The Most Protective Dog Breeds – Everything you NEED to Know!

most protective dog breeds

If you’re thinking about getting a protection dog to provide an extra layer of safety for you or your family, you’re in good company.

Protection dogs are becoming a popular choice to deal with the rise in uncertainty, crime, and increased need for protection. Here are the top protective dog breeds.

Most Protective Dog Breeds – Top 9


Akitas are large-boned dogs that look imposing and alert thanks to their perky ears and shining eyes. These beautiful dogs are quiet and cautious with strangers.

They’re lovebugs that enjoy showing their fun-loving and goofy side to their families. They thrive with human interaction and companionship.

Akitas make excellent protection dogs as the desire to protect those they love is hardwired into them. They need socialization from birth to ensure the proper ability to interact with other people and dogs.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

If you’re looking for a dog that will protect your family, your children, your livestock, small dogs, and even cats, then the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is the best option for you.

These dogs are smart, calm, loving, loyal, devoted, and adaptable. Their best-guarding features are their protective and territorial traits. They love to work and are happiest when given a job, role, and responsibility in their family.

Any owner of an Anatolian Shepherd Dog needs to be a strong leader, capable of handling a dog that can tend to be dominating if not trained.

Appenzeller Sennenhund

If you want a guard dog whose loyalty will never be questioned, the Appenzeller Sennenhund is an ideal choice. Originally used as a cattle dog, this is a self-assured, reliable, loyal, and fearless K9.

They made exceptional watchdogs that will not be bribed. If you live in a rural area and need a protection dog for your animals or livestock in addition to your family, this dog also makes an ideal farm dog.

This highly spirited dog needs plenty of exercise and jobs to perform. They will not do well in an apartment setting.


This highly intelligent dog is spirited yet lovable, level headed, and makes an excellent guard dog.

These K9s must be well-trained and handled by an owner that understands how to lead the dog rather than letting their dog dominate.

When trained, Beaucerons can make ideal watchdogs and protection dogs and are especially gentle with young children.

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois protection dog is an intelligent and capable dog is fast becoming a favorite of the police, military, and families who desire their services. Their intelligence is off the charts, making them capable of learning to perform any task or job.

They are excellent protectors who are fiercely loyal and dedicated to their “pack.” The Belgian Malinois family dog has a lot of energy and needs plenty of exercise.

This is not the ideal dog for families who stay indoors all the time and never get outside. If you love going out for plenty of exercise and dedicated to ensuring your K9 protector does the same, they’ll be happy and content.


The Bullmastiff has long been used for hunting and guarding dog. Originally used to hunt down and guard poachers in England, these dogs are impressively built, highly intelligent, and always on alert.

They make reliable and trainable world-class protectors. As with any guard dogs, early training and socialization are essential. These dogs need firm and consistent leadership from their owners.

Doberman Pinscher

Hailed as one of the best protection dogs, these K9s are incredibly intelligent, strong, vigilant, and fearless.

Their athleticism and intelligence make Dobies ideal to train for a variety of tasks, including protection. They need training and an owner who knows how to lead. However, when fully trained, a Dobie will always remain on alert, will patrol your home, deter potential intruders, and serve as a bodyguard for you and your family.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are strong, muscular dogs that are confident, loyal, loving, and courageous.

A favorite of police and military alike, these dogs are known for their hardworking nature and trainability. They want to work and will die defending those they love, if necessary. When trained, they can do well around families with small children and other pets.


The Rottweiler is known for being confident, sure of itself, and courageous. Gentle and loving with its family, it will observe strangers with a wary eye and a protective stance.

With proper training, a Rottie will serve as a world-class guardian for you and your family. Early training is crucial for appropriate socialization, development, and learning to tell strangers from friends.

Guard Dogs are Great Dogs

Whether you want to get a guard dog to protect yourself, your family, or a combination of those you love and your farm animals, there are many guard dogs to choose from.

Be sure to choose a dog that works with your lifestyle and living space so you and the dog can live harmoniously.

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