How To Become a Dog Breeder in the UK

How to become a dog breeder UK

Not all dogs are the same. Anyone who has ever owned or been around multiple dogs knows, that two dogs who have been raised together can sometimes have personalities as different as chalk and cheese. One can be completely extroverted, while the other shy and off to hide under the bed at the slightest hint of dissent.

It’s not always related to size, either. Large dogs can be as docile as bunnies. In fact, they often are. Case in point: St. Bernard. At the same time, tiny toy dogs can be loud and ferocious disproportionate to their size. Like Chihuahuas or Pekingese, who are practically poster children for overcompensating for size in loudness.

What is then a good indicator for a dog’s personality? The answer is: breed. Dogs, no matter how they are raised, follow most closely the traits that their specific breed has. If a dog is of mixed descent, it may exhibit whatever the dominant trait of its constituent breeds is. And, although in some cases it’s alright to adopt dogs with no discernible breed whatsoever, a lot of people still require and sometimes simply want dogs of a specific breed- nowhere more so than in UK.

So! Is it hard to figure out how to be a dog breeder in UK? Not at all…

Find Where Your Interests Lie

The first step is to decide the breed that you want to focus your time on. Some breeds are eternally popular because of the line of work they are associated with. Like guard dogs, for example. The ‘demand’ for these breeds never runs out. On the flip side, most of these breeds have well established breeders already, so you can have quite some competition right from the get-go.

Pick and Choose, Pick and Choose

A good indicator of which breeds are currently popular is social media. Platforms like Instagram can practically be solely credited with making certain types of dogs popular. Like Shiba Inus, or Corgis. They weren’t even famous till they became Insta-famous, and then suddenly EVERYONE wanted one. So many of them were adopted simply because of the breed being trendy these days. Getting your teeth in onto a trend like this can give you a massive business boost right from the get-go! For an even more detailed look at some of the most popular dog breads I recommend this article by Rover which covers them in detail.

Research is Your Friend

You will have to do a fair amount of research regarding housing the dogs, healthcare, grooming, breeding, what to look for and what to watch out for while crossing, details and specific characteristics of the breed you’ve decided on. Two major lines you’ll have to focus on are research on the equipment and setup, and research on the dogs themselves.

Read magazines that cater to dog keepers and breeders, as well as instructional manuals that are often available on subscription. If you want to dabble before you invest, research on the Internet is your best friend.

Show Your Dog. See Other Dogs

Frequent dog shows. Talk to breeders, visit kennels and see how they are set up. Ask about vets that are esteemed, pros and cons of using various commercially available dog foods, how other breeders maintain their puppies and market them, etc. You can soak up information like a sponge in this initial preparatory phase, and it will go a long, long way to serve you ahead.

Find Your Dog a Significant Other

Another very big check mark on the list you can accomplish here is that when you take your own breeder dog to shows, you can scope the place out for potential breeding mates for your dog. At the same time, you can show your dog as well. Choosing a breeding partner can be tricky for a novice but a little exposure will help you discern them. Two important things to consider are that the dog you pick be disease-free and deformity-free, because these traits will likely be passed to their litter as well. You can also thoroughly check his pedigree here. And, if you don’t want to pick a mate for your breeder dog right away, you can still look at puppies.

Join Active Kennel Clubs

These kind of clubs will help you find common ground with enthusiasts, advertise your dog and his/her line, and help establish your reputation as a breeder. You will learn tons about maintaining kennels, providing puppies to trustworthy retailers, and will gain access to dogs with good pedigrees. Plus, this will help groom your dog AND your profile.

Establish Medical Base

Your dog’s pregnancy needs to be monitored the entire way through by a Vet practitioner whom you trust, and your dog trusts. The resources mentioned earlier will help you find a good vet who can ensure that both your dog and the puppies stay in the best of health. You can take the vet’s advice in setting up a birthing station as well, for when your dog is ready to have puppies. Also, the initial few weeks are particularly important for the puppies, and it’s best to follow the doctor’s orders till the puppies find their new homes.

Get a Kennel Permit

Just in case there are puppies you want to keep for yourself. After all, there’s always a chance one of them will steal your heart, too.

Most Importantly

Enjoy yourself! Dog breeding requires a businesslike approach, but having and training the dogs can be pure, unadulterated fun!

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