Our 10 Favourite Dog Names Beginning with D [and what they mean]

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Finding the perfect name is a big part of getting a dog. As a new dog owner, you mind find yourself thinking, what is the coolest dog name?

Remember that the name needs to be simple enough for the dog to remember and recognise as their own when you call them out in a busy dog park.

I often get asked, what is a unique name for a dog? This article will explore dog names beginning with D, and some meaning behind them.

Boy Dog Names that Start With D


Duke is one of the most popular names for a dog. Coming from the Latin ‘dux’, which means ‘leader’, it is a name associated with strength and prosperity.

Historically, the name Duke was given to those that worked as Dukes in the household, or jokingly to those that carried themselves in a regal way. For this reason, the name Duke fits lots of dog personalities.


Historically, the name Dexter was for people who dyed clothing. Today it is a popular dog name because it is easy to give nicknames from, like Dexxie, Dex, or Dekko.

The name also has Latin roots and meaning: ‘dexterous’ is to be able and skilled, particularly with the hands. So, if you have a particularly agile and adept dog, Dexter may suit him well.


Diesel, meaning fuel, comes from German, and is a diminutive form of Mathias. It is associated with strength and size.

Diesel has become a popular name for guard dogs because of the somewhat aggressive sound. It is, however, a name also connected to companionship and loyalty.


Dash is an English word that means to run quickly and is therefore a popular name for fast dogs. If you have an energetic dog who loves to race around, Dash is a name that will suit them well.

It’s one syllable makes it a snappy name to call out when you’re walking with your dog, and shows playfulness in you as an owner.


Dudley is derived from old English and means ‘from the people’s meadow’. It suits gentle natured and loyal dogs, who love relaxing and cuddles on the sofa.

Dudley has two syllables and ends with a vowel sound, and so is highly recommended by trainers. It is also a less common name for dogs, so you will stand out in a crowd.

Girl Dog Names That Start With D


Daisy originates from the old English ‘dægeseage’, which means ‘day’s eye’, because the flower opens up at daybreak. It was also once a nickname for Margaret, as the French call the flower ‘marguerite’. The name is associated with spring, energy, and beauty

It is a hugely popular name for female dogs, because of its meaning and ease in recall. It is a great choice for energetic, pretty, and delicate dogs.


Darcy has roots in Irish and Gaelic, meaning ‘descended from dark’. Its origin has also been translated as ‘from the fortress’, and so is connected to strength.

Nowadays, it is seen as a preppy name in the UK, and is more human than some other dog names that begin with D. It is a popular choice for retrievers, who carry themselves with pride.


Duchess, just like Duke, is rooted in the Latin ‘dux’, meaning ‘leader’. The title is used for the wife of a Duke, or a woman who holds the title in her own right.

As a high-ranking title, the name would suit a dog who moves with grace and self-importance. It has become a very popular name for smaller dogs with long flowing hair.


Dora has Greek origins and means ‘gift’. The name is associated with generosity and companionship, so would suit a loving dog. Dogs named Dora can be nicknamed ‘Dottie’, which is a popular name on its own.

Two syllable names are good for training, and Dora ends with a vowel sound, so will be easy for her to recognise when you call her.


Dia is Spanish for ‘day’, and so is a good choice for an energetic and sunny dog. The name also has Latin roots, from ‘dea’, meaning ‘Goddess’.

Dia is a less common name for dogs, so would be a great choice if you are looking for something unique!

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