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best artificial grass for dogs

When you think of what is better for your dogs, real grass or artificial grass, the last thing you would expect to hear is that artificial grass is almost as good for your dog as the real thing. However, when you are concerned, artificial grass is a lifesaver!

Artificial grass is a synthetic form of grass that’s available in sheets. It can be laid down inside the house or inside a balcony, to mimic the appearance of a normal yard. In doing so, it provides your dog with a cozy place to rest and provide you with fewer messes.

This is because artificial grass can be cleaned up easily when your dog has an accident on them. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass only needs a little water or a little absorbent sand to clean up. Plus, no bugs or creepy crawlies! If you’re looking for the best artificial grass for you and your dog, here is the best artificial grass that you can find to fit your requirements.

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Best Artificial Grass for Dogs – Top 5

#1 Gardenkraft Artificial Grass Carpet

Gardenkraft Artificial Grass Carpet

Measuring an impressive 4x1m at a height of 15 mm, this is the closest you can get to real grass made of plastic.

 The artificial grass room is thick and dark, and has a rich dark green color that’s a combination of emerald green, lime green, and bi color. This gives the perfect real grass illusion to any room or yard.

It’s not only suited for balconies, but also for soil, turf, sloping areas, tarmac, or paving.  It transforms any space it’s laid on into a dog friendly paradise.

 It’s really good for areas of foot traffic during the day. The springy texture make sure that it does not lose its volume.

 And your dog can enjoy as much sun in it as he wants to. Because the grass is made of UV resistant material, that guarantees that it will not fade or discolor. And this applies regardless of whether you have to wash it many times over. 

If you’re looking for a fake grass for dogs that lends serious weight to wherever its laid, this is the grass for you.

  • Thick material
  • Springy material
  • Doesn’t fade over time
  • n/a

#2 Hompet Dog Indoor Toilet Trainer

Hompet Dog Indoor Toilet Trainer

 Designed with slightly different intent in mind, the Hompet dog indoor toilet trainer artificial grass is the ideal way to use artificial grass to train your dog to go to the bathroom only on grass.

Its non-toxic and easy to wash up form of eco-friendly turf that serves as the easiest fake-bathroom set up for your dog.

The whole thing is 51x63cm approximately. It consists of three phase system: there’s a faux grass puppy potty on top of a plastic drainage tray that collects and dreams away the liquid onto the bottom tray.

This makes sure that the top tray with the grass never remains down for a long while. Also, this prevents the buildup of smell or bacteria. The grass is odour resistant and also anti-microbial grass, that is so high quality and realistic looking, that it could fool the most careful observer.

 When it is time to clean up, you can simply remove the bottom tray and dump the mess out. The bottom insert tray can be washed with soap and water and replaced in its original position. Its that simple!

Also this is a very positive way of potty training your dog. It teaches him to go to the grass every time he needs to ‘go’.

And since the tray is made of durable plastic, you don’t have to worry about it spoiling, rusting, or breaking easily. This is easily of the most dog friendly artificial grass on the market today.

  • Perfect for toilet training a dog
  • All the badness is filtered through onto the bottom tray which can be easily emptied
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Can’t be used as regular artificial grass

#3 eXtreme High Density Artificial Grass

eXtreme High Density Artificial Grass

The lushest, thickest grass that is always greener on the same side, the high-density artificial turf from Sumc I will make sure that your dog never walks into your house with muddy paws again.

Designed in the form of a doormat that can you hold out and cut to the length required, this high density artificial grass provides a thick and springy coverage for any bare floor surfaces that you have.

Not only does it look good, but also gives you good accident insurance. In the sense that if your dog accidentally goes number one on the grass, you can simply hose it down with water and it will dry nice and squeaky clean again.

And if your dog goes number two? Still no cause for concern! You can simply wipe away the mess and sprinkle powder or cleaning levels over whatever remains and scoop it all away. You’re left with the grass that doesn’t smell and shows no trace of the incident.

It has water resistant backing latex, and is landscape quality artificial turf, which means that it is highly durable and resistant to weather. Safe for your dog sit on, and safe for even you to roll on, when it’s sunny. It’s the ideal artificial grass!

  • Thick & high quality
  • High density
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable
  • n/a

#4 Carpeto Rugs Artificial Grass

Carpeto Rugs Artificial Grass

Another one on our list of budget friendly artificial grasses, the Preston artificial grass has a 7 mm pile height. It is a cheap and natural looking grass, ideal for people looking down to put down plastic coverage on the lawn instead of having to deal with this actual grass.

Not only does it provide good coverage, but also transforms any space into a cozy and comfortable area for your dog to roll on, to play on, or just simply snooze on.

And, should your dog accidentally or intentionally Pee on it, you simply can hose it down with water and a little soap, and it will be as good as new again. You will never again have to worry about mowing the lawn, cutting the grass, or all the bugs that you’re attracting because the seasons are changing.  This will leave your pet in peace too.

It’s very easy to cut and shape, and also children friendly. However, the price means that some allowances have to be made for the quality of this product. It tends to fall apart easier than the others, and has noticeably worse quality

 But if you’re looking for a cheap grass to fill a space in your house without, this is the grass for you.

  • Cheap price
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks good once laid
  • Not as high quality as other options

#5 Luxury 30 mm Pile Height Artificial Grass

Luxury 30 mm Pile Height Artificial Grass

The budget friendly option to artificial grass requirements, luxury 30 MM Pio artificial grass is high density and low cost.

Despite being extremely realistic Astroturf, it goes easy on the pocket. The rules are 2m wide but 1m options are also available. Additionally, the length can be cut off depending on requirements.

This means that this price is ideal for people looking to cover large areas with artificial grass, without compromising on cost, efficiency, or aesthetics. And has water resistant latex backing, with drainage holes. This helps make sure that water never stays on the grass and simply runs off [including the water that your dog may have brought there].

If you’re looking for a grass that will give a natural look to your house or office, keep your pet warm and cozy, and look real the whole time, this is a good option. However, if the quality is a problem for you, getting a sample before you order a massive amount is probably a good idea.

  • Natural looking grass
  • Low cost
  • High density
  • Drainage holes built in
  • n/a

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