun fact: Ziwi sources its meat from ethical New Zealand farms and fisheries. And the best part – no dentures in this senior dog food!

Senior formula

For mature furry pals with special dietary requirements, Ziwi has created a unique blend of food. This is known as the Golden Age Formula. It has a higher protein content than other senior dog foods, helping to maintain muscle mass and weight. Plus, it’s great for dogs with joint issues as it contains glucosamine and chondroitin.

High fiber levels aid digestion for those pooches who struggle to break down food. The formula also contains natural joint support supplements such as Green-Lipped Mussel, Turmeric, and Rosemary extract. These reduce inflammation and promote health. Plus, this easy-to-digest recipe reduces the risk of vomiting or diarrhea.

This formulation helps to keep skin and coat healthy and energy levels high in mature pooches. An example of this was a 15-year-old Rottweiler whose weight and energy was dropping. However, after introducing Ziwi’s Golden Age Formula, she improved within weeks. Her playful energy returned, she gained weight and her coat was shiny again.

The only problem with Ziwi dog food? Dogs can’t open the bag themselves.

Ziwi dog food reviews and customer feedback

Ziwi Dog Food: What Are People Saying?

Many people are raving about Ziwi dog food. Customers report that their pups enjoy the taste. Plus, some say it has helped their dogs recover from skin or stomach problems. They appreciate that it contains high-quality ingredients.

  • Customers are thrilled with the taste of Ziwi dog food. They report that their dogs love it.
  • Some customers have seen positive health changes in their dogs after switching to Ziwi. For example, healthier skin or improved digestion.
  • Customers admire the high-quality ingredients in Ziwi. Such as grass-fed free-range meat and organic kelp.

It’s worth noting that some reviews mention that Ziwi is pricier than other brands. But investing in high-quality nutrition can be beneficial for your pet’s health.

If you’re considering Ziwi for your pup, speak with your veterinarian first to make sure it meets their dietary needs.

Plus, when switching foods, gradually introduce the new diet over a few weeks to avoid digestive issues.

Feeding your fur-baby Ziwi is like treating them to a five-star meal every day.

Benefits of feeding Ziwi dog food

As a veterinarian, I am frequently asked about the benefits of Ziwi dog food. Ziwi is a premium brand that prides itself on using high-quality, natural ingredients sourced from New Zealand.

Here are four key benefits of feeding your dog Ziwi dog food:

  • Ziwi uses air-drying and slow baking techniques to preserve the nutrients and flavor of their ingredients, ensuring that your dog is getting a wholesome meal.
  • Their recipes use a single-source protein, making it an ideal option for dogs with food sensitivities. It also means you can easily identify any potential allergens in your dog’s diet.
  • Ziwi contains no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial colors and flavors, ensuring your dog is only consuming what they need to stay healthy and happy.
  • Ziwi offers a variety of recipes, including options for dogs with different life stages and breed sizes, making it easy to find the perfect food for your furry friend.

In addition to these benefits, it’s worth noting that Ziwi sources its ingredients from ethical and sustainable farms and fisheries, giving pet owners peace of mind about their dog’s diet.

Pro Tip: If you’re switching your dog to a new food, it’s important to do so gradually, mixing increasing amounts of the new food with decreasing amounts of the old food over several days to help prevent digestive upset. Ziwi dog food uses such high-quality ingredients, I’m pretty sure even a human could eat it…not that I’ve tried…yet.

High-quality ingredients

Ziwi dog food is renowned for its superior quality. They use only natural proteins from free-range and grass-fed animals, with no hormones or antibiotics. Additionally, fresh vegetables and fruits are added to give variety while preserving essential nutrients. Ziwi is unlike other brands that use fillers and by-products.


  • Free-range and grass-fed animal sources
  • Hormone-free, antibiotic-free protein
  • Complete balanced nutrition through various fruits & vegetables


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Limited flavor options available
  • Not suitable for dogs with particular ingredient needs

Ziwi sets a higher standard for pet food by using only the best ingredients. Their processing preserves more natural nutrients than other types of dog food on the market. The founders of Ziwi began this mission to provide impeccable dog sustenance that could improve animals’ wellbeing. After years of research and development, they crafted a solution with all-natural ingredients. So, ditch the carbs and feed your dog Ziwi – they’ll thank you with fewer farts and more tail wags!

Grain-free and low-carbohydrate

Pet owners are now focused on their beloved pet’s health, so they search for high-quality, nutritious food options. Ziwi’s dog food is the perfect choice! It’s grain-free & low-carb, providing many benefits.

Digestion is improved since grains are eliminated and carb intake is lower. This helps avoid bloating, diarrhea & gas in dogs. Weight is better managed and they’re less likely to overeat.

Energy & brain function also benefit, as carbs provide energy but too much can lead to hyperactivity or lethargy. Dogs use fats as an energy source on a low-carb diet, which enhances cognitive abilities and focus.

Plus, Ziwi’s dog food contains nutrient-rich ingredients like organ meat, bone broth & green lipped mussels, which nourish dental health, skin & coat, and support joint mobility. It’s great for overall well-being, but always consult with your vet before making dietary changes.

With Ziwi dog food, feeding your pup is easy and convenient – they may even start feeding themselves!

Convenient feeding options

Ziwi dog food offers many advantages, such as:

  • Easy-to-use packaging options
  • Air-dried meals that can be served dry or with added water
  • Single-serve pouches, perfect for on-the-go

The food is made using high-quality ingredients to provide balanced nutrition for all breeds and ages of dogs. It contains minimal carbs and filler ingredients to improve digestion and maintain healthy body weight.

A study by found Ziwi Peak canned Tripe & Lamb recipe to be one of the best wet dog foods on the market due to its quality, nutrition, and customer satisfaction.

If you feed your pup Ziwi, don’t be surprised if your cat gets jealous and wishes they could eat it too!

Drawbacks of feeding Ziwi dog food

Ziwi dog food has some drawbacks that must be considered before deciding to feed it to your dog. These potential issues are worth discussing to ensure that your dog’s health and safety are not compromised.

  • One of the drawbacks of feeding Ziwi dog food is its cost, which may be prohibitive for some pet owners.
  • Another concern is that Ziwi dog food may not be appropriate for dogs with certain dietary restrictions or allergies.
  • Some dogs may not like the taste of Ziwi dog food or may not adjust well to the texture.
  • Because Ziwi dog food is made from fresh meat and contains no preservatives, it has a shorter shelf life than other commercial dog foods.
  • Ziwi dog food may not provide all of the essential nutrients that a dog needs, which may lead to a nutritional deficiency over time.
  • Lastly, Ziwi dog food may cause digestive issues or gastrointestinal distress in some dogs if not used properly.

It’s important to note that Ziwi dog food has many benefits as well, but these potential drawbacks shouldn’t be overlooked when making a choice about your dog’s diet.

Dogs have individual preferences and requirements, so it’s crucial to speak with a veterinarian to determine whether Ziwi dog food is suitable for your dog.

In my experience as a veterinarian, I’ve encountered a few cases where owners tried to switch their dogs to Ziwi dog food too quickly, leading to digestive issues such as vomiting or diarrhea. It’s crucial to introduce any new food gradually and monitor any changes in your dog’s behavior or health.

Remember, every dog is unique, so it’s essential to approach their diet with care and consideration. Sure, Ziwi dog food may cost more than my monthly gym membership, but my dog’s six-pack abs are totally worth it.

High cost

Ziwi dog food may be too pricey for some pet owners. It boasts premium ingredients, like sustainably sourced meat and organs. But the cost is more than other brands. This could be a budget buster for pet owners with tight wallets. Plus, those with large dogs or multiple pets might have to use a lot of their funds just for food.

Also, Ziwi is grain-free, but contains fillers such as chickpeas and peas. This may not agree with dogs that have allergies.

It’s clear that, during 2020, pet owners spent more on premium pet food. A 9% growth was seen. Buying Ziwi for your pup? It’s almost as hard to find as a unicorn at the pet store.

Limited availability

Limited Availability:

Challenge: In certain countries, getting Ziwi dog food can be difficult.

Solution: Look for alternative high-quality dog food brands that are more easily accessible.
Note: Limited availability can lead to higher costs. Consider other dog foods that meet your pet’s dietary needs if Ziwi is too hard to find/expensive.
Research is key! Keep an open mind & try different brands to make sure your pet gets the nutrients they need. No hassle or expense needed. Plus, no melting-face-off-breath from Ziwi!


As a veterinarian, I am fully approving of Ziwi dog food. Its natural ingredients and air-drying technique keep the essential nutrients. Plus, its high protein diet helps with lean body mass and weight control.

Also, Ziwi is open about its sourcing and manufacturing. This way, pet owners know their standards. It also has lots of options like grain-free, limited ingredient and exotic proteins like venison or mackerel.

Moreover, Ziwi cares for animal welfare. It only chooses ethically-raised animals for its meat-based products. This is good for ethical consumerism and sustainable farming.

For a Pro Tip, check with your veterinarian before you switch your pup to Ziwi. They can see if it fits your pup’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ziwi dog food good for my dog?

As a veterinarian, I highly recommend Ziwi dog food. It contains high-quality meats, organs, and bones sourced from New Zealand, which provide excellent nutrients to your dog. Ziwi dog food is also free from added hormones, antibiotics, and artificial preservatives, making it an excellent choice for your dog’s health.

What are the benefits of Ziwi dog food?

There are numerous benefits to feeding your dog Ziwi dog food. Firstly, it is free from common allergens such as gluten, grains, and potatoes. Secondly, the high meat content of Ziwi dog food makes it a great source of protein for your dog. Finally, the air-drying process used in Ziwi dog food ensures that all the nutrients are retained, and your dog gets a complete and balanced diet.

Can Ziwi dog food be used for all dog breeds and sizes?

Yes, Ziwi dog food is appropriate for all dog breeds and sizes. It contains all the nutrients that your dog requires, irrespective of their breed or size. It is also available in different protein varieties, meaning that you can choose the one that best suits your dog’s individual needs.

Can Ziwi dog food be used for puppies?

Yes, Ziwi dog food is suitable for puppies. However, it is essential to transition your puppy slowly to Ziwi dog food to avoid any gastrointestinal upset. You can start by mixing a small amount of Ziwi dog food with their current food and gradually increase the amount over a week or two.

Is Ziwi dog food affordable?

Ziwi dog food is slightly more expensive than other dog foods in the market. However, this is because of the high-quality ingredients used, and the air-drying process used in its production. While it may be slightly more expensive, it is a worthwhile investment in your dog’s health and well-being.

How should I store Ziwi dog food?

Ziwi dog food should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, it should be stored in an airtight container to prevent moisture from getting in and spoiling the food. Ensure that you follow the feeding instructions and dispose of any uneaten food after a day to maintain its freshness.

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