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best dog toothbrush uk

Doggy bad breath is one of the sad facts of most pet owners’ lives. You’re in a warm and wonderful pile of snuggles, but you have to keep your nose pointed firmly away from your dog’s snout because, well, the smell. But more than the aesthetic or comfort factor, bad breath in dogs is actually a health risk.

Not unlike in humans, doggy mouths are a hotspot for the growth of bacteria. It’s a moist and warm region, with plenty of gaps between their teeth for food to get caught and for bacteria to multiply rapidly in. Plus, the fact that most dogs will happily stick their nose into every pile of garbage, doesn’t help. This sort of bacterial growth makes dogs suffer from tooth decay, gum infections, both acute and chronic, gum rot, and may lead to teeth falling out well before the dogs are anywhere close to an age where losing teeth is normal.

Additionally, the presence of these loci of infection makes your dog predisposed to falling sick repeatedly, because it takes a toll on his immunity. Following which, they may also develop infections in the heart, lungs, kidneys, and visceral organs, because of the constant presence of virulent organisms in the body.

Although getting your dog’s teeth cleaned professionally every now and then seems like a good solution, it comes with a major downside- the expense. Teeth cleanings are expensive, even when carried out infrequently. And, they’re not done often enough to keep your dog safe.

So the obvious fix- and the cheaper one- is to find a toothbrush and toothpaste that fits you and your dog. Just using toothpaste gets rid of the smell, but unless a thorough brushing is done too, your dog’s teeth won’t actually be clean. Here are some of the best dog toothbrushes in the UK that dog owners can find- because your dogs certainly won’t find them (or brush by themselves too).

Best Top Toothbrushes – Top 5

Finger Toothbrush for Dogs – Top Choice

1. Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste (Poultry Flavour 70g) with Smart Finger Toothbrush for Dogs (twin-pack)

The Virbac Enzymatic toothpaste happily occupies the top of every list for good reason. Coming in a toothsome chicken flavour that every dog will look forward to, this doggy toothpaste uses an enzymatic system that has a patent of its own. This enzymatic system works with multiple mechanisms simultaneously: it boosts the natural defence system in their mouths, reduces tartar and build up on and between teeth, helps fight bad breath, and removes plaque from teeth. Naturally, the toothpaste works best with regular use, which brings us to the next feature- the finger toothbrush.

The Virbac set comes with a finger toothbrush that essentially looks like a rubber glove cover for your finger, but with soft, short bristles on the side. You can simply slide one onto your finger and put the toothpaste on it, and brush away at your dog’s teeth. The bristles help gently brush your dog’s teeth without damaging the enamel or hurting the delicate gum and inner cheek lining. But it’s still rough enough to thoroughly clean the surface, aided by the thick paste.

Plus, the toothbrush has two types of different bristles, which helps you modify how much pressure you want to apply, depending on which part you are cleaning. It’s much easier to handle than a regular toothbrush, which can be uncomfortable for your dog and cumbersome for you.

But with the finger toothbrush, your dog will get trained to it faster- especially with the flavoured toothpaste. It helps prevent further damage to your dog’s teeth, at the same time, also helps reverse build up and gingivitis. It’s the easiest way to eliminate bad breath and putrid smells that often result from bacterial overgrowth in your dog’s mouth. All this, without compromising the natural ecosystem and enzyme balance in it. Regular use will help you and your dog avoid a lot of pain and trouble – and loose teeth- in the future.

2. Dental Care Kit For Dogs Improves Oral Hygiene Prevents Gum Disease & Plaque (Mint)

Made specifically to target rotten doggy bad breath, the Dental Care Kit comes with a specially designed toothpaste for dogs that leaves them with fresh and minty breath. It has a specially formulated mixture than is gentle on their teeth and gums, with no harsh chemical additives, but does not compromise on cleaning action.

The active ingredients include Sorbitol, silicon dioxide, alkyl polyglycosides, cellulose gum, peppermint, tetrasodium, pyrophosphate, and enzyme balancers, which help promote a healthier friendly-bacterial flora in your pupper’s mouth.It helps brighten dog teeth and work away the food particles, tartar, and bacteria that grow ever-so-easily between doggy teeth, given their fondness for smelly foods and meat (and predisposition to eat everything gross they find). It works best, of course, when used with the toothbrush for sensitive teeth that it comes with.

The pack contains one short stemmed toothbrush, dual sided, as well as finger gloves with stiff but delicate bristles, that help you get a thorough brushing action against your dog’s teeth. Depending on which one your dog is more comfortable with, both can be used with equal ease. In fact, both can be used to clean different parts of your dog’s mouth, like the teeth at the back with the soft brush, and the canines with the finger brush. The results are drastically noticeable and quick. And best of all- no more bad breath!

3. Dental Care For Dogs Toothpaste 100g and Toothbrush Dental Kit No Rinsing

The Just Pets Dental Care For Dogs kit is an all-in-one stop for dog owners looking for a kit for regular maintenance of their dog’s teeth. This toothpaste, which has a thicker consistency than you’d expect from toothpaste, contains pulverised and powdered bone meal, which adds a very mild exfoliative scrubbing action to the existing cleansing formulation. Plus, it’s very high in calcium too, which is always good for your dog.

The kit comes with a dual sided toothbrush, that works very gently against the enamel of your dog’s teeth to clear build-up, residue, plaque, and remove the traces of damage from the surface, that result from years of unopposed bacterial action in a moist atmosphere, and incomplete cleaning. The result? A dog with healthy gums, gleaming teeth, and fresh, minty breath!

4. HUIHAITONG Pet Dog Toothbrush,Dog Toothbrush, Pet Brushing Stick, Puppy Toothbrush, Cat Teeth Cleaning Toys (6 PCS)

If you’re in the market to buy supplies for your dog, or regular little pack of dogs, the HuiHaitong dog and puppy toothbrush kit should definitely get your attention. The pack comes with six toothbrushes, including four dual sided toothbrushes and two very soft silicone brushes. The regular toothbrushes have extremely delicate, soft bristles, that can reach between even the narrow spaces between your dog’s teeth- and for smaller breeds, that’s no easy feat. Their action is far more thorough than any brushes in the same price range, and gets even the wedged food particles out.

As for the silicone brushes, they are extremely useful if you have a dog who isn’t very cooperative with the stick brushes. Even if he is, you can use the silicone finger toothbrushes to gently work against the flat surfaces of their teeth, to get the accumulated residue off them. The toothbrushes are actually made with materials and standards fit for humans, so as you can imagine, quality is not compromised here.

If you’re looking for toothbrushes for your dogs, this set is a very good option for you. Bear in mind though, that you’ll have to buy the toothpaste separately.

5. Mroobest Dog Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Finger Toothbrush Set, Dental Care for Dogs and Cats- Vanilla Flavour

A little off the beaten track, this zazzy vanilla-flavoured toothpaste for dogs comes in a complete dental kit pack. The Mroobest toothpaste and  toothbrush kit comes with an impressive list of functions, stating that it improves oral hygiene in both dogs and cats, fights bad breath and tooth decay, tartar build-up, and helps halt and eventually reverse gum disease.

The Mroobest toothpaste is formulated with all natural, 100% food grade ingredients, with flavours of vanilla. Added tea tree oil makes gives it boosted antibacterial action, but also makes the taste a little harder to get used to, for dogs. A good rule of thumb is to slowly acclimatise your dog to the taste by placing a very small trace on his gum line, so that the flavour does not come as a complete shock. The dual sided toothbrush that comes with the kit is a very good applicator for the kit. A small thing to consider is that the size makes it better suited for large and very large dogs. If you have a medium to small sized dog, you may be better off considering the other options, since there’s plenty of suitable options in the same price bracket.

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