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best dog toothbrushes

Doggy bad breath is one of the sad facts of most pet owners’ lives. You’re in a warm and wonderful pile of snuggles, but you have to keep your nose pointed firmly away from your dog’s snout because of, well, the smell. But more importantly than the aesthetic or comfort factor, bad breath in dogs is actually a health risk.

Not unlike in humans, doggy mouths are a hotspot for the growth of bacteria. It’s a moist and warm region, with plenty of gaps between their teeth for food to get caught and for bacteria to rapidly multiply in. Plus, the fact that most dogs will happily stick their nose into every pile of garbage doesn’t help. This sort of bacterial growth makes dogs suffer from tooth decay, gum infections, both acute and chronic, gum rot, and may lead to teeth falling out well before the dogs are anywhere close to an age where losing teeth is considered to be normal.

Additionally, the presence of these loci of infection makes your dog predisposed to falling sick repeatedly, because it takes a toll on his immunity. Following this, they may also develop infections in the heart, lungs, kidneys, and visceral organs, because of the constant presence of virulent organisms in the body.

Although getting your dog’s teeth cleaned professionally every now and then seems like a good solution, it comes with a major downside – the expense. Teeth cleanings are usually expensive, even when carried out infrequently. And they’re not done often enough to keep your dog safe.

So, the obvious fix – and the cheaper one – is to find a toothbrush and toothpaste that fits you and your dog. Just using toothpaste gets rid of the smell, but unless a thorough brushing is done too, your dog’s teeth won’t actually be clean. Here are some of the best dog toothbrushes in the UK that dog owners can find- because your dog certainly won’t find them (or brush by themselves either).

Quick Top 3 Recommendations

Best Top Toothbrushes – Top 8

Finger Toothbrush for Dogs – Top Choice

#1 It’s a Dog’s Life Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The first product on our list is a toothbrush by It’s a Dog’s Life and it comes with its own toothpaste which is cruelty free, and veterinarian approved.

The triple headed toothbrush ensures that you get all of the plaque and tartar from every angle, and the toothpaste has been made with natural ingredients like peppermint, grapefruit seed extract, and aloe vera. Other ingredients include Glycerine, Pectin, Neem Oil, Glucose, Oxidase, and natural flavours.

Glycerine is a nontoxic, natural agent which keeps the toothpaste moist and stops it from drying out, and neem oil is also a natural ingredient that helps reduce the amount of plaque buildup on teeth.

It tackles bad breath, effectively gets rid of bacteria, soothes sore gums, and leaves you with a fresh and white doggy smile.

Suitable for dogs of all ages, the 100g of toothpaste has no added sugar. The only thing is, since the toothbrush is a bit larger than most because of the three heads, it can be rather tricky to brush a fussy dog’s teeth.

  • Toothpaste included
  • Triple headed toothbrush
  • Natural ingredients
  • Large toothbrush head makes it more difficult to use on fussy dogs

#2 Dental Care Kit For Dogs Improves Oral Hygiene

Made specifically to target rotten doggy bad breath, the Dental Care Kit comes with a specially designed toothpaste for dogs that leaves them with fresh and minty breath. It has a specially formulated mixture than is gentle on their teeth and gums, with no harsh chemical additives, but does not compromise on cleaning action.

The active ingredients include Sorbitol, silicon dioxide, alkyl polyglycosides, cellulose gum, peppermint, tetrasodium, pyrophosphate, and enzyme balancers, which help promote a healthier friendly-bacterial flora in your pupper’s mouth. It helps brighten dog teeth and work away the food particles, tartar, and bacteria that grow ever-so-easily between doggy teeth, given their fondness for smelly foods and meat (and predisposition to eat everything gross they find). It works best, of course, when used with the toothbrush for sensitive teeth that it comes with.

The pack contains one short stemmed toothbrush, dual sided, as well as finger gloves with stiff but delicate bristles, that help you get a thorough brushing action against your dog’s teeth. Depending on which one your dog is more comfortable with, both can be used with equal ease. In fact, both can be used to clean different parts of your dog’s mouth, like the teeth at the back with the soft brush, and the canines with the finger brush. The results are drastically noticeable and quick. And best of all- no more bad breath!

  • Effective and easy to use
  • Delicate bristles
  • Comes with both finger brush & normal brush
  • Included toothpaste that dogs love
  • n/a

#3 Beaphar Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit

The Just Pets Dental Care For Dogs kit is an all-in-one stop for dog owners looking for a kit for regular maintenance of their dog’s teeth. This toothpaste, which has a thicker consistency than you’d expect from toothpaste, contains pulverised and powdered bone meal, which adds a very mild exfoliative scrubbing action to the existing cleansing formulation.

Plus, it’s very high in calcium too, which is always good for your dog.

The kit comes with a dual sided toothbrush, that works very gently against the enamel of your dog’s teeth to clear build-up, residue, plaque, and remove the traces of damage from the surface, that result from years of unopposed bacterial action in a moist atmosphere, and incomplete cleaning. The result? A dog with healthy gums, gleaming teeth, and fresh, minty breath!

  • Easy to use dual sided toothbrush
  • Great for removing plaque and grim due to exfoliative ingredients
  • Great fast results
  • n/a

#4 Trixie 4 Toothbrush Set

If you’re in the market to buy supplies for your dog, or regular little pack of dogs, the HuiHaitong dog and puppy toothbrush kit should definitely get your attention. The pack comes with four toothbrushes, including four dual sided toothbrushes.

The regular toothbrushes have extremely delicate, soft bristles, that can reach between even the narrow spaces between your dog’s teeth- and for smaller breeds, that’s no easy feat. Their action is far more thorough than any brushes in the same price range, and gets even the wedged food particles out.

The toothbrushes are actually made with materials and standards fit for humans, so as you can imagine, quality is not compromised here.

If you’re looking for toothbrushes for your dogs, this set is a very good option for you. Bear in mind though, that you’ll have to buy the toothpaste separately.

  • 4 Dual sided brushes included
  • This set should last you for quite a long while
  • n/a

#5 Wake-UK 2 Double Sided Toothbrushes

These two double sided toothbrushes by Wake-UK are BPA free and completely eco-friendly because the handles are made of bamboo. Best of all, they are panda friendly because they are made from Moso bamboo, which pandas don’t eat – this way, there is no irreversible damage done to natural ecosystems. Plus, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial too!

Ideal for small to medium dogs because of the size, the top triangle head is designed for back teeth whereas the bottom smaller head is perfect for tiny front teeth and thorough cleaning.

They effectively remove tartar and plaque with the premium soft bristles that are gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums, and the narrow neck is more comfortable to hold and handle.

Whether you have one or two dogs, these toothbrushes are guaranteed to last you for a long time thanks to the material.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Long lasting
  • Double sided
  • Soft bristles
  • Not ideal for large dogs

#6 Petdentist Large Dog Toothbrush

The Petdentist toothbrush is slightly larger than most, so that it is also suitable for larger dogs. What’s special about this one in particular is that the bristles are infused with bamboo charcoal which naturally whitens teeth, lifts stains thanks to its highly absorbent properties, freshens breath, and reduces harmful bacteria as it does also have anti-bacterial properties too.

There was actually a study done in 2018 that proves how charcoal toothbrushes are more anti-bacterial, by having 50 participants use charcoal toothbrushes and regular ones alternatively. By the end, it was discovered that the charcoal toothbrushes had fewer bacteria on them and that the regular ones retained almost twice the amount of bacteria.

Another study that was conducted in 2019 found that charcoal toothbrushes remove plaque more effectively, resulting in fresher breath. After 6 weeks of use, charcoal bristles were found to remove more plaque than regular ones, and they were less worn too.

Obviously, these studies were done on humans, but the results matter for dogs just as well.

The head of the toothbrush has a width of 1cm and a length of 3cm and a total length of 19cm, and its ergonomic handle is very comfortable and easy to hold.

The bristles are super soft for sensitive gums and teeth so that your brushing sessions with your dog might go by a little easier.

  • Bamboo charcoal infused in the bristles
  • Suitable for large dogs too
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Whitens teeth and removes stains
  • No toothpaste included

#7 Tonyg-p 3 Sided Toothbrush Set

This set by Tonyg-p is very affordable and comes with three 3 sided toothbrushes and three finger toothburhses. This way, if you discover that your dog is too fussy for a regular toothbrush, you can get in there with the finger toothbrush to get the job done.

The regular toothbrushes have measurements of 17cm x 2.5cm and the finger toothbrushes are 5.5cm x 2.5cm.

The handle has an ergonomic design and is easy and comfortable to hold thanks to the non-slip rubber material. The bristles are soft so as not to cause your dog any discomfort, and with three sides it’s all the more effective at removing plaque and tartar. The regular toothbrushes also have small holes at the ends of them so that you can hang them for easy storage.

As for the finger toothbrushes, they are made of BPA-free silicone, and they have massage bumps on the other side so that you can clean the tongue while brushing your dog’s teeth. Due to the material though, they aren’t nearly as effective as a regular toothbrush but if you have a dog that really protests to teeth brushing it may be necessary to use these.

  • Three sided toothbrushes
  • Set of 3 regular and 2 finger toothbrushes
  • Non-slip rubber
  • Finger toothbrushes aren’t very effective

#8 RUCACIO Dog Toy Toothbrush

Do you have a dog that absolutely refuses to having his or her teeth brushed? Well, then this toothbrush toy is the solution for you!

It comes in green, orange, or blue so that you can choose your or your dog’s favourite colour, and each size has slightly different sizes so that you can pick the best one depending on your dog’s size.

The green one has measurements of 16.4 x 12.6 x 4.4 cm, the orange one is 13 x 5.6 x 8.9cm, and the blue one is 20.9 x 15.4 x 5.5 cm.

Made of 100% natural and nontoxic rubber, it’s not too soft that your dog can destroy it but it is not too hard that it’s uncomfortable either.

At a very affordable price, especially when you consider how long-lasting and durable it is, it is ideal for medium and large dogs due to its size.

For thorough cleaning of your dog’s teeth, squeeze toothpaste into the reservoir from the hole at the top, and you can also add peanut butter if your dog is reluctant to chewing it. Although it’s quite unlikely that your dog won’t jump at the opportunity to chew this toy, because cream and milk flavour has been added purposefully to really pique your dog’s interest.

Let your dog chew it for 10-15 minutes at a time, once a day for best results.

Make sure to give it a thorough clean every time your dog is done using it, and it even comes with a small brush that you can use to get into all of the slots.

Although giving your dog this toy instead of actually brushing their teeth does save time, you do end up spending a decent amount of time cleaning it instead.

So long as you use the right toothpaste you will find that it freshens your dog’s breath, whitens their teeth, and effectively removes wedged food, plaque, and tartar.

  • Saves time
  • Dogs love it
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Takes a while to clean

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