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Having a pet is a full time job. Sometimes, that can be a little problematic, especially if you already have a full time job to begin with.

Regardless whether you have a fussy pooch or a prankster puppy, or even a parrot who gets up to no good, any pet left alone at home needs monitoring- a lot of monitoring.

But this is easier accomplished than you would think. Naturally, having trained your pet works wonders, but oftentimes you need to keep an eye of them to see what shenanigans they’re raising when you’re not there. And if not that, it’s also advisable to watch out for a pet who doesn’t do so well when home alone.

The solution? Simple; Pet cameras. These tiny, easily installable devices open up a virtual window for you into your pet’s world, regardless of where you are. Here are some of the best pet cameras UK owners can set themselves up with.

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Best Pet Cameras in the UK – Top 6

#1 Wansview WiFi IP Pet Camera

Wansview WiFi IP Pet Camera

Starting off with a heavyweight – a lightweight heavyweight, that is – the Wansview WiFi Pet Camera is a multipurpose WiFi two way camera that allows you to watch your house and also be able to interact as you wish.

Equipped to provide a crystal clear view of your home, the Wansview camera films with 1080P HD resolution, for streams and videos that are shot in absolute clarity. The body itself allows flexible positioning, so you can place it on a table for a direct view, or higher up on a vantage point, so that the camera takes a wider sweep in.

The lens itself is a large, wide angle lens, that allows you to zoom/pan as you need to (up to 4x) as well as tilt, as you like. This makes both camera and monitor access even simpler, should you want to examine something more closely. You can even preset up to 4 favorite ‘preferred’ settings on the camera, for angles that you prefer or need each time, without much ado.

The camera streams over WiFi (2.4G), and the feed is transmitted directly to your smartphone and/or smart device, whichever you prefer. The App is available for both iOS and Android platforms, which allows you seamless access to whatever is keeping your pooch busy when you’re not there to watch him.

The camera is set up for both day and night-time recording, so it’s not just useful to you if you’re working days. Say you have a dog who gets up to mischief when alone, or has anxiety and needs a minimal reassurance of your presence. Whether you’re right down the hall or in another city, you can communicate with your pets and also be able to see exactly what they’re doing.

The camera comes with built in infrared LEDs and enhanced microphone function. So, you may not see them, but you’ll see everything clear as day through them, even at night. The audio is also augmented through the speaker, so two-way communication functions seamlessly.

This allows you to talk to your pet, soothe your pooch, if he is restless, or simply let him know that you are in touch with him, even if you’re in a different city altogether. But that’s not the only functionality.

You can use the camera and 2-way com to keep an eye on your front door, if you want to talk to a visitor or a delivery person. You can place it in your children’s room, even use it as a baby monitor. If your hands are full, you can set Alexa up to control the views you’re getting with verbal commands. It even has versatile good applications as a security and monitoring system.

The motion detector system can be adjusted to take snapshots and/or record 10 second clips, when any movement is detected. You can program the settings to give you an alert if a motion detector goes off.

So if your dog is raiding the trash when he thinks you’re not watching, a stern ‘Hmmm!’ through the speaker will definitely set him right!

Plus, the videos aren’t just streamed- they’re saved, too. The Wansview WiFi pet camera can accommodate an SD card of 128 GB. You can also stream and save everything online to Cloud, if you don’t want to fill up on the SD memory.

And that’s not all- you can even have multiple users watching these streams. Up to 4 users can simultaneously watch and stream the feed and videos on separate devices, iOS or Android. So, if you want to show your friends what your pooch is up to- all you have to do is share the permission and let them enjoy the view!

  • Extremely good quality feed in bright light and at night
  • Secure recording and transmission.
  • 4 users can be connected at once
  • Great image quality
  • There may be blind spots if furniture obstructs the view of certain parts of the room.

#2 Littlelf Indoor WiFi Camera

Littlelf Indoor WiFi Camera

This charmingly named device is one of the best pet cameras for home use- and looks the part, too.

A little communication system and monitoring device in one, the Littlelf Wi-Fi dog camera lets you keep an eye on the goings-on of your house regardless of where you are. The camera is housed in a diminutive, sleek black case and comes with microphone as well as calling capability, and is one of the best pet cameras UK dog owners can buy.

There’s a solid 1080 HD Wi-Fi camera that comes with 360° coverage. You can alter the view and rotate the camera a full 360° horizontally using your remote control commands.  The camera has a 105° wide angle lens, with full tilt, Pan, and Zoom capability, when you’re going back to the video using the app.

1080P HD resolution on the camera allows you to use this brilliant Wi-Fi pet camera in multiple ways, depending on your needs. The camera provides clear night vision because of built in infrared detectors, that allow you crystal-clear night vision.  With 11 embedded, built in Infrared LEDs, the range of the camera extends up to 33 feet with absolute clarity.

The camera can be connected to 2.4 G Wi-Fi. This allows you to access the video and audio from wherever you are over the Wi-Fi connection. The clarity of the feed also lets you see everything as it’s happening.

So, if you need to communicate with your beloved pooch who’s home alone, all you have to do is activate the audio and talk to them. Two way audio allows you to have full conversations, just like a video call would be.

The cameras have Smart motion detection capability, which allows you to capture images only when motion is detected. For example, if there is movement detected in an area where your pet or your child is not supposed to be, the camera gets activated immediately.

Then, a 15 second video capture is made of whatever is happening in the range of the camera. You can even set up up to six bookmarks of locations but you want the camera to keep an eye on. The virtual ‘eye’ can also be used to auto-cruise the area horizontally in the full 360° range. The whole time, the  camera will keep sending real time activity alerts to whatever smart device you’re using to receive the feed.

You don’t even have to manually control the camera, or the feed. One-button connect can be set up and used via any Alexa devices you use. Just program it and you can just call out to Alexa to show you what’s going on in the camera view. The feed will be directly pulled up on your screen. So even if you’re at home and your pet is unsupervised in the garden, you can still make sure there’s not too much chaos out there.

It’s not just pet monitoring though, but also the security aspect of it that makes Littlelf cameras so recommendable.  You can use it during the day or at night, even if it’s pitch black outside, and the resolution allows you for clear views even through bad weather outside.

You can set them up inside your home, in your office, around the perimeter of your house, with a view of the garden, anything you like. As long as the Wi-Fi connects, you’ll be able to keep an eye on it.

And it’s not just about recording, there’s streaming too. The feed from the cameras can be streamed across six devices simultaneously, if multiple people are keeping an eye on things, or you just want to share with your friends what’s going on there.

The video feed is saved up to 90 days free in cloud storage, or stored on an SD card (up to 128 GB is supported). The multiple ways you can use the camera in, is limited only by your imagination!

  • Lightweight device
  • Easy to install and set up
  • High quality HD feed with remote manoeuvring and viewing, even with Alexa
  • The camera has to be charged only via the adaptor (no battery option available).

#3 Clever Dog New Wave WiFi Camera

Clever Dog New Wave WiFi Camera

One of the most well-known cameras in the market, Clever Dog New Wave Wi-Fi camera lands on this list because of its brilliant performance. Not only is it already a trusted brand, but also widely well received for its pet and security camera.

This particular model comes in with a whopping 920X1080P HD resolution. As you can imagine, it makes for crystal clear imaging, even in restricted light conditions. The camera has an angle of 80° horizontal, 60° vertical, 92° diagonal. Add an H. 264 compression on the video, and viola.

You can place this camera anywhere you need to have an extra pair of eyes watching things. Ideal as a pet camera, it allows you seamless viewing of what your pet is up to, wherever you are.

With embedded infrared night vision, the quality recording does not suffer from a lack of external lighting. This means that you can use it to keep an eye on what your pet or pets are doing while you’re fast asleep.

This also means that the clever dog camera also is excellent as a security camera. The ease of wall mounting makes this versatility all the more useful.

If you’re worried about running the camera all the time, you can adjust it to record only when movement is detected. For example, if you have a camera watching your kitchen, it will start recording only when your dog gets into the kitchen or starts scratching up furniture. 

Obviously, this is also an excellent way to monitor the outdoors around your house. The motion detection can be estimated up to 4-6 m. Combine this with a night visibility of up to 10 m, without adding any light pollution from LEDs, and you have the perfect monitoring camera.

It allows you to move around within the range with the camera in darkness, without triggering automatic lights, or having unnecessary light shining from the camera the entire time. But all with an uncompromised video of the goings on at night.

The inbuilt microphone offers clear and crisp two-way audio connections. So whether you have to talk to a babysitter, your pet, sing to your kid, or someone at the door, all these will be accomplished with minimum fuss.

The camera is ridiculously easy to install and connect to the Wi-Fi connection. After this, you can simply stream the video to your smart phone or your smart device. Most recent smart devices are compatible with the app. Also the memory can be extended with an SD card, with backup storage on the cloud.

Oh, and charge it? It has both a type C USB port and a regular DC charger. Whatever suits you better! For our complete review – clever dog camera review.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Almost unnoticeable when set up.
  • Excellent nighttime recording capability and boosted microphone.
  • Video feed can only be streamed to one device at a time (wherever the App is installed).

#4 Geree Indoor WiFi Pet IP Camera

Geree Indoor WiFi Pet IP Camera

Along the same line as its predecessors, is the Geree indoor WiFi pet camera in the top recommendations. With its matte black finishing and unassuming exterior, the Geree camera is a surprisingly loaded device.

The camera comes with 1080P FHD and 1920×1080 HD resolution. It allows you to remotely access and control your camera’s coverage, withpan, zoom, and tilt capabilities.  The smart night vision feature with, you guessed it, infrared capability allows you to have uninterrupted clarity even at night.

The camera can be set up to only activate once motion is detected. This means that you can have your Wi-Fi camera tracking movement within its range, and otherwise staying on standby mode. This is exceptionally useful if you plan on using it to monitor an empty house. It’s also a great way of getting a clear look at what unmonitored pets are doing.

The video feed itself is saved via advanced encryption on the SD card housed in the camera itself. The camera comes with one month’s free cloud storage, that you can extend once you’ve gotten used to it. The videos are safe and secure in either case, and only accessible with your registration.

The microphone comes with an anti-noise filter, which allows you to communicate and receive audio with minimal interference from ambience noise. This is ideal if you live in loud neighborhoods.

If you are looking for a simple pet camera solution, this is an option you should seriously consider.

  • Great camera clarity
  • Ease of set up
  • Simple recording and streaming
  • Manoeuvrable camera with remote access
  • Works ideally with high speed to standard internet connections. The camera feed struggles where only low speed/ non-fiber optic internet connections are available.

#5 Littlelf Indoor WiFi Security Camera

Littlelf Indoor WiFi Security Camera

Two options from the same brand, and with good reason! The Littlelf pet cameras are simply one of the best dog cameras UK pet owners can find for their homes. This model has similar specifications, but offers a few new ones, too!

For example, not only does this model have 1080 full HD and automatic infrared night vision, but can also claim more advanced camera capabilities. The camera allows for 130° wide angle Pan and 90° tilt movements, allowing you to examine the video and the stream as you like.

In addition to this, the six internal infrared LEDs allow clear night vision of up to 33 feet, so you have full visibility despite complete darkness. And this is done without any added lights contributing to light pollution, too.

The microphone on the camera has a built-in anti-noise filter on both mike and speaker. So you can hear everything that’s going on clearly, and if you need to talk, you can do so despite any ambient interference on your side.

This also allows the camera to be used in the multitude of days. You could use it for your pets, to just keep an eye on the house, or even as a baby monitor in your home.

It is in fact ideal as a baby monitor, because you can keep a virtual eye on whether your baby is sleeping soundly, restless and waking up, or needs to be repositioned for any reason. With older children too, the camera is a great way to communicate intermittently, such as giving them small reminders or calling them for a quick chat over the inbuilt speaker and microphone.

The motion detection capability adds to these functionalities. The Smart Motion distinction allows you to make a special note of incidents like someone suddenly falling down, or someone breaking in, or for chaos breaking out for any reason within the camera’s range of you. The ultra wide camera angle means that very few things, if any, will be missed by the alert camera.

The camera connects with both smart devices and Alexa equipped devices over Wi-Fi [2.4 G]. You can use both local SD card storage and cloud storage, and stream to your smart devices. You can even connect multiple devices to the camera feed. The videos are stored up for up to 90 days on the Cloud, and up to capacity on a 128GB SD card. The entire steering and storage is at your fingertips- literally.

  • Highly sensitive and responsive camera
  • Great picture quality.
  • Easy set up and installation
  • Minimal fuss while connecting or streaming camera feed
  • Motion detection is very sensitive and can be triggered by not only humans but also pets

#6 KAMTRON Security and Pet WiFi Camera

KAMTRON Security and Pet WiFi Camera

Last, but definitely not the least, KAMTRON wireless indoor cameras are one of the most flexible camera options in the market.

The KAMTRON indoor camera offers continuous 24/7 recording,  with 360° HB, 1080P panoramic view.  The camera itself can be rotated within a range of 350° horizontally and 100° vertically. This allows you full coverage of every part of the space around the camera.

The camera comes equipped with super infrared LED night vision, for exceptionally clear recording quality and clarity while viewing a stream. The night version also allows recording of all the details without any added light pollution in the space. So even if your pet or your children are in the camera’s field, they can sleep uninterrupted with the KAMTRON camera watching over them.

During the day, the camera doesn’t necessarily have to stay on either. Smart motion detection can be activated to record clips of any movement detected in the camera’s field. These are then stored, or can be customized to be sent as a snapshot and live alerts to your phone.

This comes in extra handy when you’re trying to keep your pets out of trouble when you’re not at home. For example, if your live alert shows you that your dog is getting up to some mischief, you can activate the audio, call him over the camera, and make him stop.

And speaking of the audio and video, not only are the recordings stored securely on the cloud, but also on the device in an expandable memory of up to 128 GB with an SD card. Additionally, the camera’s recordings are all encrypted for increased privacy. No third-party access is allowed, and the video recordings cannot be tampered with.

The camera has a minimal power supply and requires one AAA battery. Video feed is transferred to your preferred smart device, such as your phone or tablet. The app for the camera is supported on both android and iOS devices.

It requires a 2.4 G Wi-Fi connection or an ethernet cable connection with a router. Simply set it up, and then you’re set! The camera is not mobile, it can be set up to monitor a fixed area. Multiple cameras can be set up for maximum coverage of a wider area.

Additionally, you can control the camera’s feed hands-free if you have an Alexa equipped device at home. You can program Alexa to pull up the camera view, and use it to take a quick look around the house regardless of where you are, whether in the kitchen, or on vacation!

  • Easy installation
  • Versatile, can be used in a multitude of ways.
  • Secure cloud storage and accurate motion detection.
  • Requires batteries (no plug-in charging).
  • Bulkier than other options

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